Loss of voice: causes and treatment of medicines and folk remedies

Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the larynx is not uncommonleads to the fact that there is a loss of voice. The causes and treatment of this phenomenon should be determined by the doctor. As a rule, such problems can be dealt with by a therapist or an otolaryngologist.

Main causes of problems

Causes of loss of voice and treatmentThe larynx is the place where the vocal cords are located. With inflammation of the mucous membranes of this organ, there is often a loss of voice, hoarseness, a change in timbre.

Described disease of the larynx is calledlaryngitis. The cause of its appearance may be bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Often there is loss of voice as a complication after SARS, scarlet fever, measles, rubella. Also, laryngitis can begin as a result of infection with parainfluenza. Injuries and burns are frequent causes of damage to the vocal cords.

Do not underestimate the seriousness of the situation ifthere is a loss of voice. Causes and treatment should be determined by a specialist. Problems with voice arise due to the fact that inflammation increases the permeability of the pharyngeal vessels. In this case, the lymphatic drainage in the tissues is disrupted, the blood vessels expand. The same processes begin in the vocal cords. They swell, increase in size and can not perform all their functions.

Chronic problems

Missing voice how to recover urgentlyWith a slow inflammation in the tonsils,nasal sinuses, gums can develop chronic laryngitis. In this case, on the vocal cords appear nodules, foci of thickening or, conversely, places of thinning, ulcers. This results in a change in voice tone.

About chronic problems is evidenced by the fact,that after a prolonged strain of ligaments, a person realizes that his voice has disappeared. How to restore it urgently back, it is easy to understand, if in time to understand that the larynx need rest.

By the way, the timbre of a voice with chronic laryngitis can change even with the use of cold or hot food, when exposed to allergens and other irritants.

Possible Symptoms

Laryngitis loss of voiceIn most cases, people do not rush to the doctor,if they understand that they have changed the timbre of the voice. If this phenomenon is not accompanied by an increase in temperature, a feeling of general weakness, a cough and pain, then most patients are self-medicated.

But we must understand that there are symptoms of lossvoices that should not be ignored. So, the otolaryngologist needs to seem if the aphonia (the so-called loss of voice) is accompanied by a feeling of perspiration or burning in the throat, pain that can increase with swallowing. Also, laryngitis can accompany coughing. As a rule, at first he barking, and after a while sputum begins to depart. In addition, the disease is characterized by a rise in temperature.

But even in the absence of all the attendant symptoms it is worth to appear to a specialist if there is a complete loss of voice.

Action Tactics

People who occasionally encounter laryngitis do not panic if they notice a change in the timbre of the voice. First of all, you need to determine the cause and eliminate it.

Loss of voice hoarsenessIf the disease was caused by a viral, bacterialor a fungal infection, then special medications will be needed. But in any case it is important to ensure complete peace of the vocal cords. This means that one should try to remain silent as much as possible. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to speak exclusively in whispers.

All actions should be aimed at curing laryngitis. Loss of voice, as a rule, is only a concomitant symptom, which occurs at a time when the disease recedes.

Speeding up recovery is possible with the help of abundantwarm drinking. The emphasis can be made on various teas, herbal medicinal herbs, milk with honey. If possible, it is necessary to exclude from the diet spicy, spicy, fried foods, sour and pickled products. Smoking and alcohol use negatively affects the condition of the vocal cords. For the duration of treatment, they must be excluded.

Healing procedures

Symptoms of loss of voiceThe choice of the most suitable method of therapy depends on what causes aphonia was caused. If it is a question of overwork of ligaments, then you can get by with rest and copious warm drink.

But it often happens that bacterial or viralinfections cause loss of voice. Causes and treatment in this case should be established under the guidance of a physician. As a rule, a combined treatment is prescribed, which includes taking antiviral or antibacterial drugs (depending on the diagnosis), local remedies that remove inflammation and eliminate pain.

Doctors recommend various aerosols and sprays. Such preparations are popular: "Bioparox", "Cameton", "Tantum Verde", "Oracept", "Teraflu". You can also lubricate the sore throat with "Lugol". It is able not only to affect pathogenic microorganisms, but also to reduce the discomfort of what sore throat and the voice was gone.

How to recover urgently the opportunity to speak normally, you can find out from a doctor. Perhaps he will prescribe you physiotherapy. In some cases, good results are obtained by quartz.

Effective rinses are considered special anti-inflammatory and antibacterial solutions. You can use "Chlorhexidine", "Tantum Verde".

Folk methods

If you have problems with voice, do not forget aboutthe methods that healers offer. Their advice, as a rule, boils down to the fact that you need to drink a lot of liquid, gargle and make therapeutic compresses.

Many folk healers recommend steaminhalation with potatoes and honey. It is necessary to breathe over a hot decoction of potatoes up to 3 times a day. Therapeutic is also the infusion of viburnum and oak bark. Such steam inhalation can also be done up to 3 times a day.

When hoarse voice is advised between meals to take a tablespoon of mashed yolk with sugar and butter.

Despite the fact that the otolaryngologists with pharyngitis andlaryngitis is advised to completely abandon alcohol, folk healers on this account a different opinion. They recommend drinking the so-called Shalyapin cocktail. To make it, you need to mix lemon juice, cognac, eggs and honey in equal proportions.

You can drink and horseradish infusion. A small piece of the root is ground, pour 1/3 cup of boiling water and insist for about 20 minutes. A prepared drink can be drunk every hour, adding honey to it. Healers say that this infusion helps to recover quickly if a loss of voice occurs.

Causes and treatment in methods of traditional therapy are not related. That is, you can use any of these methods, regardless of what led to aphonia.

Preventative methods

Complete loss of voiceIf you know that your throat is weakplace, and at the slightest cold you immediately lose voice, then you must remember how to prevent these problems. First and foremost, it is important to give sufficient attention to strengthening immunity. In addition, it is important to avoid stress on the voice device.

You need to follow the food. Do not forget that the vocal cords are sensitive to the temperature of food and liquids that you consume. It is necessary to refuse both from cold, and from excessively hot drinking.

Vocal cords should be kept warm. Try not to speak in the cold, wrap your neck with a scarf.

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