Layfak: what is this?

Many people successfully useeveryday life by some techniques of lifesaving and at the same time do not even suspect about its existence. It would seem that there may be a common in the children's rhyme, helping to remember the arrangement of colors in the rainbow, the ability to buy goods at a discount and the way to collect scattered nails with a magnet wrapped in a rag? At first glance, nothing. In fact, these seemingly different skills and techniques combine the capacious concept of "lifhak".

What is lifhak: definition

As you probably already guessed, lifhak (oras it is also called lifhaking) is a combination of various techniques and techniques of action in various cases invented by people to facilitate the process of achieving any goal. These techniques are designed to help a person to solve all sorts of problems most efficiently and quickly with minimal expenditure of mental and physical strength.

If to speak easier, liffak is constantlya replenishing set of all sorts of short, useful tips, cunning tricks, folk recipes and even scientific techniques that allow you to solve various everyday and vital issues quickly and without unnecessary hassle.

The term "life-walking" came to us from Englishlanguage. It combines the word life, which means "life", and the word hack, which translates as "breaking". It is believed that this term is due to professional computer programmers, because it is on their slang that the hacker is a cracker of programs and passwords. By analogy with the usual hacker, apparently, and appeared in the world, "lifhhaker, literally" the burglar of life "- a man who" breaks "complex life situations, that is, decides them in an unusual way.

Who are lifhhakers?

Most often, lifhhakers do not themselves invent "cunning"techniques and ways that make life easier for them. Usually they find them in various sources of information (on the Internet, magazines, books of useful advice, etc.), and then actively and effectively use their findings in practice. For the sake of justice it is necessary to say that lifhakers, as a rule, people are not greedy - they willingly share the found and tested advice with everyone around them. On the Internet, there are special websites and forums where lyfhakers publish similar advice and talk about their application in practice.

The main types of lifesthaking

As you have already understood, the concept of "lifhhaking" is very extensive, it includes a lot of various advice, techniques and techniques relating to various spheres of human life.

The largest and, perhaps, the most in demanda group of lifhaks - these are all kinds of household advice and small everyday tricks that can be divided into separate categories depending on the area of ​​their application. Let's take a look at several examples of lifestreams.

Tips for cooks

  • In order to make the yeast dough fit, stick a few pasta with holes in it.
  • In order to easily and quickly grind the meat in a meat grinder, grind it slightly before grinding.

Tips on home economics

  • Lubricate the mirror in the bathroom with shaving cream and after a couple of minutes, wipe off the cream with a soft rag - now the mirror will not fog.
  • If the button is often torn off, beforesew it again, stretch a string of a piece of beeswax - the waxed thread will gain additional strength, and the button will stay on its place for a long time.

Tips for Motorists

  • If there is slush in the street, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the washer tank, and the wipers will start cleaning the windscreen much more efficiently.

Tips for tourists

  • If you need very hot water, but with youyou do not have any suitable utensils, if necessary, you can heat the water to a boil in a usual plastic bottle - just fill it with water at the very neck, close the cork, and put the bottle on the hot coals.

In addition to these household tips, to lifhakamrefer recommendations from the category of "how to write off in exams so that the teacher does not notice this," "as without standing in line to buy train tickets," "how to rest on the sea coast with minimum expenses."

A separate group of lifhaks - a variety of mnemotechnical techniques that help to quickly remember texts, numbers, phone numbers, etc. things.

To lifhakam also include some techniques, taken from the arsenal of social engineering, and advice on working with various devices.

The meanings of other terms you will learn from the articles in the Definitions section.

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