Lonicera World 4 * (Turkey, Alanya, Incekum): location, hotel infrastructure, room description, service, reviews

One of the pearls of the Turkish coast is the small village of Turkler, which receives year-round travelers from various countries. These places attract tourists with the opportunity to take a break from the bustle of noisy cities and enjoy the beautiful nature, the solitude with which will allow you to find harmony of body and soul.

The amazing climate allows you to spend holidays here even in winter. A massive influx of tourists has been observed since the beginning of April. For those who can not stand the sultry heat, May and June are favorable for rest. At this time, the sea is already warm enough, and the rays of the sun spare Turler’s guests.

Fans of sightseeing tourism in the city itself are unlikely to find something to do.The only property of this resort is a path with many caves. But they can go to nearby Alanya, a city rich in historical landmarks.

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The developing town pleases travelers with constantly being built hotels. Here you can find a place to sleep absolutely on any wallet. The hotel complex Lonicera World has four stars. It offers its guests high-level service and cozy apartments at affordable prices. The infrastructure of the hotel Lonicera World 4 * is also quite developed. Next, consider the description of the hotel and reviews of tourists.

general characteristics

This hotel has a long history of its development and formation. It was built in 1990. The last upgrade is in 2017. The chambers were renewed, the aquazone was expanded and the yard area was improved, the total area of ​​which is 130,000 square meters. The main building is represented by seven blocks of different heights. Lush trees and exotic plants, bright flowers and fragrant herbs surround the paved alleys and places to rest.

Location and features of the settlement

Lonicera World 4 * location has a good.The hotel is only a hundred meters away from the seafront. The absence of the roadway simplifies the path to the sea, which is especially safe for holidaymakers with children. The hotel positions itself as a youth institution where you can spend a romantic weekend. However, it will be comfortable to relax with children, because there is everything necessary so that they receive a lot of positive emotions and joyful impressions.

The nearest international airport is 65 km away. Antalya can be reached within two hours. The transfer does not bother travelers at all, as noted in their numerous reviews of Lonicera World 4 *. According to experienced, reality fully justifies expectations.

According to the rules of the internal order to stay in the hotel Lonicera World 4 * (Turkey, Alanya) with pets is prohibited. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. Ten rooms are designed to accommodate people with disabilities. You can pay for services in cash or by bank card. There are no problems in communicating staff with guests: employees speak several languages.

Lonicera World 4 *: room description

A distinctive feature of each room is a unique design, presented in a classic style. Gloss and high cost are felt through each element of the decor. The number of rooms is represented by 823 rooms of two categories:

  1. Family.
  2. Standard.

The smallest area is 24 square meters. However, the ergonomic arrangement of furniture makes the room quite spacious and comfortable. Family rooms are complemented by ten extra squares and are equipped with plenty of furniture.

lonicera world 4 room description

Modern interior details allow you to enjoy a comfortable rest. Here you can get not only physical pleasure, having slept on a comfortable bedroom set, but also get aesthetic pleasure from the design of the room. The walls are hung with paintings. In the color palette a range of calm tones is chosen. On the floors - laminate, carpet or ceramic tile. There is a balcony from which beautiful seascapes or courtyard areas open. Panoramic windows fill the room with natural light.

Three times a week there is a change of linen and towels. Rooms are cleaned daily. Meals and newspapers in the room available around the clock for an additional fee.


Good technical equipment of the apartments of the hotel Lonicera World Hotel 4 * allows you to relax and enjoy the holiday in full. The rooms have TV, telephone, split system and mini-bar, which is updated daily and free of charge. The furniture set includes a table with a chair, a sofa, bedside tables, beds and a wardrobe. Free access to the Internet is possible throughout the hotel Lonicera World Hotel 4 *. The use of the safe is extra paid.

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The bathroom is quite spacious. There is a sink, bathroom, shower and hairdryer. Personal care products are updated as they are used and are presented with shower gel, soap and shampoo.


The main goal of travelers who have chosen Turkey for their long-awaited vacation is the improvement of the body through fresh air and clean waters of the Mediterranean Sea. By the weighty arguments in favor of the choice of tourists this place to stay is its slight distance from the sea. Own sand and pebble beach in Lonicera World 4 * is equipped with comfortable lounge chairs with soft bedding. For those who want to escape from direct sunlight there are enough umbrellas and canopies.

To create comfortable conditions in the coastal zone, changing cabins, showers and wooden walkways were installed along the golden and glowing sand. The entrance to the water is shallow, without stones. The water of these environs is distinguished by its exceptional transparency, due to which diving has become widespread. Everybody can dive to the bottom, get acquainted with the most beautiful underwater world. Other water attractions, including water skiing, banana riding, parasailing and walks to the open sea are no less popular.

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Rescue service is ready at any moment to help. For the order and tranquility of the sunbathers, the beach guard constantly tirelessly.

Supply system

Every guest will surely be full during the day. To achieve this goal, the Lonicera World 4 * hotel offers three meals a day, in addition, there are also nightly snacks that are served as a buffet. The interior of the main restaurant is decorated in a classic style. It is cozy and quiet at any time of the day. There is an open terrace, which allows you to eat, admiring the sea horizons.Here, even those who need a specific diet and are on a diet can satisfy their hunger.

The à la carte restaurant and the Kabab House are open to order. In order to taste the delicious dishes of these institutions, you must pre-book a table and come in the appropriate clothes. Swimming in swimming trunks is not allowed. Open only in the evening.

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Surrounded by aqua zone operates three bars. Here, swimming in the pools can enjoy refreshing cocktails from talented bartenders who will happily treat every bar visitor with their signature drink. In addition, you can quench your hunger and thirst in the lobby bar and disco. Each of them serves snacks throughout the day and ice cream at pre-set hours. Freshly squeezed fresh juices and premium alcohol require extra payment.


Vacationers can relax and enjoy swimming in five large-scale pools, which are evenly distributed throughout the territory. The largest of them has an area of ​​456 square meters, the smallest - 224 squares. All of them have a gradual increase in depth and are filled with fresh water.In case of bad weather or in winter, guests can use the small indoor pool. Its area is 150 square meters.

The whole aquazone is immersed in lush and fragrant greenery, and is also surrounded by sun loungers and shadow zones. For younger guests there is a children's pool of shallow depth, where the children are constantly splashing under the supervision of their parents.

As holidaymakers say, the pools are never boring. Bright water descents, water polo and aqua aerobics, which are visited by tourists of different ages, amuse guests. Light exercise in water under the guidance of instructors gives a good mood, fresh strength and energy to those involved.

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Kids Leisure

Hotel Lonicera World 4 * positive feedback very often receives from tourists who came to rest with their children. According to them, the hotel is perfect for families with children. There is a children's mini-club for children aged 4 to 12 years old on its territory. Here, every day, under the supervision of a qualified teacher, kids play, draw and develop. Contests for the identification of talents are organized, master classes and sports competitions are held.Bright design, comfortable children's furniture and cheerful animators amuse the kids, giving them smiles, happiness and good mood. The club has a TV set where you can watch your favorite cartoons in the company of your peers.

Outdoors there are playgrounds, swings, slides and rides. Here, little guests spend the lion's share of their free time, spending all the energy to sleep at night. In the evening a mini-disco is organized for them.

The kids are impressed by a small zoo, which is open to the public daily. The restaurants have high chairs. Guests can rent strollers for the convenience of moving with children both inside and outside the hotel. This service, as noted by those who have been here with children, is very convenient. Beds for crumbs and pots are installed in the room upon request.

Babysitting services are available for those who want to leave their child under the close supervision of a professional employee. Parents pay extra for the opportunity to relax on the beach or relax in the spa without worrying about where their baby is.

Lonicera World 4 *: entertainment

Incredibly varied and intense will be the time spent in the walls of the hotel complex. According to vacationers, this place is a unique symbiosis of activity and passivity, allowing both to be filled with a dose of adrenaline and experience a sense of true relaxation.

For lovers of active everyday life, the doors of the fitness center are open, which will allow everyone to maintain elegant body shapes. Here are located simulators and other sports equipment necessary for the realization of the goal. Qualified instructors who also conduct group fitness and aerobics classes help to schedule training.

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The guests are led by their compact spa center, which includes a Turkish bath, jacuzzi and sauna, into unprecedented delight, as noted in their positive reviews. High temperatures restore the health of the body, removing slags from it and cleansing the skin. Massage treatments will give true relaxation and enjoyment to each client. For an additional fee, you can visit the beauty salon, where talented makeup artists and other masters will create a new unusual look, make a beautiful styling or a unique manicure.This place is a favorite place for women.

In addition, you can spend the evening playing billiards, boccia or table tennis. You can check your accuracy in darts. There are two tennis courts with artificial turf and four - with a clay one. Rackets and balls for the game are free. Payment requires only coverage and, if necessary, the services of a coach. Football and basketball fields are open around the clock.

The evening ends, as a rule, with an animation program, followed by a disco. Talented artists tirelessly delight guests with their unusual performances, incendiary dances, stunts and fun. Absolutely every spectator of the amphitheater is involved in the process. Entrance to the disco is paid, but the consumption of all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is included in the entrance ticket price.

Additional services

Satisfying the maximum number of tourist needs is the main task of each hotel. In turn, Lonicera World for its guests offers a wide range of related services, some of which require additional fees. The requested service was and remains a transfer.Quickly and safely drivers take passengers from the airport to the hotel or in the opposite direction.

For meetings or presentations, there are two conference rooms. The smallest is designed for 100 people, the capacity of the larger one is 300 persons. They are equipped with advanced technology for business events of any format. There is a projector, screen, office supplies, comfortable furnishings and an appropriate atmosphere.

Laundry can be used at any time of the day. The call of the doctor is carried out on demand. You can buy memorable gifts about an unforgettable journey in one of the souvenir shops located on the territory of the hotel complex. To capture the unique moments of rest help professional photographers, whose services are paid.

Next to the 24-hour reception, there is a tour desk and currency exchange. There is the possibility of early check-in and late check-out. You can rent a car for exploring local attractions. Parking spaces - free and protected.

As you can see, the hotel Lonicera World 4 * offers high-level service to its guests, the reviews about it are mostly positive.The hotel is definitely worth considering as an accommodation option when visiting Alanya.

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