MAZ-6430 is a powerful and high-speed truck tractor

In the early 80-ies of the last century in MinskAutomobile plant was created heavy three-axle truck tractor MAZ-6422. In the 90s, a modification of the biaxial MAZ-5440 was developed and on its basis returned to the version of the triaxial model, but already in accordance with the standards of Western Europe. So there was a powerful truck tractor MAZ-6430, adapted for traffic in the international European format. Large-scale purchases of the new car were immediately made by Russian foreign trade organizations, which before the advent of the model 6430 used very expensive in operation, Volvo, DAF, Iveco, MAN. MAZ-6430 was economical and met the European requirements.

Since the beginning of production in 1996, the caris available in several versions. The difference in appearance may be minimal, but the technical characteristics vary considerably. Some versions of the tractor MAZ-6430, fully meeting the requirements of the European market, are sold in Germany. Some of the technical components of the car are bought by German companies and are used in the production of MAN man-made tow trucks.

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Modifications MAZ-6430

  • The model 6430A8 was launched in series production in 1997. The wheel formula is 6 x 2, lifting capacity is 38 tons.
  • Modification 6430A9 was created in 2008. Drive scheme - 6 x 4, is equipped with a licensed engine brand Renault Trucks. Complies with Euro-3 ecology standards.
  • Model 6430A5 - version of the building designation, is imported to Germany. The wheel formula - 6 x 4. Equipped with a standard diesel engine capacity of 243 liters. from.
  • MAZ-6430-18 is produced in 2011 with a Daimler engine with a capacity of 402 liters. from. Drive scheme - 6 x 4.
  • Modification 6430-21, lifting capacity - 65 tons, with turbo diesel MAN with a capacity of 455 liters. with., speed - 120 km / h, ecological norms of Euro-2.
  • Model 643026 - wheel formula - 6 x 6, equipped with a diesel engine with a turbocharged brand MAN.

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MAZ-6430: technical specifications

Parameters of the base model:

  • maximum permissible vehicle mass - 26 100 kg;
  • permissible load on the coupling device - 15 900 kg;
  • the permissible mass of the road train is 52 000 kg;
  • the maximum load on the rear axle is 19,000 kg;
  • load on the front axle, maximum - 7100 kg;
  • weight of the equipped car - 10 050 kg;
  • the distance between the axes is 3200 + 1400 mm;
  • front suspension spring, on parabolic sheets;
  • rear suspension, spring, with balancers, lateral stability;
  • tires, size - 315 / 80R22,5;
  • capacity of the fuel tank - 500 liters;
  • cabin is high, with double berth;
  • the maximum speed is 100 km / h.


Optional accessories, options and devices:

  • engine heater;
  • tachograph;
  • anti-lock brakes ABS;
  • noise insulation of the cabin;
  • spoiler;
  • autonomous heater of the cabin;
  • seats enhanced komfotnosti, sprung.

Power point

  • Engine YMZ-6581.10.
  • Power - 400 hp. from. (294 kW).
  • Transmission - ZF16S1650. Number of speeds - 16.

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Additional Amenities

  • The car has a hinged front bumper, behind which are instrumental containers. In the normal position, the bumper acts as a stepping stone for lifting into the cockpit.
  • Workplace driver is maximally equipped,ergonomic seats are adjustable in height. The steering column can change the slope and move in a vertical plane. The steering lock in the form of a pedal is located on the floor. The principle of operation of the mechanism is similar to that used on Volvo trucks.
  • Cabin MAZ-6430 has pneumatic support,which greatly facilitates the weight of the structure when tilting to access the engine. The interior space of the cabin is quite spacious, besides the driver, two more passengers can be accommodated here. In the back of the room there are two sleeping places, so the crew of the tractor unit has the possibility of a full rest during long trips, and this is the guarantee of a trouble-free operation.
  • In the cabin, among other things, there is a mini-kitchen with a compact refrigerator of 50 liters capacity, as well as a marble tile with an 8-liter gas cylinder.

6430 technical specifications


Since 1997, when the first MAZ-6430 came offfrom the conveyor of the Minsk Automobile Plant, the impressions of the drivers who operated the tractor at different times can be combined under the sign of positive responses. Truckers noted good traction of a powerful diesel engine, impeccable handling of the car on the track, steady cruising speed within 90 km / h.

Most drivers noted one factor,which distinguishes the operation of the car: throughout the entire route of several thousand kilometers the car does not require any additional adjustments, the refilling of oil in the crankcase of the engine is not needed at all or is required in the minimum amount. If the car has received full maintenance before leaving for the flight, then the crew is engaged only in the current tire pressure checks throughout the journey.

The arrangement of the cabin allows you to rest at once twodrivers while driving, and crew members can change each other every four hours. With regard to the comfort level of the MAZ-6430, the reviews are also the most positive.

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