Massage for weight loss: how can it be?

Massage has always been one of the most effective methods to combat obesity and cellulite. And its "side" effects are body shaping, energy and overall health of the body. Massage for weight loss can be done at home alone or resort to the help of family members. And you can contact a professional massage therapist in the spa. Among the most common types of massage - vacuum, honey and classic manual. Some girls even do acupressure for weight loss, but this requires special knowledge in the field of anatomy, as it is performed by the method of influencing points on the human body. In total there are 365 such points, and each of them is responsible for a certain organ or even a system.

self massage for weight loss

Honey massage for weight lossacupressure slimming

Honey massage is considered the easiest to perform, but it is not inferior in its effectiveness to any of the above. Immediately before the procedure, it is recommended to steam in a bath or sauna: this will make the skin soft and open the pores, which will facilitate the work of the healing honey components.You can also go through the problem areas with a hard washcloth (before the appearance of tingling), and the skin should become pink. To do self-massage for weight loss is quite simple: a small amount of liquid honey should be distributed over the palms and make patting movements. The longer the palms “glue” to the same place, the harder it is then to tear them off. This is the whole procedure. To conduct such self-massage is necessary every other day, before obtaining the desired result. After 3-4 procedures, the effect will be visible: cellulite and fat deposits decrease, the skin will become more elastic and taut. After the honey massage, you can do wraps: it will enhance its effectiveness.

Vacuum massageself massage for weight loss

This type of massage is effective even at the 3rd stage of cellulite. It is done with the help of vacuum cans or a massager. In spa salons, this procedure is performed using professional equipment. Vacuum slimming massage helps to reduce the volume and leveling the orange peel. After the first procedure, you can see and feel how the skin is modified, and all because the lymph flow increases, metabolism is activated, microcirculation improves.This leads to the fact that the skin and the subcutaneous layer are saturated with oxygen, which destroys fat deposits. Vacuum massage (both at home and in the salon) is done using anti-cellulite oils. After the procedure is useful to make a course of wraps.

Manual slimming massage

slimming massage

This massage is mainly used when working with patients with stage 1-2 cellulite. There is no doubt about its effectiveness, despite the fact that masseuses sometimes look quite fragile. If you are lucky and you have found a master of your craft, massage will bring a minimum of pain and maximum benefit. The basic principle of the procedure is the activation of blood circulation and the saturation of cells with oxygen. The procedure of manual anti-cellulite massage wraps up. Fighting cellulite and overweight is a long process. Results will depend only on your perseverance.

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