Lean cakes: recipes. Lean Chocolate Cake

All those who adhere to the Orthodox traditions during the fasting period, more than once thought about which dishes can be eaten during this period of time and how to cook them correctly. It should be noted that the fact that for many of us today is a problem was not difficult for our ancestors. At one time they created delicacies from flour, fruits, vegetables and berries, nuts and mushrooms, and so on. Last but not least was pastries, which are so easy to make in our time. Today we will talk about how to properly cook lean cakes, the recipes of which have come to us long since and are widely used to this day.

lean cakes

Cakes for lean cakes

The composition of the cake does not include eggs and butter. Usually, flour and margarine are added to pastries, which contains only vegetable fats, salt, sugar, water and so-called flour improver. Yeast and emulsifiers are sometimes added. If you plan to manufacture biscuit cakes, then they consist of vinegar and vegetable oil. Let us consider an example of how to make a lean chocolate cake from biscuit cakes.

"Crazy Cake"

Ingredients: two hundred and fifty grams of flour, one spoon of soda, three quarters of a cup of sugar, two spoons of cocoa powder, half a spoon of salt, vanilla to taste, half a spoon of apple cider vinegar, one cup of diluted instant coffee, half a cup of vegetable oil.


Flour sieved and mixed with the remaining dry ingredients. Dissolved coffee, oil and vinegar are added to this mixture and mixed well. In this case, the dough should turn out to be tough, slowly flow into the form, which, by the way, needs to be lubricated with vegetable oil. Baked chocolate cake lean fifty minutes. You can check its readiness with a match or a toothpick: it pierces the cake (it must also remain dry). Instead of water, which is bred coffee, you can use soy milk.

lean cakes recipes

Creams for lean baking

Creams for lenten cakes can be very different. Most often use jam or jam. It is often used ordinary fruits, which are boiled kissels with the addition of starch. You can also cook semolina from soy milk or fruit juice and semolina. Cocoa and vanilla can be added as desired.Let us consider in more detail how to quickly prepare semolina cream for lean cake.

Semolina filling

cream cake lean

Ingredients: one glass of water, two spoons of semolina, two spoons of sugar, a pinch of vanilla, two spoons of cocoa powder.


Liquid semolina is boiled from water and cereals with the addition of sugar, cocoa and vanilla. On the fire, it should boil for about ten minutes, do not forget to constantly stir it. The porridge is then cooled and whipped with a blender in order to make the cream gentle and uniform.

For such a dessert, as lean cakes, soy tofu cream is also well suited. It is well whipped with sugar and some fruit, you can use condensed soy milk instead of sugar. Let us consider in more detail some recipes for making cakes that can be used during the posts.

Delicious pastry for the post

lean cake napoleon

Ingredients: one glass of orange juice, two glasses of flour, four spoons of baking powder, one hundred grams of sugar, six spoons of vegetable oil, odorless. For the cream: two glasses of orange juice, two tablespoons of semolina, currant berries, agar-agar. For glaze: one bar of dark chocolate.


In fact, lean cakes, the recipes of which we will consider today, are prepared quite simply and quickly. According to this recipe, you need to prepare the dough out of the listed components and knead it well, it should turn out to be thick. The dough is poured into a pre-oiled mold and baked in the oven for thirty minutes. The finished cake is cooled and cut along into two parts.

Preparation of the cream and the formation of the product

While the cake will be baked, you need to prepare a cream for the cake lean. To do this, orange juice is boiled in semolina, cooled, added agar-agar, which is prepared according to the instructions in advance.

Spread the first cake on the dish, on top - half of the semolina cream over the entire surface, put the currant berries and put in a cold place to set for half an hour. Then spread the rest of the cream and cover the second cake, put again in the fridge for several hours. In the meantime, melt dark chocolate in dishes in a water bath, cool it a little and pour the finished cake. The sides of the product are decorated with almonds, berries or confectionary dressing.

Tea Cake

lean cake from palycha

Ingredients: two glasses of flour, half a glass of honey, half a glass of strong brewed tea, half a cup of sugar, one glass of ground nuts, one hundred grams of raisins, four spoons of vegetable oil, one and a half tablespoons of baking powder, two spoons of cocoa powder. For the filling: two glasses of jam. For the glaze: two spoons of cocoa powder, one spoon of honey, two spoons of sugar, three spoons of water.


Such lean cakes like this onecooking is simple. To do this, pre-sift the flour, mix it with tea, add all the other components, except cocoa, knead the dough and put it in half an hour in a cold place. Then the dough is divided into two equal parts, in one of which add cocoa. Then roll out the cake layers, put them on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for three minutes each, then cool. In the meantime, icing is prepared. To do this, mix all the ingredients and heat them to a boil, stirring constantly. Then removed from the stove and cooled to a temperature of fifty degrees Celsius. Cakes, alternating white with black, smeared with jam, stacked on each other. Top layer smeared with glaze and decorated with walnuts.

Lenten cake from Palycha: "Napoleon"

Ingredients: three and a half glass of flour, one glass of cold mineral water, three spoons of lemon juice, one spoon of vodka, one glass of vegetable oil, half a spoon of salt. For the cream: one hundred and thirty grams of almond nut, one and a half liters of water, one glass of semolina, one and a half cups of sugar, lemon.


In order to cook the "Napoleon" Lenten cake, it is necessary to pour flour in a bowl, a little vegetable, salt, mineral water, lemon juice and mix everything well with a mixer for about five minutes. The finished dough is put on a board and covered with a towel, left for thirty minutes. Over time, the dough is divided into twelve pieces and each rolled into a thin cake, spread on a floured baking sheet and baked in the oven.

Cooking stuffing

lean chocolate cake

Lenten cake "Napoleon" prescription from Palycha involves the use of semolina. Almonds put in a bowl, pour boiling water, cover with a lid and hover for fifteen minutes. Then the water is drained, and the nut is ground in a meat grinder. Almonds, sugar, boiling water are put into the dishes and put on the fire. When the mass boils, it adds semolina and lemon juice, stir constantly, boil until cooked. Then the cream is cooled and whipped with a mixer until a homogeneous consistency.

Product formation

Lenten cake from Palycha cook is very simple. When the cream is cool, they smear all the cakes, spreading them on each other. The finished product is sprinkled with baking crumb. As it can be used one cake, after crushing it. Cake put in a cold place at night so that it is well soaked.

Lemon Carrot Cake

Ingredients: four hundred and fifty grams of carrots, four hundred grams of flour, two hundred grams of sugar, one lemon, one hundred fifty grams of vegetable oil, odorless, eighty grams of water, one spoon of soda, vanilla. For the cream: one hundred and fifty grams of almond, seven hundred milliliters of water, one lemon, seven glasses of sugar, fifty grams of flour, half a cup of walnuts, vanilla.


lean cake in a slow cooker

First, carrot rubbed on a grater, lemon cut into slices, remove the bones and grind with a blender. Flour mixed with soda and spices. Separately connect carrots, water, lemon and butter. Then all the ingredients are mixed and knead well the dough, which is left for thirty minutes in a cold place. Such lean cakes are baked with one cake for about ninety minutes, then it is cooled and cut into several pieces.

Making the stuffing

Almonds are rubbed with a blender and poured with boiling water, boiled for five minutes, and then insisted ten minutes under a closed lid. After that, the resulting milk is drained, and the cake is dropped on a sieve. A small amount of almond milk is poured into the flour, stirring constantly with a whisk, sugar and vanilla are added and heated to boiling. Cook the cream with constant stirring for five minutes. Into the cooled mixture, milled lemon is introduced and mixed well. To cook such lean cakes, for example, like this one, you need to cool the cooled cakes with cream and put one on top of each other. The finished product is sprinkled with chopped walnuts and put it in a cold place for one day. Baking turns out very tender and light.

Nutty dessert baked in a slow cooker

Ingredients: one cup of sugar, half a cup of vegetable oil, half a cup of raisins, one cup of walnuts, three hundred grams of apple compote, two hundred fifty grams of flour, four spoons of water, two spoons of sugar, one spoon of cocoa powder.


This lean cake in a slow cooker can be cooked quite easily and quickly. For this, nuts with raisins are ground in a meat grinder.Mix butter and sugar in a bowl, add raisins and nuts, apple compote, mix and gently inject flour and baking powder. Multicookers grease the bowl with oil, pour the dough into it. Bake a cake in baking mode for sixty minutes.

In the meantime, icing is prepared. For this, water is mixed with sugar and cocoa, boiled over low heat for about five minutes, during which time the icing should thicken. Lean cake poured over this icing and sprinkled with nuts.

As you can see, recipes for home baking, which can be used during fasting, there are a great many. Which one to choose depends on the personal preferences of the cook and his imagination.

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