Lena Temnikova: biography, career

Famous and scandalous singer Lena TemnikovaShe was born in Kurgan on April 18, 1985. Lena grew up a very active child, from the age of 4 she was fond of everything: she visited the karate section, knitted, embroidered, drew, jumped from garages, sculpted from clay, danced and sang. At 10 years Temnikova seriously took up music, she rehearsed a lot and took part in various music competitions, she won and still had time in school. Leaving the music school in the future, Lena came to sing vocal in the studio of Valery Chigintsev.

Lena Temnikova

Acquaintance with the "Factory of Stars"

After winning the next regional contest inDecember 2002. Temnikov was sent to the All-Russian competition in Moscow, which was held in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, where, in the end, Lena received the Grand Prix. In the winter of the following year, she again went to Moscow, but already as an entrant, to determine which university to enter the PR department. And already there Lena Temnikova read the announcement of the competition for the "Star Factory". She came to the casting on the last qualifying day, and she was lucky - she was accepted into the project.

A new stage in the life of Lena

Then Moscow activity began: cooperation with Maxim Fadeev, the final of the TV project "Factories of Stars-2", the tour in the period from 2003-2004, the projects of the popular channel where Temnikova took part - "The Last Hero-5. Superigra ", as well as an invitation to the musical of the MOST" Airport "theater as a soloist.

Lena Temnikova continued to work with Fadeyev, they rehearsed and worked on recording new songs, selected the necessary sound, developed a style.

Formation of the group "Silver"

group silver lana temnikova

In the year 2006 It was decided to create a group of "Silver", which today is among the top projects Fadeeva. The main soloist who participated in the project since the beginning of its foundation was Lena Temnikova. Biography shows that the main popularity came to Lena due to participation in this project. The debut of the band was originally planned for 2008. And it would have been so, had it not been for one case that made the "Silver" sound all over Europe much earlier. Having recorded the demo of Song No. 1, Fadeev gave a listen to her producer of Channel One. The song aroused interest, and the band was invited to participate in 2007 in the national qualifying contest "Eurovision". The jury's decision in favor of the group was unanimous. And in March of the same year, Lena Temnikova and the other participants of the group went to Helsinki for an international competition to represent Russia. Having quickly reached the final of a serious international competition, the band "Silver" performed for the first time on the stage in front of a huge audience. Third place, losing the first two Verka Serduchka and Maria Sherifovich, was taken by the Silver group. Lena Temnikova and other members of the team were very pleased. Such a start is the dream of every performer, but the most important thing was waiting for the girl ahead.

Lena Temnikova biography

In the same year, the debut single was released in the summer"Song number 1", Russian-language version of the song, which was presented at the "Eurovision". Then 2 more songs are born - "Breathe" and What's your Problem. In 2007, the Group was awarded the "Debut of the Year" nomination. A little later the collective was recognized as the best sold and in 2008 was given the title of the best group of 2008 according to the MTV version.

In the spring of next year there was a debut album"OpiumRoz", which included all popular compositions in Russian and English, as well as new songs. The album had a successful presentation, the show was attended by more than 70,000 fans of the band.

Hard choice of the singer

lena temnikova private life

In June of the same year, the composition of thethe place of Marina Lizorkina came Anastasia Karpova. Soon there was a new single "Sladko", as well as her English-language variation Like Mary Warner. This song has cemented the updated composition, in addition, it immediately took the lead in the charts and other ratings. In December 2009, the press began to hear a rumor about the departure of Temnikova. Producer Elena put before the singer a hard choice: personal life or work. At that time Maxim's brother Artem Fadeyev and Lena Temnikova met and the girl was going to marry her chosen one. Elena chose a career, not because she rated her higher, just leaving the team, Temnikova would have to pay a huge fine. Thus, Elena remained in the group for another five years.

2010 was pleased with the song "Not Time", which was subsequently filmed clip. The group "Silver" did not forget about their English-speaking fans and released a single for them Sexing U. At the end of 2010, a new lyrical track "Let's hold hands" appeared to listeners' attention.

The next year was marked by the single Mama Lover. The video clip of the Russian-language variation "Mama Lyuba" has reached a stunning result. After the presentation of the video on Youtube clip for four days, watched 280 thousand people, and after 10 days the number of visitors exceeded the million.

In 2012 the next track "Boy" came out. In the future, interesting new items also appeared in the group.

Artem Fadeev and Temnikov Lena

The departure of Temnikova from the group "Silver"

Elena's contract expired on December 3 of this year.of the year. Lena Temnikova did not want to extend it, and decided to leave the stage. But she did not wait for the contract date. Lena left the team prematurely due to health problems. The decision to leave the project was made by the singer herself, she wants to create a family and to have kids about it, Lena Temnikova herself says. The personal life of the singer during the existence of the project was not saturated, Lena always made a choice in favor of the group.

The secret of the singer's harmony

This year, Lena celebrated her 28th daybirth, in photos the girl looks younger. She manages to maintain the ideal weight due to a healthy lifestyle. There was a time when Elena, because of stress, gained weight, she had to adhere to rigid diets, and as a result, the singer returned her weight, but she does not want to repeat this experience. According to Temnikova, weight can be maintained with the help of sports, but because of her career, she rarely managed to attend a gym.

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