Leopard dress for beautiful predator

Today, the leopard print can already be considered a classic. The insidious temptress who has put on a leopard dress is a bright and courageous woman of fashion.

The history of the creation of the original print

leopard dressIn the eighties of the last century, when animalism was in fashion, this trend appeared. At that time, many fashionable women wore clothes with animal prints. But over time, due to the fact that this coloring was not very well combined with other styles, animalism slowly left fashion podiums. But the designers were not going to let him go completely. Having carefully worked on the new style of dress with their beloved leopard print, they were able to revive the interest of millions of women around the world. Dresses have become much more concise, their cut lines are quite simple and clear. That is why the aggressive frankness and excessive vulgarity disappeared. Leopard dresses have become stylish and bright.

Why do women love leopard print?

The collections of almost all famous designers necessarily present a leopard dress. This is explained by the fact that beautiful ladies have an inexplicable and unstoppable craving for animal prints. It is important to note that this is not onlyleopard dressblack and brown, traditional colors. Today, such a pattern can be performed in pink, orange, blue and purple hues.

What are leopard dresses?

Dresses with such a popular print come in different models, styles, lengths. Most often, perhaps, women prefer a sheath dress, most suitable for official meetings. A long leopard dress made of flowing silk is great for summer special occasions.

Where to go in a leopard dress?

Just want to warn that the leopard dress (photo) is not suitable for everyday wear, especially at work. This outfit for the evening out at any event. In this dress you can go to the cinema, to the club, for a walk.

What to wear with such a dress?

leopard dress photoLeopard dress is very demanding in the selection of accessories. According to experts, the ideal colors for him are black, beige, brown, sand, red, as well as green and yellow.Elegant shoes for this dress should be necessarily monochromatic, concise, without unnecessary details and ornaments. It is very important when choosing a leopard dress to choose the right jewelry. Jewelry should be dark and somewhat muted shades.

In this dress can not be small things

Dress leopard requires careful selection of hair and makeup. The saturation of decorative cosmetics directly depends on the color of the dress - the brighter it is, the more saturated the colors of makeup can be. In this case, do not do one lip gloss - they must be clearly traced, otherwise the image will remain incomplete.

Pay attention to the manicure

You probably should not say that your hands should be in perfect condition in any outfit, but as for this particular case, make sure that your nails are not long, otherwise you will look gone and defiant. Colors of a varnish - black, beige, gray. Red color try to avoid.

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