Lunges with dumbbells. Exercise technique, tips and tricks

Lumbar attacks help create attractive shapes in the hips and buttocks. An exercise will be effective if you strictly follow the rules for its implementation. It is noteworthy that this type of exercise does not require special conditions and complex equipment.

What muscle groups work when lunges

dumbbell lunges

The main groups of muscles involved in the exercise are the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and abs. With less intensity, but still effectively work: long back muscle, rhomboid muscles, small and large gluteus, abdominal transverse, gastrocnemius, adductor and soleus muscles. Exercise is part of the relief. In coordination terms, it is considered to be difficult.

Preparation for the exercise

Before starting the attacks with dumbbells, it is recommended to perform the exercise without burdening as a warm-up, as well as to learn how to keep balance.The main thing is to master the technique, and only then add the load, then you can get the desired result. The initial recommended weight of dumbbells for women is 3-5 kg, men - 8-10 kg. Before training, be sure to do stretching and warm up the muscles. This will avoid injury.

Dumbbell attacks are not recommended for people with knee problems. Also, if you have problems with the vestibular apparatus, you should be careful when performing this exercise.

Technique of attacks

dumbbell lunges technique

Now you need to learn how to do dips with dumbbells correctly. Legs must be placed apart at a distance of 50 cm, they must be parallel to each other. Then in both hands you need to take dumbbells. It is important to ensure that the back is always straight, and the gaze is directed forward, otherwise attacks with dumbbells will be inconvenient and ineffective.

Dumbbells should be held from the bottom in straight arms, you can also raise them to shoulder level. You should start with a step forward, while not forgetting about the straight lower back. Then, the forward leg should be bent, so that the angle between the thigh and the lower leg becomes straight. It is important to ensure that the foot of the second leg is in place and not moving. The knee should be at a minimum distance from the floor, not touching it.

After a short pause, you need to return to the starting position, stepping backward with your foot pointing forward. Thus, both legs should be alternately trained. Legs can be changed both after each repetition, and after each approach. There is no particular difference.

Types of exercise

technique of dips with dumbbells

Dumbbell attacks can be performed in a variety of ways. For example, the Bulgarian attacks practically do not differ in technique from the standard exercise. However, they will need a bench. To her you need to stand back, putting on her shin back legs. Then you can begin to squat as in the classic attacks.

Another option - attacks in walking. They are great for creating beautiful embossed legs. After each lunge, it is necessary to attach the supporting leg to the trainee, then taking the same step forward. This technique of attacks with dumbbells involves performing 10 steps in one direction, then you need to turn around and take 10 steps in the opposite direction.

The following exercise is suitable for those who have mastered the classic dumbbell attacks. Technique of performance is practically no different from the standard, except for one condition: the movement is performed in the opposite direction.Here it is necessary to take a step not forward, but back. To increase the complexity and effectiveness of the exercise, you need to do lunges with dumbbells. Technique performance remains standard. Dumbbells should be selected depending on the level of training.dumbbell attacks for buttocks

To eliminate the problem areas in the hips and tighten their inner part, you can make attacks on the side. As a burden, you can choose as a dumbbell, and the barbell, but then it must be lifted on the shoulders. To perform this exercise, you need to take a starting position by putting your legs together. Then take a step to the side with your right or left foot and sit on your foot. It is important to ensure that the supporting leg remains straight. To rise to its original position should be due to the work of the muscles of the trained leg. Then you can repeat the lunge with the second leg.

Tips and tricks

Warming up and stretching are two main things that should not be neglected before the start of training. They reduce the risk of injury. Immediately before the attacks, you need to do several repetitions of the trial without dumbbells. The back should be kept straight and not slouch until the end of the exercise.

The load should go on the working leg, bent forward, and the torso should be lifted only due to the work of its muscles.

how to do lunges with dumbbells

Secrets of execution

To complicate the attacks with dumbbells for the buttocks, you can put your front leg on a small elevation. Then the gluteal muscles will work as efficiently as possible at the lowest point.

Legs set in one line, make it impossible to keep balance. They need a little dilute to the sides.

The back leg should always be on the toe, and the front foot, on the contrary, should be held without taking it off the floor. This will allow you to keep balance and distribute the load correctly.

At the highest point it is important to straighten the body and legs as much as possible.

When lifting can not help the back foot, it reduces to a minimum the effectiveness of the exercise.

For better balance it is allowed to slightly turn the toe of the working foot inside.

Exercise is not recommended to perform with large weights without a suitable level of fitness. Otherwise, you can get a stretch and damage to the knee.

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