Lace-up shoe: original solutions

Sneakers - one of the most popular types of shoes. Today, sneakers are worn by everyone, from small children to the people of old age. The name of this type of shoes was due to the American company “Keds”, which was engaged in the production of sports shoes. It was her designers who developed the first model of this lightweight, soft footwear and named it after the company.lacing sneakers

A few words about them ...

lacing high sneakersSneakers are comfortable and practical shoes. And the ratio "price - quality" in this case is just great. High-quality, lightweight, soft sneakers are quite inexpensive, and they will serve you for more than one year. Today, sneakers have become not only sports, but also a variant of casual shoes. It is safe to say that sneakers confidently occupy a leading position among the most popular types of shoes.

Inexhaustible fashion

Wearing sneakers, in the understanding of modern youth, is an art. Boys and girls are so fond of this type of shoes that they have developed a whole system of original lacing for her.Lacing shoes - it can be said ritual. In order for your sneakers to look original and stylish, you need to learn how to lace them up. And there are many ways to learn this. Your attention is invited to a master class on lace-up shoe.

The main types of shoe lacing

  1. Lacing "Ladder". Draw the lace through the 2nd pair of holes on top of the shoe and put it inside. There, cross the tips and stick out through the 4th pair of holes on top. Further in the same way continue to lace up to the bottom. Cross over the shoe at the bottom of the shoe and skip to the 2nd pair of holes. So continue to lace up the shoes on the remaining free holes.
  2. Lacing shoes "Butterfly". Draw the lace through the holes at the bottom of the shoe and put the ends inside. Further vertically stretch the string to the next pair of holes so that there is a gap in the lacing. Now cross the ends of the lace and pass the shoe into the next pair of holes. Thus, continue to lace up moccasins to the top.
  3. Lacing "Knot". Slip the cord into the bottom of the shoe and bring both ends to the outside. Next, cross the ends between each other and tie one knot on the tie.Then dissolve the ends in different directions, fill them in the holes inside and bring them out. Continue the same until the top.
  4. Lacing shoes "Lightning". Pull the string through the holes at the bottom of the shoe and pull the sides out of both holes. Now wrap the ends of the lace at the same level and insert into the next pair of holes inside. Then cross the ends of the lace, skip under the tie at the same level and lift. So follow the lacing to the end.

types of shoe lacingThe board

The presented types of lacing are simple in execution. It is enough to practice a couple of times, and you will learn how to lace up sneakers even with closed eyes.

Trends and classics

Among young people there is a special category of people who prefer high-top sneakers to other models. Lacing of high sneakers is performed in the same ways as low ones, only, respectively, you need to take long laces.


These original and affordable types of laces will give your shoes a modern and effective look. Believe me, with such lacing you and your "moccasins" will not go unnoticed. In addition, correctly selected and executed shoe lacing will ensure good fixation of the legs in the shoes and comfort to your entire body.

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