Lacunar angina in a child: causes, symptoms, course of the disease, treatment

Lacunar angina is a type of throat disease. This type of disease is more complicated than the usual form of the disease. It is very difficult for small children to endure, in order to provide medical assistance in time, it is necessary to make a correct diagnosis. How is lacunar tonsillitis treated in a child? What are her symptoms? You will learn about this by reading the article.

Introducing the infection

Acute inflammation of the airways is a form of angina. Each species has its own manner of lesion of the tonsils. In catarrhal inflammation of the tonsils red without purulent ulcers. This is the simplest form of the disease that can be cured at home. A follicular and lacunar form are purulent diseases that are more difficult than ordinary tonsillitis.

In follicular inflammation, purulent spots appear directly on the tonsils, and lacunar tonsillitis in a child manifests as purulent bloom on the root of the tonsils at the base of the canals.At the last stage of the disease, skin peeling appears in the glands, which leads to complications of the heart, kidneys and joints.

lacunar tonsillitis in a child

Diagnosis of the disease

Before you identify a sore throat, you must undergo an examination:

  • A blood test that detects an increased number of leukocytes and neutrophils.
  • A throat swab to determine the type of infection.
  • Inspection of the tonsils, in which they are.

Any disease of the upper respiratory tract looks different. If it is a light form, then the tonsils will be swollen and red. And if yellow spots appear on them, it means that a sore throat is purulent. With a viral disease, a runny nose appears, sometimes there is a fever, but regardless of the form of the disease, all sore throats are treated almost the same.

lacunar tonsillitis treatment in children

Lacunar angina in children

This is what a lacunar tonsillitis looks like (photo). In children, treatment should take place under the supervision of a doctor. This is a prerequisite, since in babies this form of the disease is more difficult than in adults, so it is necessary to exert maximum efforts for recovery. The worst thing is when the entire area of ​​lacunae is filled with pus. Eighty percent of children of preschool and school age are subject to this disease in the autumn and winter season.

According to experts, viral infections are impossible in children in the first year of life, since the tonsils begin to grow only from the second year. But despite this, practice shows that children suffer from lacunar sore throat at any age. Parents need to be extremely attentive and monitor the health of the baby.

For prevention it is necessary:

  • strengthen the immune system;
  • provide proper nutrition;
  • timely intake of vitamins;
  • hardening of the body;
  • regular visits to the ENT doctor and dentist.

No need to wrap the baby, and hypothermia is also harmful. If the baby is sweating and wet during a walk, he urgently needs to change his clothes.

Lacunar angina: symptoms

Sore throat never proceeds in a slow process, the virus rapidly multiplies, affecting new parts of the throat. Within a few hours, a purulent plaque appears, accompanied by fever, chills, and other signs of infection.

Lacunar tonsillitis in children has the following symptoms:

  • swelling of the tonsils and an increase of several times;
  • reddening of the palate and palatine arches, the back wall remains in a healthy state;
  • yellow patches on the tonsils or purulent spots;
  • gray on the tongue;
  • heat;
  • severe sore throat that gives to the ears;
  • labored breathing;
  • swollen lymph nodes under the lower jaw, and behind the auricles;
  • nausea, vomiting, refusal of food, dehydration;
  • babies have copious saliva;
  • weakness;
  • pain and body aches.

Despite timely treatment, lacunar tonsillitis in a child can keep the temperature up to two days.

lacunar tonsillitis in children

Causes of lacunar tonsillitis

What are the causes of lacunar angina in children? Tonsillitis is considered to be an infectious disease that cannot occur from ordinary hypothermia or cold water. But despite this, you can get sick with drafts and other circumstances that provoke an infection to its activity.

Infection can occur in different ways:

  • Communication with the patient indoors. The risk of infection is higher than on the street.
  • Eating with the patient through a common dish.
  • Use common hygiene items.

Most often, children are able to get sick in the fall or winter, when the immune system is weakened. With a lack of vitamins and provocative circumstances, you can get lacunar sore throat with:

  • drafts and supercooling;
  • drinking ice water in the frosty air;
  • recently transferred angina;
  • monodiet in the direction of dairy products;
  • overwork

There is also a fungal lacunar tonsillitis in a child, at which there is no temperature. This is the case when the disease is bacterial, and not infectious.

lacunar tonsillitis in children without fever

Lacunar angina in children: the course of the disease

During the period of illness, you need to follow some rules to make the child as comfortable as possible. Then the disease does not cause serious complications to his body.


  • comply with bed rest;
  • isolate the patient from other people;
  • separate the dishes that need to be boiled after each use;
  • constant airing of the room and maintaining humidity;
  • drink rosehip tea, lemon tea, eat juicy orange and grapefruit fruits, drink plain water;
  • taking pharmacy vitamins;
  • the menu should consist of grated vegetables and liquid soups;
  • Do not insist on eating if the child does not want to;
  • Do not offer your baby dairy products, as they are the ideal basis for the reproduction of viruses and bacteria.

During the illness, the kidneys and the liver are the first to be affected in children; it is worth remembering that and not overfeeding him if he does not want to.

 how to treat lacunar angina in children

Lacunar angina without temperature

In acute bacterial tonsillitis, the child will have no temperature, it rises only in case of staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. Therefore, it is more difficult to notice such a sore throat and begin timely treatment. And if a baby suffers with it, then it’s almost impossible to watch his throat because of his crying.

There are several symptoms by which an ailment can be identified:

  • lethargy, drowsiness, unreasonable whims;
  • while eating, he swallows, shakes his hands, refuses to eat and throws his head back;
  • salivation increases;
  • swelling of lymph nodes;
  • red swollen throat;
  • high temperature 39-40 degrees, but sometimes it is not.

The only plus that infants in infants rarely have bacterial lacunar tonsillitis. In children without fever, only the upper part of the throat is affected by the virus, the glands and the back wall remain healthy.

In children from a year old and older, signs of angina are manifested in the same way as in babies.But the child is already able to point the finger at the throat or tongue. Often, the pain gives in the ear, which the baby can also complain. And if he already knows how to talk, then you will notice his hoarse voice, which may even disappear.

 lacunar tonsillitis photo in children treatment

How to treat lacunar tonsillitis

How to treat lacunar angina in children? You must invite a doctor who must make a diagnosis. After that, standard procedures are assigned:

  • gargling;
  • taking antipyretic drugs;
  • bed rest;
  • the use of probiotics that support microflora in the intestines of a baby;
  • use throat sprays.

If the baby is not a year old, the doctor will suggest hospitalization. Do not give it up, because bacterial tonsillitis requires special attention from the medical staff. If you do not start treatment in a timely manner, the consequences may be irreversible.

What is dangerous lacunar tonsillitis for children

If you do not pay enough attention to the disease or it does not have to be treated, then the baby may have serious health problems.


  • chronic throat disease, persistent colds;
  • the occurrence of scarlet fever;
  • inflammation of the middle ear;
  • huge purulent abscesses in the tonsils, which will require surgical intervention;
  • rheumatism;
  • laryngitis;
  • meningitis.

It is better to warn the child against serious consequences and take timely measures for treatment.

lacunar tonsillitis in children symptoms and treatment


During acute tonsillitis it is forbidden to take hot baths, use warming ointments and drink hot tea. At this point, antibiotics should be used to help reduce inflammation. And if the angina is heated during this period, then the tonsils may break, and the pus will rush out. After that, it will definitely get into the stomach, and from there the infection will spread to all organs. If lacunar tonsillitis in children, the symptoms and treatment of which we are considering, has broken through, then pus must be spit out. But the little child will not be able to do this, and after that the throat will begin to hurt twice as strong.

Therefore, in the acute period, it is caressed with herbal decoction, relieving the tonsil pus. And the antibiotic will destroy the virus, which brings the disease. After it becomes easier, the following procedures are assigned:

  • inhalation;
  • UHF;
  • tonsil massage;
  • mud therapy;
  • fir saunas;
  • physiotherapy.

Folk methods of dealing with lacunar tonsillitis

If the diagnosis is “lacunar tonsillitis”, the treatment in children should be medical, and the recipes of traditional medicine - only as auxiliary. Of course, a small child is not able to rinse the tonsils, but older children will cope with this procedure.

For this use:

  • chamomile decoction;
  • dogrose decoction;
  • solution with the addition of soda and salt;
  • iodine solution;
  • solution hygiene products "Malavit".

Gargling should be as often as possible. For example, after eating or drinking, as well as at intervals of 1-1.5 hours.


You already know how dangerous a disease such as lacunar tonsillitis is. Treatment in children without antibiotics is impossible, because the bacteria are developing at an enormous speed, and the immunity of the modern person is so weak that it is unable to protect itself. But, despite the abundance of antibiotics, viruses continue to mutate, protecting themselves from modern drugs.

In infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract is used:

  • "Amoxicillin";
  • "Ampicillin";
  • "Cefazolin";
  • Ceftriaxone;
  • "Erythromecin" and other antibiotics.

It is forbidden to take pills without a doctor's prescription, and it is also unacceptable to stop taking them early. Usually antibiotics are prescribed from 10 to 12 days, in rare cases up to 7 days. If there is no improvement within 3 days, then the antibiotic is replaced with another drug. When dispensing medicines, body weight is always taken into account. These calculations should be made exclusively by the attending physician. In no case can not engage in amateur. This will bring significant harm to health.

Opinions of doctors

Despite the fact that there is a mass of antibiotics, it is not possible to cure lacunary tonsillitis in children quickly without gargling. Irrigation of the throat is an important step in the fight against the disease. If you do not remove part of the pus, then antibiotics will not help.

And also doctors advise:

  • carry out prevention of the body;
  • get involved in hardening;
  • use traditional medicine;
  • stick to bed rest;
  • take antibiotics on time.

Health prevention is that the child must:

  • rinse the nose and throat regularly with saline solutions;
  • do not supercool in winter;
  • monitor immunity by taking vitamins;
  • do physical education or therapeutic exercises;
  • eat well;
  • visit the seaside resort of the Sea of ​​Azov with mud baths;
  • eat fruits, vegetables and greens;
  • drink a variety of herbal teas to raise immunity.

What not to do in case of illness:

  • eat coarse foods that can damage the throat;
  • use red juices - tomato, compote;
  • food should not be spicy, sour, icy and hot;
  • you can not drink strong coffee, tea and dairy products;
  • carry sore throat on the legs;
  • visit the sauna during the temperature;
  • take a shower at the time of fever and chill;
  • give up antibiotics.

Treatment of lacunar tonsillitis is a difficult process, but subject to simple rules, quick recovery is guaranteed. But, if we neglect the treatment and the recommendations of the doctor, then you can cause irreparable damage to your health. Suffer from this disease, not only children but also adults. But, despite the age, the treatment is the same for everyone. Adults at the time of the disease should not abuse alcohol and cigarettes.

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