Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there?

The island of Lampedusa is a paradise. Here everything is created for an unforgettable holiday - a clear azure sea, snow-white sand, bright sun and beautiful hotels.

History of Lampedusa

According to scientists, the island of Lampedusa existedeven in the Bronze Age. This is proved by archaeological findings. It is established that for a long time here lived the Berber pirates. Later, the island became the property of the Kingdom of Sicily. Then the island was owned by representatives of the genus Habsburg, and even later - the family Tomazi. They re-sold the island to the rulers of Naples. Not many people know that the Russian emperor Paul I. was interested in this island. Lampedusa island photo

After the island was captured by the British, the development of agriculture on this land began. Soils were cultivated, the local population began to grow grapes.

origin of name

During the Middle Ages, the island received its name, which meant the lights that lit the Desert, thus helping the seamen to orient themselves.

Description of the island

The island of Lampedusa, whose photo you see in thisarticle, of volcanic origin. It is located near Sicily (205 km), is part of the Pelagian Islands. Its area is only 20.2 km. It inhabits its fishermen and divers for sponges. Agriculture is practically not developing because of a lack of fresh water.island of Lampedusa

Climatic conditions

The climate on the island is moderately subtropical, very favorable for recreation. The whole year is warm and sunny. The tourist season lasts from the beginning of April to the end of October.

The sea at the island is magnificent. It is filled with a huge variety of fish. This has always been for the inhabitants of the island the main source of existence. Thanks to the beauty of the sea depths, the sea of ​​Lampedusa is a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Attractions Lampedusa

They are concentrated in the only islandthe same name town - Lampedusa. It's nice to stroll through its ancient streets, admire the neat, like toy houses. In addition, the island of Lampedusa is famous for its picturesque lagoons.

In the south-west of Lampedusa are the famous Rabbit Island and Rabbit Beach. Many tourists consider it one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. island lamppeduza reviews

Rabbit Island is a protected area,National Park. Here lay the turtle eggs, which are called caretta. The birth of their young and the movement of children in the sea occurs in late August and early September.

The island of Lampedusa has many caves, bays,grooves, rocks, which makes it very popular among those who love secluded places. When the wind blows from the south, you can rent a boat to visit the northern side of the island of Lampedusa, where there are gorges and caves.

This is an excellent place for a measured week rest on the sea. If you want to visit the island of Lampedusa, you can buy tours in almost all the travel agencies of our country.

Lampedusa Island: hotels

On the island there are about 40 objects for tourists. On average, accommodation costs 4-5 thousand rubles per day. We will present you some of them. lumpedusa island tours

Oscià - 3 *

The hotel is located in the center of the island. 200 meters from the Mediterranean coast, and one kilometer from the port.

The modern hotel Oscià provides its guests with excellent service. Breakfast is served here in the mornings. Nearby there are cafes and restaurants, where you can taste national cuisine.

Early in the morning, you can sunbathe on the sun terrace. There are universal hairdressers for guests.

Free Wi-Fi is available in public areas of this hotel. Free parking is provided for motorists. There is a cash machine on site

Hotel Oscià offers you 26 bright and stylishly decorated rooms that are equipped with LCD TV, air conditioning. There is a bathroom. The price is 3400 rubles per day.

Hotel Le Pelagie - 3 *

Comfortable and modern hotel Le Pelagieprovides all guests with European-level service, as well as excellent conditions for beach holidays. In the morning you will expect a delicious breakfast. In addition, the hotel has a bar, where everyone is invited to try local drinks. llapeduza holidays holidays

The tour desk of the hotel will offer you an interestingexcursion. Guests can enjoy business services. Friendly and attentive staff will not cause complaints from guests. For guests - car rental.

This small hotel has 25 spacious and bright rooms. They are decorated in blue and white colors. There is a pay-per-view Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a TV. The price is 3600 rubles per day.

Paladini di Francia - 3 *

This hotel is chosen by lovers of secluded recreation in the bosom of nature. At your service:

  • restaurant with quite affordable prices;
  • bar - a place where you can relax;
  • free parking.

Nearby there is a reserve of turtles and a beach of rabbits with azure waters, snow-white sand and exotic vegetation.

From comfortable and cozy roomsstunning views of the sea. All are equipped with TVs, telephones, safes and air conditioning. In addition, the rooms have a minibar with a variety of drinks. The price is 4600 rubles per day.

Hotel Martello - 3 *

This cozy hotel is located in Lampedusa, within walking distance of attractions such as the Fisherman's Monument, Guitgia Bay, the Parish of Saint Gerland.

The hotel has 23 comfortable rooms, equipped with air conditioning, TVs, safes and other necessary things. Bathrooms are equipped with all necessary toiletries.

At your service is a cozy restaurant with friendly and friendly staff. Here you will be offered lunch and dinner.

Guests can benefit from the following services: 24-hour reception, free airport pick-up (on request).


Rent an apartment on the island can be goodsolution for recreation. This is a convenient and not very expensive option. Many apartments on the island are surrendered through agencies, but can be rented from private individuals. You can find a beautiful and functional apartment with a magnificent view of the sea at a very reasonable price.llapedusa island how to get to

Recreation and entertainment

Diving and yachting enthusiasts withenjoy visiting the island of Lampedusa. Holiday for this category of tourists is just wonderful. Recall that here are the most picturesque lagoons. In addition, you can rent a bike or scooter and travel to the surrounding area. On the beach you can play volleyball.island lamppeduza reviews


On the island you can travel by car, which you will be offered to rent. In addition, you can ride a public bus. If you want, you can call a taxi from the hotel. llapeduza holidays holidays

What to bring from the island?

Usually these are small but pretty souvenirs - costume jewelery from shells, a variety of beach accessories - pareos, shoes, swimsuits. Many tourists bring excellent wine, Italian cheeses, sweets.

How to get there

If you are interested in the island of Lampedusa, howwe will tell you about it. There is an airport on the island. It provides several seasonal flights. The greatest burden on the airport falls on the summer months.

You can get to this airport from Rome, Milan, Catania, Palermo, Bologna. Therefore, you need to arrive in one of the listed cities and from there direct flight to go to the island.

Lampedusa Island: reviews

Today many of our compatriots have already visitedthis picturesque island. According to those who visited there, the island of Lampedusa is an ideal place for those who want to relax from the city's bustle, to enjoy nature. Here, diving and fishing fans feel great. For fishing you can rent a boat.

Lovers of nightlife here will not like it. Nightlife on the island is not very active. Some tourists complain about the high cost of tickets and accommodation. Nevertheless, the flow of tourists to this island is increasing every year.

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Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there Lampedusa Island: tours, reviews, photos, hotels. How to get there