Labrador Stones: Magical Properties

This mineral was named after the peninsula of Labrador, located in North America. In this place in 1770, these stones were discovered. Labrador and its varieties have also other names: bull's eye, lunar spectrolite, cariatitis.labrador stones

The stone is a type of tulle spar. The shade of minerals is greenish gray, dark gray. They are a great background for highlights of green, red or yellow, blue colors that run over them as they turn. Gloss - glass, matte.

Mineral colors

The color of the mineral is not attractive: there may be gray and almost black, mourning stones. Labrador gets the appearance of precious opal when glittering lights are played on its surface.

Main deposits

There are reports of finding incredibly beautiful minerals in Finland. At the same time, less bright stones are found in Greenland, Germany, India, Ukraine and Tibet. In Australia, there are high quality jewel labradors that are cut.

Healing properties

In traditional medicine, it is believed that a Labrador is a stone (its price is low, from 300 rubles), which helps to strengthen the human body. Some healers believe that this mineral eliminates pain in diseases of the joints and spine.

Lithotherapists believe that the stone helps with impotence and infertility, some diseases of the prostate gland and the urogenital system. Rings and pendants help to improve well-being, help with insomnia, in stressful situations, and also improve sleep. The stone helps to remove stones from the kidneys, improves the functioning of all organs.Labrador Stone Properties

Labrador - a stone, whose properties also affect the mental state. After its improvement, the Labrador begins medical work. Rings (they must be worn strictly on the middle finger), as well as mineral pendants can even help the addict to cope with addiction. It will relieve nervous stress, restore the body after emotional exhaustion, bring out of depression, and also calm the Labrador when excessively excited - the value of the stone also lies in this.

A piece of stone or statuette, located near the head of the bed,relieve you of obsessive nightmares, besides, heal insomnia, while stabilizing the natural clock of the human body.

Naturopathy and Labradorite

Labrador is a stone whose properties are widely used to treat eye diseases. In addition, the nugget has a positive effect on the health of blood vessels and the heart, while reducing memory, it also helps. Ancient healers used it to treat various mental disorders. Since previously there was no medicine at all that could cure the human psyche. Due to this stone is widely used to relieve excessive stress.

To date, this mineral is used to treat depressive disorders and nervous asthenia. Experts say that with infertility these stones are also effective. Labrador stimulates male potency, and in urology it is used to treat prostatitis.

The mineral helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it perfectly cures inflammation of the joints, besides, it facilitates the course of rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis. Experts say that the stone accelerates the merging of fractures, this property of nuggets is especially in demand for fractures in the elderly.

Labrador (stone): magical properties

The magic power of the stone is not fully disclosed, but it is known that it enhances the ability for the mystical awareness of the world and foreseeing, allows us to develop extrasensory abilities. In addition, he has long been a mascot of sorcerers and healers.labrador stone magical properties

Experts believe that Labrador is a stone, whose magical properties make it possible to awaken any hidden talents in a person, besides, helps them to develop, gives incredibly vivid dreams, makes the owner try to “embrace the immense”, in addition, to do everything that previously seemed unattainable . He is exactly the talisman with which you will make the impossible possible. Probably because of this, the stone should be worn to adults who are already thirty years old.

Mineral more young people can push to adventures. Unfortunately, this can lead to disastrous consequences. The mineral is considered an amulet of creative people - poets, writers, artists, musicians; he brings them the ability to "catch the wave", inspiration, and with it the patronage of patrons of art, recognition and glory. The stone "becomes attached" to the owner, protecting it from any unpleasant situations, ill-disposed people.

He is recommended as the keeper of well-being and tranquility in the house.It is necessary to keep a Labrador crystal or a figurine out of it in plain sight; you cannot put it under the threshold, as some sources say. If the gem “sees” the situation every day, then it is very actively processing any negative energy into positive fluids.

This mineral draws its strength from the Moon, therefore, it is necessary to activate it, laying it out on the windowsill at every full moon.

Women's and men's stones

These stones are also distinguished by gender. Male are considered more light with a bluish-golden tint, and dark with a green-brown - female. It is advisable to buy a “married couple” of stones - they will help to manage their household prudently and competently, in addition, they will protect the family hearth, and regularly teach reverent attitude to their second half.

Labrador (stone): properties, zodiac sign

It must be remembered that this mineral cannot be worn on itself all the time, as well as letting strangers touch the talisman out of it - aimless touches can destroy the friendly energy of this nugget.labrador stone meaning

Astrologers also paid attention to the Labrador (stone).The sign of the zodiac, to which it corresponds, cannot be separately distinguished - the mineral is recommended to everyone without exception. Although especially useful for Scorpios, Leos, Virgins and Aries. The mineral is energetically associated with the throat, sex and heart chakras.

Amulets and charms

Labrador is an excellent talisman for the inhabitants of the house, it must be kept on the surface so that he can see the house, people and be visible. As already mentioned, the wrong advice - to remove the stone under the threshold, in this case, its positive force is violated.

This is the mascot of all practicing high-level mages. Mineral "hates" people who seek evil, although they will not prevent them, but at some point such people will lead to a very sad end.

Mineral is very "attached" to the owner, "loves" it, and also helps in any, especially unpleasant situations. From this we can conclude that a great talisman for those people who have to take a lot of risk is a Labrador stone. The sign of the zodiac, to which it fits best, cannot be singled out separately, as has already been said above. He is a talisman of people who are looking for, at the same time confidently standing on their feet and constantly analyzing situations, their actions, able to make at least minimal predictions.labrador stone zodiac sign

The nugget will connect its owner with the past, and also help to feel the connection between the past and the present, to draw the right conclusions. The mineral will also contribute to foresight, although it will only help those people who are naturally inclined to it and do not spend the gift without thinking. Labrador helps a person who seeks to comprehend the world.

From the history

According to the legend, Hyperboreans for the first time demonstrated to people the beauty of a unique stone, which was iridescent with all shades of a rainbow.

In Europe, it became famous in 1770, after these stones were found on the island of Labrador in northern Canada. Labrador soon London and Paris women of fashion began to wear brooches, earrings and rings.Labrador Stone Properties Zodiac Sign

And in 1781, during the construction of the Hermitage in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, several huge stones with labrador eyes were suddenly discovered. This provoked a surge in the incredible popularity of the gem in our country. In the royal residences, stone countertops appeared after that, Petersburg nobles began to acquire golden snuff boxes with him, even ball gowns were sewed to match the decorations of tausi silk (the word "tausin" in old Russian meant "peacock").

Other uses

In Ukraine in the middle of the XIX century, a huge deposit of Labrador was found. From that moment on, the stone began to be actively used in facing exterior and interiors: for example, it was used in the decoration of Moscow metro stations, Lenin’s Mausoleum, as well as many architectural monuments and monumental buildings.

Today the Labrador-stone is also actively used. Jewelry with him: bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks - and today are very popular. It is also used to create small decorative objects and interior sculpture.labrador stone decoration

The mineral is mined there as well - as before, the deposits have not disappeared in Ukraine, Burma, Canada, although its availability is again a thing of the past. At the present moment, a large statue, only a person possessing royal wealth can allow himself to face the facade of it.

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