Logs cylindered - an excellent building material

Increasingly popular is thebuilding material, like logs rounded. They are tree trunks cleared of bark and branches, processed to a certain shape. The main advantage of this building material is an even shape, which allows to achieve the most dense connection when erecting almost any buildings. Logs cylindered have a different diameter (160-240 mm). It is determined by the purpose of the material. Modern woodworking machines make it possible to produce rounded logs of very precise dimensions, which eliminates the need to alternate in the required sequence of so-called bark and long-lasting fit.

Logs cylindered

Profiling logs reduces the risk of deforming them. Such a building material has an excellent appearance that does not require additional finishing.

Round logs (price)Logs cylindered are made on the wholeA set of machine tools that perform a sequential set of certain mechanical operations. Neoshkurennye logs, received for processing, cleaned from knots and bark. After that, they are passed through the milling cutters, which turn them into a perfectly shaped cylinder with a smoothly machined surface. In the final stages, they make a face, manufacture locks, grooves, drilling holes, treatment with flame retardants and antiseptics. The required locks and grooves are made with great precision, therefore the crowns of them have minimal clearances, and the treated logs can be connected at almost any necessary angle. Such properties of this building material allow to realize any design projects of buildings.

Logs from round logs are very popular. From them erected apartment houses, baths, garages, yard constructions. Installation of such buildings is carried out in the shortest possible time, since many companies produce standard sets of entire structures in which all the components of the structure are numbered and marked. There are many solutions of such structures (1-3-storey) of different quadrature. Some companies engaged in the manufacture and installation of buildings from rounded logs, offer the creation of individual projects with the help of professional designers and engineers. Advantages of such buildings: excellent air exchange, ecological cleanliness, aesthetic appearance, reliability and durability. The most demanded logs are rounded, made of coniferous wood. Such buildings will allow their owners to save considerably on finishing.

Logs from round logsRound logs, the price of which canfluctuate in a fairly wide range, you can buy from many companies and without intermediaries (the latter only wind up prices). In the cost of this building material, the companies producing log houses most often include wood processing, cutting, technological cuts, control assembly at the enterprise and installation on site. The price of rounded logs ranges from 7-13 thousand rubles / m3. (depends on the type of wood and the processing method). The cost of finished log buildings is slightly higher - 12-25 thousand rubles / m3.

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Logs cylindered - an excellent building material Logs cylindered - an excellent building material Logs cylindered - an excellent building material Logs cylindered - an excellent building material Logs cylindered - an excellent building material