Labrador: breed description, character, photo

A gentle, sociable and calm Labrador is gaining more and more popularity among dog breeders. The description of the breed is just an ideal companion dog, which knows a lot about true friendship, has a good-natured and calm character, and easily gets along with people and other animals.

Human-oriented, these dogs saved lives more than once. In many different countries, intelligent and patient Labradors are one of the most sought-after breeds.labrador breed description

Breed history

Ancestors of the Labrador are the dogs of North American Indians. The Europeans who traveled in Canada were delighted, seeing how these animals swim cleverly, pull fishing nets ashore, and fish. Only in 1830, the British brought several representatives of these dogs to their homeland, where they quickly gained popularity as hunting dogs. Forty years later, the animals were crossed with other individuals (curly-haired retriever, setter and English Foxhound), as a result of which a new breed of dogs appeared - the Labrador.The description of its standards appeared only thirty years later. These wonderful dogs were brought to Russia only in the middle of the last century.

Currently, Labradors are bred in the UK, Holland, France, USA and other countries, but still everyone is oriented towards English nurseries.

Labrador Retriever: breed description

Photos of these dogs with a description of their features and requirements for the standard are presented in the article. It is clearly seen in all the pictures that the Labrador is a strong, muscular dog, with a broadly developed chest and strong loins. A wide massive head with drooping ears is located on a powerful, firmly set neck. Paws are compact, with wide pads and membranes between the fingers. A distinctive feature of a Labrador is its tail. Wider at the base, it tapers towards the end, resembling an otter's tail. The coat is short, dense, with a thick undercoat. According to the standard, its color can be fawn, chocolate or black.labrador breed description foodInitially, only black labrador was recognized. Description of the breed and its standards allows for a white speck in the chest. Maximum height at withers is 61 cm, weight - up to 36 kg.The life of a Labrador is on average 10 to 14 years.

Breed features

Thanks to such features as endurance, speed, passion for swimming, the Labrador attracts more and more attention of hunters. The description of the character of these dogs is very soft, with extraordinary charm, so they are becoming more and more in demand as pets. They are absolutely not peculiar to the feeling of aggression, they perfectly find a common language with children, dogs of any other breeds, as well as with any animals in the house - from cat to parrot.

Labs are very sociable, so they just need a companion for active games and activities. In a family where there is a child, this is the most suitable dog. But her energy is too much, so you need to give the animal a general load, conducting daily exercises in the fresh air. Labradors love to swim.

labrador retriever breed description photo

Water - this is their element, and they are ready to swim all day. In order not to deprive a pet of this pleasure, one should provide him with a similar pastime at least sometimes.


Labrador has a stable psyche.This is a very calm and balanced dog with a sweet temper, easy to get in touch with a person. It can remain calm even in a noisy and fussy atmosphere, in places where a large number of strangers and other annoying factors. Labrador has a high degree of insight, recognizing the emotions of the owner and adapting to them. This feature helps the person next to him to cope with depression and improves mood, providing a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, for a family of any composition (single or large), the Labrador Retriever will be an excellent option.

Breed description includes consideration of not only intellectual, but also physical development. These fun active dogs need regular loads that direct energy in the right direction.

Basic content requirements

The ideal option for keeping a Labrador would be a country house, where there is a spacious enclosure that allows plenty of running around. But even in apartment conditions, dogs of this breed are quite often. However, at the same time long walks (at least 2 times a day) with active exercises that compensate for the lack of physical exertion become a necessary condition.If there are not enough of them, the dog may develop joint diseases, fatigue and depression.

Labradors are great swimmers who are willing to spend as much time in the water. Therefore, it is good if there is a reservoir nearby, which can be visited periodically, giving the dog an opportunity to avert his soul. In its absence, you can use at least an inflatable paddling pool for swimming. If a small puppy should be protected from excessive loads, because his joints and ligaments are still too weak, there are no restrictions on the issue of swimming. For baby Labrador, there is nothing more joyful than splashing in water.breed dog labrador description

It should be periodically very carefully inspect the ears of such dogs as Labrador. The description of the breed indicates their anatomical features that allow dirt to accumulate in the ear canal, which leads to the appearance of fungus.

Care rules

In order for a dog to develop as it should and grow up healthy, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. First of all there should be a comfortable place to rest and sleep. A small mattress that needs to be shaken out daily is best suited for this purpose.

Special care requires the dog's coat, which must be carefully combed at least once a week with a rubber brush. This will not only remove fine hairs, but also improve blood circulation. Labrador wool loses all year round, so you can not do without a vacuum cleaner.

It is not recommended to wash an animal using different shampoos more than 2 times a year. Frequent bathing procedures can lead to the loss of exceptional water repellency, which has a dog such as a Labrador Retriever. The description of the breed (photos of these animals, let us see that after swimming the wool remains almost dry) confirms this feature of them.

Labrador claws require timely haircuts. To this you need to teach a dog from puppy age.


Feed the Labrador can be dry feed of industrial production or natural. In no case can one mix these two types of food. A balanced diet will help grow a full-fledged dog, avoiding many of the problems associated with its health and mood. Food must contain a certain amount of animal protein, which is rich in fish and meat.These products must be boiled, but raw meat must also be present in the diet of a dog like a Labrador. The description of the breed is nutrition as one of the most important components for proper development, since considered animals are very susceptible to obesity.

Dry food is already balanced, so it’s enough just to decide on the brand. It is better if this will be food class "superpremium." Water with this type of food must be present constantly.

Possible diseases

It should be noted the most characteristic ailments of such dogs as Labrador Retrievers. The description of the breed includes a list of diseases to which it is most often exposed. These include abdominal distension, epilepsy, mast cell cancer, allergies, lipoma, interdigital dermatitis, lymphosarcoma, joint dysplasia, cataracts. To prevent such diseases, it is necessary to make prophylactic vaccinations, as well as to provide the necessary amount of vitamins in the dog's diet.


This process begins with the first days of the appearance of a puppy in the house. He should immediately make it clear what can be done and what is forbidden. We will have to show perseverance, explaining to the little pet where his toilet is, that it is impossible to touch the owner's things, bite the hands, pick up food from the floor, etc.Education consists in teaching the child to various loud sounds and noise, so that in the future neither the hum of the cars nor the festive fireworks will cause any unpredictable reactions.


These dogs are very easy to train and train. Not without reason in the list of the cleverest breeds Labrador takes the seventh place. The description of the breed and its main features distinguishes such a feature in the character of these dogs as cunning. They can direct their natural acumen to receive a reward from the owner without doing anything. Therefore, it is worth insisting on your own when teaching the dog to the basic commands. Growing Labrador enough to complete the general course of training. The most favorite and suitable type of training for this breed is applining.labrador breed description reviews

Professional employment

An impressive list of advantages, including the desire to obey the person, excellent scent and a passion for appliance, allows you to use Labradors as service dogs. And their professions are very diverse. As a guide for the blind is most often used Labrador.The description of the breed emphasizes its docile nature; therefore, in the world up to 80% of the total number of all guide dogs are exactly these dogs. They make excellent nannies who are not afraid to leave a small child for a while.labrador retriever breed description

Labradors can be found at customs, helping in the inspection of baggage, during rescue work on the water or in the mountains, the police. Abroad, these dogs even play the role of therapists, because communication with them brings a lot of positive and health benefits.

But for the security work, these dogs are hardly suitable, the reason - in their amazing goodwill even to strangers. Is that only a threatening barking is able to scare away uninvited guests Labrador. Description of the breed, reviews of the owners necessarily mark this characteristic feature.


The descendant of the retriever - Labrador - is an excellent gun dog. Traction to apportirovka, love of water and resistance to cold make it an indispensable tool when hunting for ducks, as well as field and boron game. Especially effective work with a Labrador when hunting for black grouse and pheasant in the autumn, when birds hide in such impassable places that it is very difficult for other hunting dogs to lift them on the wing.labrador breed description character photo

Those who want to enjoy the hunt, do not find a more suitable partner than a Labrador. Photos, breed description and behavior of these dogs are presented above. Labrador is becoming increasingly popular among hunters, not only because of their working qualities, but also because of the possibility of being kept in an apartment.

These varied labrador abilities do not appear by themselves. An important role in their formation is played by the hereditary factor and high-quality training, which depends on the professionalism of the instructor. The energy of these dogs is simply necessary from the very beginning to send in the right direction, otherwise even the most elite puppy may eventually turn into a naughty hooligan. A sensible owner will grow a true loyal friend, a great companion and pet of the whole family. Therefore, you should definitely learn the main points of training and education, deciding to have such a dog as a Labrador. Breed description, character, photos and tips on the content and care can be found in the special literature.

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