"Lenovo A859": reviews, photos, prices and description

An entry-level smartphone with an acceptableperformance and indecently large screen diagonal - it's all "Lenovo A859". Reviews, specifications and other important information about this device will be provided as part of this review.

lenovo a859 reviews


As the processor in this gadget actsMT6589 with four cores of the ARM Cortex A7 architecture on board. Until recently, this CPU was in the middle segment. But now a whole group of chips based on the ARM Cortex A53 architecture came out, and this processor automatically went down to the segment of the initial devices. But still its computing capabilities are quite enough for most everyday tasks. Watching movies, listening to music, starting and mid-level games, navigating the terrain, surfing the web pages - with all this, the MT6589 will cope without any problems. The only thing with which he may have problems is the toys of the last generation. But this defect is compensated by the impressive diagonal of the screen and the democratic value of Lenovo A859. Reviews all the previously mentioned only confirm.

Graphical subsystem. Reviews

A sufficiently powerful graphics subsystem for thissmartphone. Its computing power is provided by the graphics accelerator "Mali 400MP2". Its capabilities are sufficient to solve most problems. The diagonal of the display is 5 inches. This is the main advantage, which compares favorably with the analogous smartphone "Lenovo A859". The feedback of the satisfied owners of this gadget on most information resources is superfluous to this confirmation. The type of matrix used is IPS. The screen resolution is 1280 pixels in width and 720 pixels in height (that is, the image is displayed in HD-quality) and it displays about 16 million color shades. The touch screen in this model can handle up to 5 touches at a time.

smartphone lenovo a859 reviews

Unforgettable about cameras

Not bad is the situation with the recording of video and photography at Lenovo A859. The characteristics of the main camera are as follows:

  • The matrix is ​​8 megapixels.
  • Digital zoom is supported.
  • For an improved image quality, an automatic stabilization system is present.
  • There are LED lights for taking pictures in the dark.

All the above listed allows you to receivequality pictures and flawless videos. Also there is a 1.6 megapixel front camera. Its main task is to make video calls in 3rd generation networks or via the Internet with the help of specialized software, for example, via Skype. With these tasks the camera copes admirably, but for something more it just will not be enough.

lenovo a859 reviews


Impressive memory can not boast ofthis phone model, but it is enough for the normal functioning of the device. The RAM is 1 GB. The size of the built-in drive is 8 GB, but the user can only use part of this memory. To date, it is not enough. Therefore, without an external drive can not do. Supported memory cards format "TransFlesh" with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. There is no card in the initial configuration. As a result, it is necessary to buy such a drive separately.

phone lenovo a859 reviews


A fairly large set of communications can boast a phone "Lenovo A859". Reviewsowners of this device also show this. Among the available data transmission standards are the following:

  • 2G and 3G networks. In the first case, GPRS and EDGE standards are supported. The maximum speed in this mode is several hundred kilobytes. For unpretentious sites and social services this will be enough, but here's something more serious to see will be problematic. Much better situation with mobile networks of the third generation. Depending on the type of coverage, the transmission speed of information can be from 5.76 Mbit / s (HSUPA standard) to 21.1 Mbit / s (HSDPA standard). In any case, this is quite enough for watching videos online, downloading large files and making video calls.
  • Another important transmitter is Wi-Fi. Such wireless networks have a short range (up to ten meters in diameter), and the data transfer rate in them can be up to 150 Mbps. It is in such networks that you can fully unlock the potential of a smartphone. Even the largest files are downloaded in minutes.
  • Bluetooth is also supported. The transmission speed of this standard is relatively low, and the range of action at best will be ten meters. It is well suited for transferring small files to similar devices. In other cases, it is not practical to use it.
  • Micro-USB is a universal wired interface. It is mainly used to charge the battery. But if necessary with his help you can connect this device to a personal computer.
  • The last connector that is on the "Lenovo A859" is a 3.5 mm audio jack. An external speaker is connected to it.

instruction lenovo a859

Housing and ergonomics

In performance, the smartphone Lenovo A859 refers tocategory monoblocks with the possibility of touch input information. The overall dimensions of the device are 142 mm by 72 mm. At the same time its thickness is only 9.5 mm. Housing material - plastic. The front panel is also made of it. Therefore, immediately you need to buy a protective film and a high-quality cover. The management system is well thought out in this device by Chinese engineers. All mechanical buttons are grouped in the upper right corner. On the upper rib there is an on / off button, and on the right there is a swing of volume control. The touch buttons are located on the front panel below the screen. In this case, there are three: "Menu", "Back" and "Home". The display is made by capacitive technology, and problems with the response does not arise.

phone lenova a859


Standard, as for this class of devices, the bundle of this smartphone. It includes documentation: a warranty card and instructions. "Lenovo A859" is completed with the following accessories:

  • The battery is 2250 milliamps per hour.
  • Stereo headset.
  • Charger.
  • Cord Micro-USB / USB.

Battery and autonomy

"Lenovo A859" is equipped with a battery for 2250milliamp / hour. Its one charge is enough for two or three days of battery life. But here the key role is played not by battery capacity, but, most likely, by the quality work of Chinese programmers, which maximally optimized the power consumption of the device. From here and it turns out two or three days of battery life on one charge. An excellent indicator for a device with a diagonal of 5 inches.


On the smartphone "Lenovo A859" is installedthe most popular modification of "Android" to date - 4.2. But at the same time it is already a little outdated, and updates are not foreseeable. "Android" "Lenovo laucher" is supplemented. With its help, the operating system interface can be configured without any problems for your own needs. Among other things, it's possible to identify foreign social services (Instagram, Twitter and, of course, Facebook), applications from Google (mail, social network Google, Youtube, etc.). There are standard utilities, such as a calendar, a calculator. The rest of the software will have to be installed. This, for example, domestic analogues of social networks ("VKontakte", "Classmates" and "My World").

lenovo a859 specifications


In the framework of this short review,Consider an entry-level smartphone with a large display diagonal - Lenovo A859. Reviews, technical specifications and other important information about it indicate that this is an excellent gadget. Its main advantages are impressive sizes, good level of productivity and democratic price policy. It will perfectly cope with such tasks as reproduction of the majority of games, text, media files, surfing sites and navigation on the terrain. The only thing that is "beyond the teeth" is the most demanding games of the last generation. If you do not treat yourself to gamers and you just need a good smartphone, you can safely buy a phone "Lenovo A859".

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