Lunches at the Free Hugs Cafe

"Free hugs" organized dinners and began to invite guests from the street. I caught this bait and I went to see what the small cafe on Pokrovka "Free Hugs" was feeding on. The food is not bad, although the menu had only two choices of dishes to choose from. So to review the entire business lunch is not difficult.

Address:Pokrovka 4, p. 1
Time: 12.00 - 16.00
Prices:full lunch - soup + salad + hot and drink cost 390, without one of the dishes is not much cheaper - 350 (if you give up soup or salad) and 290 (if you give up hot). There are no intersections from the main menu

Menu:the cafe has no site and the menu can be seen only on the spot. There were only 2 hot, 2 soups, 2 salads and 3 drinks.

Lentil soup

Stracatella And in Russian - chicken broth with an egg. Delicious

Salad with squid

Vitamin Salad

Curry chicken breast with mushroom sauce and broccoli. Not bad

Beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes. Don't be surprised, just the mashed potatoes are over and offer curry rice to beef stroganoff. Although beef stroganoff is also a bit like.
The drinks

Sea buckthorn juice. Good

Cranberry juice
Portions: normal
Lead time: 10-15 minutes
Atmosphere: A fairly simple cafe, without a serious interior and atmosphere. Clean and cute

Wi-Fi: there is
Disadvantages:not found

A complimentary dessert was served to all the guests. Nothing special. but also good
Food:4 points
Product quality:4 points
Innings:4 points
Waiters:4 points
Situation:2 points
Prices:2 points
Hospitality:2 point
Author's:3 points
Overall rating:25 out of 40
Overall impression:Everything is quite good - delicious food, polite waiters, a pleasant establishment. But it is somewhat expensive, especially if you don’t take a full dinner and there is no choice, of course ... I don’t know how they will develop further, but on two dishes for an indefinite period you won’t go far. I didn’t ask for lunch this time, and there wasn’t anyone, because there is no website (disabled), and the group isn’t in social networks. The administrator knew that I was writing about the institution, but reacted to this without interest.
This review is objective, without intervention from advertisers, business lunches are paid from their own funds.

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