Mercedes W126: description, specifications and reviews of owners

German cars have long established themselves only on the good side. There are a lot of them on Russian roads. Most drivers are not limited in financial terms, preference is given to brands such as “BMW”, “Mercedes”. It is worth noting that their popularity is fully justified by the technical characteristics. Modern models are equipped with advanced developments, have an original design, are distinguished by high quality parts, and therefore rarely fail. However, this article will not be devoted to another new German developers, and the legendary model, which is remembered by many. It's about the Mercedes W126. No other car can push it out of the memory of the fans. What is so unique about it? Let's figure it out.

mercedes benz w126 coupe


Index W126 does not indicate a specific modification of the car, but a whole series. It combines the flagship model of the German manufacturer.The first representative of the W126 series off the line in 1979. Until that time, the 116th Mercedes was considered the benchmark for quality and luxury. The new model Mercedes S-Class W126 was officially called the Sonderklasse. If you translate this word from the German language, it will immediately become clear what this car represents. Literally, sonderklasse stands for "special class."

The first models of this series were produced only in the sedan. After they conquered the market, it was decided to release another modification. It is presented with a coupe. A memorable representative of this line was the model Mercedes W126 SEC Gemballa. At first glance, luxury, grandeur, and wealth immediately struck her. This model was different from the sedan that had two doors.

W126-series for 12 years, regularly updated with new cars. A total of about 820 thousand copies went on sale. Experts believe that the 126th Mercedes can rightfully be called the best in the S-class.

mercedes w126 specifications

Design features

Above the exterior design of the Mercedes W126 S-klasse worked famous designer from Italy Bruno Sacco. Body design recognized as the best work of this master. He was not only able to embody the fashion trends of those years, but also increased the aerodynamic properties.For example, to reduce the fuel consumption of a car was due to a decrease in air resistance. So, in the sedan, the coefficient was 0.36 Cx, and in the Mercedes Benz W126 Coupe (coupe) - 0.34 Cx. Surprisingly, the 126th Mercedes, which was released seven years earlier than the BMW E32, was considered the direct competitor of the latter.

What did the drivers say about the appearance of this model? In their comments, they talk about a strict classical design. Such a design never goes out of fashion. That it is considered the standard of beauty in the automotive field. Despite the fact that many years have passed, the monumental lines and forms still fascinate the eyes of drivers passing by the 126th Mercedes.

This model is called the progenitor of the flagship "heavyweight" Mercedes Benz W140. The latter was presented at the exhibition only in 1991. In their appearance, many similar elements. For example, the roof rack in the rear of the car, the original shape of the front end with a radiator grill protruding forward and large headlights. In the people, this type of body got an unusual nickname - “diplomat”.

The quality of the coating of external parts (wings, bonnet, doors, and so on) drivers have no comments.In the reviews, they note that even with long-term operation (20-30 years), corrosion does not form on the body. Naturally, this indicates a high impeccable German quality.

mercedes w126 sel

What does the 126th Mercedes coupe look like?

Above it was told about the sedan. Now it's time to talk about the Mercedes W126 coupe. The fact is that these two cars are completely different from each other. Drivers in the reviews assure that at first glance it is difficult to determine their belonging to the same series.

A striking feature is the grille. In the coupe, it is quite wide. There are differences not only in size, but also in shape - only one chrome frame passes through the center. Due to the fact that the radiator grille was increased in the compartment, this was reflected in the dimensions of the headlights. In this car, they are smaller than in the sedan. At the buyer's request, the manufacturer suggests additionally installing wipers and washers for headlight optics.

However, differences in appearance are not limited to these details. Coupe got a special bumper architecture, more reminiscent of a sporty style. Many drivers believe that the design of the body is so well composed that even after decades it can not be called obsolete.

mercedes w126

SE car dimensions

In this series, cars are available in two versions. The first is standard. It is marked with the SE index. The dimensions of this version are as follows:

  • Height - 1.38 m.
  • Width - 1.82 m.

These parameters correspond to both the coupe and the sedan. But their length will be different. Naturally, the coupe is shorter, since it uses a two-door design. The length of such a machine is 4.91 m. But the sedan is 0.11 m more, which is 5.02 m. The mated mass is impressive. It is 1.64 tons.

Dimensions car SEL

The second version is elongated. It is indicated in the name by the prefix SEL. Mercedes W126 of this modification, respectively, is larger than the SE cars. The first thing to pay attention to is the mass. It is 1.67 tons. The height of the extended version is 1.44 meters. The width is the same as the one described above - 1.82 m. But the length is distinguished by an impressive figure - 0.14 m (5.16 m).

Interior decoration

The classic interior of the Mercedes W126 S, as well as the exterior design, has become the benchmark. After it began to be used in the 140th model of the "diplomat". On the luxury point lacquered wood trim, leather four-spoke steering wheel. The manufacturer basically did not use plastic parts in order to meet the requirements of the flagship S-Class.Naturally, natural wood indicates greatness and wealth, but over time it loses its attractive appearance. Most owners of this car in the reviews say that the paintwork is cracked and peeled.

The center console is standard. It contains all the necessary elements, including the radio, and the climate control unit. Drivers focused on the seats. Their design is so comfortable that even during a long drive fatigue is not felt. Seat upholstery may vary depending on the selected configuration. If you buy top-end "stuffing", then the buyer is offered genuine leather. And the base uses velor, which is also pretty good.

mercedes w126 s

Due to its large size, the interior of the Mercedes W126 turned out to be spacious. There is a lot of space in it. Even if three adults sit on the back seat, they will not be crowded. No drivers comments on the size of the trunk. Its volume is 505 liters. It can carry tools, spare wheel and other items. There is definitely enough space for everything.

Studying the reviews of drivers on this series of cars, you can highlight the benefits.These include excellent sound insulation of the cabin, high-quality materials, a high level of assembly, expensive finishes, thoughtful ergonomics.

Mercedes W126: engine performance

It's time to talk about the main part of each car - the engine. What are the power units running the 126th Mercedes? In the line there are engines of petrol and diesel types.

Let's begin the review of engines with the weakest. This unit has a volume of only 2.8 liters. Type - carburetor. Equipped with 12 valves, there is a timing mechanism. The torque indicator is 223 Nm. The power of this engine is limited to 154 horsepower. In order to accelerate the car to 100 km / h, you need to spend 11 seconds.

After the updates, the developers changed the power supply system to the injection. This has significantly increased the power of the car. The upgraded engine began to give out 182 horsepower, and the maximum speed reached the mark of 218 km / h. Acceleration time has also been reduced. Now the car spends 9.1 seconds in order to reach a speed of 100 km / h.

Also in the configuration there is a more powerful engine. It is a 4.2-liter power unit operating on eight V-shaped cylinders.The limit is 215-228 horsepower. Mercedes W126 Coupe, however, like the sedan, accelerates to a speed of 222 km / h. But this is already the limit of possibilities. Dial "weave" on the speedometer with this engine in just 8.1-9 seconds.

Also in the line there are quite powerful installation. These include engines for 5 liters. The maximum limit of such a "filling" - 249-260 liters. from. In order to accelerate to hundreds, the car will take about 7.5 seconds.

But the modification with the prefix AMG was completed with a V-shaped motor. Its volume is 5.6 l. Power - 295 liters. from. The maximum speed is 250 km / h. Acceleration time - 6.9 seconds. This 126th Mercedes was considered the most powerful in the lineup. He easily withstood the competition with high-speed machines of other brands, including the "BMW".

w126 mercedes coupe

Diesel engines

We should also talk about diesel power plants. Although they rarely met, they were presented in the line. In the reviews, drivers say that it is with such engines that one can count on reliability and a high level of car endurance.

On the Mercedes W126 base set engine OM617. Turbo diesel installation. It has five cylinders. Torque - 245 Nm. The speed limit is 150 km / h.Acceleration takes 15 seconds. Power traction is limited to 123 liters. from.

OM617 is not the only diesel engine in the line. Besides it, OM603 units were also installed. The latter is presented in two versions. The first is more powerful. Volume - 3 liters. Power traction - 148 liters. from. And the second, though more volume (3.5 liters), but less power (134 hp.). On such engines could accelerate to 155-175 km / h. This is the maximum performance. But from a place to squeeze "weave" will be only in 11.8 -13 seconds.


The basis of the car was the time-tested chassis of the previous body. The front axle is represented by an independent suspension, equipped with a pair of transverse-type levers and helical springs. A similar design was used at the rear, with only a slight difference - inclined type levers. Also on the rear independent suspension mounted telescopic shock absorbers.

Move at Mercedes W126 smooth. Note that some modern machines do not reach this level. There are no drawbacks to this model, except for a large curb weight. Because of this, the car is hard to turn. Drivers in the reviews indicated that sometimes it may even enter.However, we must understand that this car is not suitable for aggressive driving.


This car is equipped with both mechanical transmission and automatic. The first type of gearbox is designed for five speeds. The four-stage "automatic" was installed on the model with a coupe.

mercedes w126 coupe

A few words about the price

At the moment for the German car does not need to pay fabulous money. Time, of course, takes its toll. The machine can only be purchased used. Depending on its condition, the owners ask for 100-350 thousand rubles. However, do not rejoice at such a low cost. The fact is that it will not be easy to purchase spare parts for the 126th Mercedes. In the reviews, drivers say that its maintenance costs a rather large amount.

Mercedes Benz S-Class W126 in motion: reviews

What opinion arises from motorists after driving this car? Looking ahead, let's say that it is positive. Manage them easy. The car goes clearly for a given course. Moreover, the hardness in motion is observed at any speed. Excellent show themselves and suspension.

The car accelerates smoothly, without jerks, relatively quickly. The engine runs silently. Even at high speed in the cabin can not be heard.To manage this model is quite easy. Drivers claim this in their reviews. A beautiful salon with comfortable seating enhances the pleasant sensations of the 126th Mercedes. Yet deservedly the car received the title of a legend. Both motorists and experts in this field agree with this statement.

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