Lake Zaisan: where is located, description, rest

In the east of amazing Kazakhstan there is a lake. It attracts tourists from different countries. Water already about 60 million years. So the lake is the most ancient. "Grand Duke" - this is how the name of the reservoir is translated into Russian. It is filled with fish, and near the lake, in the fishing village of Akshuat, live good-natured and hospitable people who are always welcome to tourists.


The lake is located in the valley between the mountain ranges. These are the Altai Range, Kalbinsky and Tarbagatai mountain ranges. From the east, 60 kilometers from China, a river flows into Lake Zaisan. This is the Black Irtysh. The Altai Range is located in the northeast, the Kalbinsky Range is on the northwestern side, and the Tarbagatai Mountain Range is located in the south.

Another name for this reservoir is "ancient dinosaur". The altitude at which Zaisan Lake is located is 420 meters and its length is 105 kilometers. The width of the reservoir ranges from 22 to 48 kilometers.The deepest point is at 15 meters from the surface.zaisan lake

Special features

In former times, the lake was deeper and more extended. This is evidenced by past surfs on low-lying shores that are far from the water's edge. The advantage of lake water is not only freshness, but also softness. November covers the lake with ice. And with the advent of April, it throws off the ice blanket.

The bottom of the reservoir is covered with small pebbles, sand or silt in some places. Its shores are low. At a great distance from the water there are thickets of reeds. Near the headlands of Baklagiago and the Barhotsk shore are clean. There are places where from the mountain elevations the capes enter the lake: Vershinin, Poplar, Golodaevsky, Sandy and Naked. At the confluence of the Black Irtysh in the lake there are two small islands.

In addition to the Black Irtysh, rivers flow into the lake: Kendyrlyk, Kokpektinka, Bazar and Bugaz, Cherga, Ters-Arlyk, Arasan, etc.

Among the freshwater bodies of Kazakhstan, Lake Zaisan is one of the largest. It is rather unusual. He emanates sounds that resemble bells. They can be heard while on the shore of the lake during the dark time of the day.zaisan lake rest

Rivers and lake

Zaisan can be considered both as an independent lake, and as an extension of the Irtysh bed, which flows into it under one name and flows under another.

Since rivers flow into and flow into Zaisan, this is a flowing lake. Black Irtysh forms a delta. This same river, only already called the Bely Irtysh, flows out of the lake in the north. The White Irtysh is filled with lake waters, therefore it is much larger than the Black Irtysh. Due to its fullness, this river downstream launches turbines of two hydroelectric power stations: Bukhtarma and Ust-Kamenogorsk. After the hydropower plant was built, the water level in the lake increased significantly - up to 7 meters.

Most of the Bukhtarma reservoir, which was formed in 1960, is the Zaisan water area. Already 60 kilometers from it in the direction of the east passes the border of China.

Fishingzaisan lake in kazakhstan

The amazing reservoir is located 30 kilometers from Kiin-Kerish. For local residents, the main advantage that Lake Zaisan has is the huge variety of fish living in its waters: burbot, pike, pike perch, uskuch, ide, tench, crucian carp and perch. Many tourists prefer to come here to fish. Residents of the fishing village organize special excursions for tourists, immersed in the distinctive atmosphere of fishing families.

Unfortunately, the fish stocks of the lake are beginning to become depleted. Residents of the coast have no other job, except fishing. And even the efforts of the authorities are not able to control this process 100%. Poaching is inevitable and to some extent forced.

But just recently, according to the universal standards, the lake fed the whole district so generously that it was called a heavenly gift. Now many types of fish have disappeared. On the verge of extinction and zander. In addition, because of the industry of China, chemical waste is entering the lake along the Irtysh River. It is still considered clean and healthy. But how to know what will happen in the near future, if a person is just as careless about the gifts of nature?Zaisan Lake photo


Around Lake Zaisan rest can be very exciting. The surroundings of the lake are densely populated with various wild animals: foxes, gophers, steppe eagles. Here live larks and shrikes. In order to see them, it is not necessary to be an ornithologist. It is available to the ordinary tourist.

The territory occupied by Lake Zaisan in Kazakhstan is 1,800 square meters. km It is located along the dirt road from Kiin-Kerish.

A hundred years ago, wild double-humped camels, Przhevalsky's horses, kulans, gazelles, saigas, thousands of bustards and tigers lived around the lake.But today you can see some rare animals, such as bustard.

The coast surrounding the lake Zaisan (photo shows it perfectly) is very picturesque. Here Ashutas with fancy clay forms and flooded shores. This place is very convenient for a halt. Not far from the beach, tourists swim in the cool waters of the lake.

The same fishing village Akshuat, where Zaisan Lake is located, has a very unusual architecture. It is distinguished by a special subculture of Kazakh fishermen. As mentioned above, the residents of the settlement are very friendly.

The road to Kiin-Kerish is the Zaisan depression. Moving in the direction of the south-west, you can see the changing landscape, animal and plant world, characteristic of desert and mountain-steppe areas. The depression Zaisanskaya is a unique object of nature. It is rich in a variety of animal and plant life.

where is zaisan lake

Tips tourists visiting the lake Zaisan

Tourists traveling with their own transport recommend:

  • Do not drive alone, as in the rain you can get stuck.
  • On the route from the village of Kurchum to Kiin-Kerish gas station will not find.
  • Be sure to have a supply of fresh water.
  • You must have a navigator for travel, for example, as Kiin-Kerish, for example, is not so easy to find in the desert. In general, in such tours the navigator is vital!
  • All necessary stocks can be replenished in the fishing village, located between Kiin-Kerish and Shekelmes. In the same village you can refuel with gasoline.


If you follow all the rules of the safe route, then a trip to these amazing places will leave an unforgettable positive impression. It is only necessary to remember that all the garbage formed after the passes, you need to take away with them and throw it in the designated places. Otherwise, all this wild natural beauty will lose its beauty and will slowly die. It depends only on us how long this virgin corner of nature can keep clean.

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