List of fairy tales of Charles Perrault and other works of the author

The fabulous stories of Charles Perrault are known to all. They inspired many composers to create musical works. Directors and writers also did not leave without attention the amazing tales of this author, and based on his works created a lot of great films. The fairy tale characters of Perrault come to life in amusement parks, on theater stages, in computer games and remain among the most beloved, like hundreds of years ago.

list of fairy tales of Charles perro

The history of French tales

In France, the XVII century, the dominant trend in art was classicism. Including in the literature. The works of ancient authors were considered a role model. At the time of Louis XIV of France, the cult of antiquity flourished in art.

Mythological plots and heroes of ancient stories dominated in the work of painters and poets. They glorified the triumph of reason and duty over feelings and, of course, glorified the power of the monarch, allegedly uniting all the forces of the nation.Soon the interests of the bourgeoisie came into conflict with the interests of the monarch vested with power, and opposition sentiment intensified throughout France.

The mood of society, of course, reflected in art. Among French writers, a dispute arose about the superiority of ancient and modern authors. The few opponents of classicism argued that it was possible to write beautiful works without imitation to ancient authors. In addition, new authors surpass the ancient ones by the fact that they have the best knowledge and outlook.

Among the initiators of this historic dispute about the need for change was Charles Perrault, the royal official and member of the French Academy. In his work Comparison of Ancient and New Authors, he urged the authors to reflect contemporary life, draw images and plots from the surrounding reality, and not from ancient literature.

about the author

Charles Perrot was known primarily as a poet and publicist, one of the founders of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Painting. Even writing fairy tales for children, he remained a moralist and used his works for teaching and personal development.But before listing the works, including the list of Charles Perrault's fairy tales, I would like to acquaint readers with the life story of the writer.

Charles Perrault was born on 12.01.1628 in the family of a judge. His parents were concerned about the education of children and at the age of eight the boy was sent to college, as were his brothers. They all studied very well and were never punished with rods, which is absolutely not typical of that time. While still in college, Charles was engaged in literary research, but after a disagreement with his teacher, he decided to leave school.

charles perrot tales list in alphabetical order

He studied biblical texts, works of the Church Fathers and secular writers, the history of France, and was engaged in translation. At the same time, Charles attended law lessons and soon became a certified lawyer. Having bought a license, Perrault has been a lawyer for some time. But it quickly bothers him. Charles decided to gain a foothold at the court and, leaving the practice of law, he got a job as a clerk for his brother, who held the position of chief tax collector.

In 1663, Charles holds the position of secretary at the Academy of inscriptions and serves under the leadership of Jean Colbert, Minister of Finance of France.Charles Perrault also worked as a supervisor at the Inspectorate of the Royal Buildings. The Jack of all trades, Perrault was directly involved in the creation of Versailles, he also wrote the first guide to the labyrinth of Versailles gardens.

Being a rather prolific writer, Charles wrote both light poetry, such as the gallant "Dialogue of love and friendship", and "impressive" works on architecture. Many of his works are forgotten, although they represent a rather extensive list. But forever entered the history of literature and, moreover, brought to its author worldwide fame a small list of fairy tales by Charles Perrault.

The founder of the fabulous genre

Perrault, to prove the truth of his words, decided by his own example to show that morality can be extracted from the plots reflecting the life of the people and modern life. He engaged in the processing of folk tales, which at that time were not considered as a separate literary genre at all. As a result, in 1697 Charles Perrot publishes fairy tales. The list, in alphabetical order, of the works included in the first collection of "Fairy Tales of Mother Goose" works as follows:

  • "Cinderella";
  • "Puss in Boots";
  • "Little Red Riding Hood";
  • "Little boy with a finger";
  • "Rike with a tuft";
  • "Blue Beard";
  • "Sleeping Beauty";
  • "Fairies".

The tale "Rike with a tuft" is written by the author himself. Seven other works of the collection are folk tales, he heard from the nurse's nurse. The writer ennobled famous folk stories with his inherent humor and talent. Some details lowered, added new ones. And the tales, faceted by the great master, became known widely outside the literary circle.

The works were instructive in nature that the author noted in the title of the collection - "Stories with moral instructions." Charles Perrault showed his compatriots-writers that the folk tale is no worse than the ancient works can be instructive.

fairy tales of Charles perro complete list

In secular society, a fashion for fairy tales. Gradually began to appear and the works of other authors - philosophical tales, ancient stories in modern exposition and fairy tales of his own. The following editions of the collection "Mother Goose" includes three more tales by Charles Perrault. List in alphabetical ordersmall:

  • Griselda;
  • "Donkey skin";
  • "Funny wishes."

Thanks to all this, an independent literary genre began to develop.

The list of fairy tales of Charles Perrault is not large, as a lawyer, academic and dignitary, he was afraid that such an unserious occupation would cast a shadow on him. Therefore, he published the first collection, indicating the name of the eleven-year-old son P. D'Armancourt. Nevertheless, the truth is that the author of fairy tales is none other than Charles Perrault, Paris learned very quickly.

Works of the author

In 1653, Charles Perrault published The Wall of Troy. In writing a parody poem, he relied on his many years of research. Perrault, like his brothers Claude and Pierre, defended the superiority of the new writers over the ancients. On the treatise of Boileau's "Poetic Art" he wrote the works "The Age of Louis the Great" and "Parallels of Ancient and New."

As proof of his claim that his contemporaries are no worse than ancient authors, he publishes an impressive volume of “Famous People of France of the XVIIth Century”, where he collected biographies of famous historians, artists, poets, and scholars of the XVIIth century.

The “Dialogue of Love and Friendship”, published by the author in 1668, is still relevant today. In it, the author begins with the birth of two concepts and argues how closely they sometimes merge.

In the philosophical study "Apology of a Woman," the father tells his son about the need to marry.In beautiful language, the author tells about the virtue of a woman, about love, about serious and tender feelings, about mercy and compassion. In short, he teaches his son to look for the perfect wife - the “pearl” in the sea of ​​life. Other works of the author:

  • Portrait d'Iris ("Portrait of Iris", 1659);
  • Ode sur la paix (Ode to Peace, 1660);
  • Ode aux nouveaux convertis (“Ode to the convert”, 1685);
  • La Création du Monde (Creation of the World, 1692).

In 1755, Charles wrote “Memories of my life,” in which he spoke about important milestones of his life: serving with Colbert, editing the first French vocabulary, King’s works, translations, three-volume edition, comparing ancient and modern authors. But he did not mention a word about the collection “Mother Goose”, and in fact it was this list of tales by Charles Perrault that became a masterpiece of world culture.

fairytales charles perro list alphabetically

What are his tales about?

The works of the author, written for children, are very popular in all countries. Despite several French graces, the fabulous stories of Charles Perrault occupied a worthy place in literature. Cheerful, entertaining, with a touch of folk poetry, they naturally reveal the foundations of human morality. Children perceive these magical and wonderful stories much easier than moralizing conversations.

Charles Perrault perfectly showed on the example of his fairy tales that children are able to notice the good and the bad, the good and the evil. While playing with the beauty and beauty of a fairy tale, they learn the necessary lessons. Undoubtedly, fairy tales leave room for imagination, and children believe the wonders of fairy tales. But, as soon as the time comes, they will learn to distinguish the imaginary from the real. And the lessons learned from the first books will remain with them forever.

The first collection in Russian

Perrault's “Fairy Tales” was translated into Russian by the famous writer I. S. Turgenev and published in St. Petersburg in 1867. Turgenev worked on the translation for almost 2 years and, judging by his articles, was dissatisfied with his quality. But despite this, his translation has been considered one of the best for over a hundred years. A special charm to the first edition was given by the illustrations of Gustav Dore.

charles perrot tales

Let us again list the tales of Charles Perrault. Full list of themlooks like that:

  • Griselda (1691);
  • Cinderella (1697);
  • Puss in Boots (1697);
  • "Little Red Riding Hood" (1697);
  • "Little Boy" (1697);
  • "Donkey skin" (1694);
  • "Rike with a tuft" (1697);
  • Bluebeard (1697);
  • "Funny Desires" (1693);
  • Sleeping Beauty (1696);
  • The Fairies (1697).

The collection was a resounding success and was translated into many languages ​​of the world. Based on the tales created many musical works, animated and feature films, and even masterpieces of classical ballet.

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