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linen wedding

A good tradition to celebrate each wedding anniversary dates back to pre-revolutionary times. This is not an obligatory holiday for every family; nevertheless, on occasion, there are always congratulations and reminders of the name of the anniversary according to the number of years lived in a marriage. Four years of the family - a linen wedding. Otherwise, it is called silk, rope or wax. The symbol of celebration is a natural material that symbolizes the strength of the feelings that have been tested over the years, sincerity and flexibility of relationships.

Congratulations as per custom

The first congratulations on the anniversary of the spouses make each other. What to give a linen wedding to each other, a husband and wife can decide together, and they can make a pleasant surprise to their beloved. The gift can be traditional or with a share of creativity, in a modern style.

According to the old Russian custom on this day, the newlyweds exchanged renewals from the corresponding fabric. Long before the celebration, the men's shirt was embroidered with the caring hands of his wife.Whereas the spouse could give a ready sundress, but necessarily from the same material. It is also possible to use this gift option today, and even it is worth putting them on yourself on the anniversary day, to meet guests in them and leave them as a symbol for memory. But no more than that. In everyday life, they can hardly be used.

Modern approach

linen wedding how old

A more rational approach is to choose a gift that will accompany in everyday life, delight in the house and bring about pleasant memories of the celebration. For example, for both spouses, bedding sets made from natural fabrics and decorated with a personal monogram will suit. A set of napkins and towels with an embroidered date of celebration will not allow guests in the future to forget the significant day of this family. And each time, holding in their hands a delicate fabric with elegant embroidery, the guests will be interested in: was it a linen wedding? How many years have it been? Without departing far from the old Russian custom, you can buy each other summer suits made of "festive" fabric and go on vacation in due time.

Getting ready to meet guests

The room in which you plan to hold a celebration, you must decorate in the appropriate style. To do this, it is not necessary to invite a designer and arrange a huge hall.The age of the family is 4 years - the date is not anniversary, and therefore it can be noted in a narrow circle of friends and relatives. So, do with symbolic decorations on the table.

linen wedding greetingsLinen wedding has secondary names, which greatly expands the range of possibilities for registration. As a symbol of the flexibility of relationships on the tables are wax candles. They can be made with the figures of the bride and groom, in the form of a bouquet of flowers or in a simple style. Instead of traditional bouquets, you can make compositions of dried flowers with the addition of flax ears. This work is better to entrust florists. As an option, the same branches of cereals are inserted into napkin rings.

It is possible to emphasize the importance of the presence of young people at the table with the help of originally designed glasses. We tie their legs with decorative hemp or braid, as this is a linen wedding. How many years, so many knots, bows or simply tied ribbons of silk.

Everything should be in moderation

The tablecloth and chair covers will dominate in the general appearance of the festive room. First you need to decide what these accessories will be “played around” in the interior of the room. As a rule, two options: either in color or material.So, silk napkins on dense matter will look quivering and tender. Especially if they are made in similar colors and decorated with lace. Silk chair covers are noble, but not practical. Linen wedding, though symbolized by silk, but it is quickly crushed and looks sloppy. Alternatively, you can sew linen covers and decorate them with a silk bow. But this is worth thinking in advance. The color scheme is best to choose in shades close to natural tones, but be sure to place accents in a more saturated shade.

Solemn registration

what to give for a linen wedding

It has become a tradition to “register” every anniversary in the registry offices. All participants of the event are invited to the celebration, where congratulations are read out by the state registrar with the subsequent delivery of the relevant document. Of course, such a document is not official; nevertheless, this is another opportunity for a married couple to be in the role of newlyweds. The folk music group performing ritual Russian folk songs can become the musical accompaniment for such a ceremony.Here you can observe another tradition for which the flax wedding is famous - shedding young flax seeds when leaving the festivities hall. Where to go after? If the weather permits, then on nature, on a small picnic. By the way, in a situation where there is no opportunity to hold an event in a cafe or restaurant hall, you can have a great time in nature. With the same company of guests and their congratulations. Important point: this option of celebration must be discussed in advance with all those invited!

We give the newlyweds

linen wedding is how muchWhat does “allow” a linen wedding to present? Congratulations and gifts can be any, but be sure to symbolize wealth. The basis of this condition is the Old Russian belief that the family, which has natural fabrics in everyday life, is a rich home, security, and a spouse standing on their feet. Let it be paintings embroidered on the canvas, a bag for the bride and a scarf for the groom, a pair of kerchiefs with ornate monograms, made of the same material. A larger gift can be a bedspread on a matrimonial bed in foamy silk lace, a set of candles and a pair of handmade decorative candlesticks — everything that the financial situation and personal guest imagination allows.

A real surprise for the newlyweds on this day will be a program prepared in advance of their celebration with the same name “Linen Wedding: how many years, how many winters?” With many pleasant contests and prizes. This gift will be appreciated and remembered for a long time to all.

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