La Grace Resort * (India / Goa): description and reviews of tourists

Goa resorts are popular with tourists from all over the world. In areas of southern Goa, guests of the country can enjoy a relaxing holiday in the shade of emerald-green palm trees on the white sand. In our article we want to talk about one of the resort hotels - La Grace Resort. Good service and excellent rooms will make your stay comfortable and memorable.

A little about the hotel ...

La Grace Resort is a fairly young hotel, which was opened in 2012. It was built in the area of ​​Benaulim, six kilometers from Margao. Getting to the hotel is not so difficult because it is located 23 kilometers from Dabolim airport. The complex consists of a main five-story building and two-story villas, equipped with all the necessary amenities. The hotel area is well-groomed, green, with numerous flower beds.

Number of rooms

La Grace Resort offers its guests accommodation in 48 rooms. The rooms are represented by the following categories of rooms: deluxe, apartments, villas. All are equipped with air conditioning, safes, ceiling fans, kettles, plasma TVs, terraces, minibars and hair grace resort

The rooms in the villas consist of several bedrooms and a kitchen, therefore they are suitable for accommodating large families or groups of friends. The presence of kitchen utensils, stove, kettle and dishes allows for the preparation of minimal dishes, for example for children.


La Grace Resort offers complimentary breakfasts that are included in the price. The hotel’s restaurant is located in the reception building and offers the usual assortment of dishes: scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, jam, bread, juices, coffee, pancakes, chicken sausages, toasts, butter, oatmeal and much more.

During the daytime and in the evenings, hotel guests can enjoy local, Chinese and international dishes. The hotel has a bar and a barbecue area.

Hotel infrastructure

La Grace Resort 3 * invites tourists to use the restaurant and swimming pool on site. The hotel also has parking, conference room and laundry. Reception is open 24 hours a day (check-in is at 14.00, check-out is at 12.00). For an earlier settlement, tourists are offered to pay a surcharge. Kids up to five years old stay at the hotel completely free of charge if a separate bed is not provided, but for children from six to twelve years old there are discounts on accommodation.In addition, the hotel has a playground for young tourists. The administration provides a shuttle to the airport.

Beach holiday

La Grace Resort 3 * is located 500 meters from the coast. The distance from the sea is compensated by the hotel’s free shuttle. The wide sandy beach is a great place to relax. In the first half of the day, the water in the sea is very clean and calm. After lunch, the waves periodically appear, which make the sea less transparent. Along the coast, like on all the beaches of Goa, there are necks, on the loungers of which tourists can stay under the condition of ordering cocktails or food. Every day, the coastal recreation area is cleaned by beach rangers, so the coast is clean enough.

La Grace Resort: tourists reviews

Speaking about the hotel, of course, I want to refer to the reviews of tourists who have already managed to visit it. La Grace Resort (India) is located in Benaulim. The road from the airport to the hotel takes about an hour. Upon arrival at the hotel guests expect fairly quick registration and paperwork. However, for the settlement of the earlier appointed time, the receptionists offer to pay a surcharge or to expect 14.00.As a rule, tourists prefer to leave bags at the reception desk and go to the beach. Returning to the specified time, you can go to your apartment. la grace resort 3

In La Grace Resort 3 * (Goa) there are several buildings and villas located on site. Regular guests of the institution say that at the present time a new building with more spacious new rooms has appeared across the road from the main building of the hotel. Therefore, it is better to choose the new building as the location. The apartments offered in it are large in size and equipped with a living room. In addition, near the building built its own pool.

In general, the entire room fund of the complex is very good, as evidenced by the many positive reviews of guests. In India, it is not easy to find suitable housing at a decent level. Therefore, tourists, who have appreciated this hotel, prefer to return to it next time. la grace resort india

In the main building, rooms may have views of the swimming pool, the hotel’s grounds and the street. The apartments facing the street are the most noisy if you open the windows, which is not at all necessary.All rooms have ceiling fans that do an excellent job. As a rule, it is not even necessary to turn on air conditioners. Plumbing in the rooms is good and works well.

Villa Reviews

La Grace Resort (Benaulim) also offers guest accommodation in villas located on site. The cottage apartments consist of a living room, several bedrooms and fully equipped kitchens. These rooms are good for accommodating a group of friends, a large family or several families with children. The presence of the kitchen makes it possible to cook. All the dishes and household items are employees of the hotel. In addition, the kitchen has a refrigerator, an electric kettle, and all the necessary furniture. If you are looking for a quiet and cozy place to relax, then the villas are the most suitable for this place.

Rooms are cleaned with sufficient quality, there are no special complaints about cleanliness among tourists. Vacationers recommend to leave a tip, although this is not necessary. Sometimes workers do not report towels or detergents, but after the reminder everything appears in its place. In general, room service is grace resort 3 goa

As you know, in India, a lot of all kinds of insects. Therefore, if you are going on a trip, you should take mosquito repellent and fumigators with you. Then the appearance of uninvited guests in the rooms will not be for you an unpleasant surprise. This happens not so often, but sometimes insects manage to get into the rooms, so it’s better to have with you all the necessary means to fight them.

Nutrition Reviews

La Grace Resort 4 * (Benaulim) offers in the mornings to its guests buffet meals. For breakfast, they usually serve eggs, oatmeal, muesli, flatbread, toast, noodles, sausages, pancakes, mango, watermelon, pineapple, papaya and other fruits. But cheeses and sausages on the tables never happens. As a rule, regarding the power of the guests are always very contradictory reviews. La Grace Resort 3 * (Benaulim) in this sense is no exception, since some guests are very pleased with the food, and some are not satisfied with the choice of dishes in the morning.

However, seasoned tourists say that the quality of breakfast at the hotel is quite decent, and the dishes are varied. In Goa, you can hardly find a familiar European breakfast. Still need to remember that you are in India.

At lunchtime and in the evening you can eat in the hotel’s main restaurant and use the services of the nearest catering facilities.Tourists who spend all day on the beach prefer not to return to dinner at the hotel and order food at the numerous beach necks. As a rule, having tried food in several places, vacationers choose the most liked institution. If you are not a fan of Indian food or are planning a holiday with a child, then you should not worry about food. On the coast and near the hotel there are a lot of cafes, in which there are not only European dishes, but also Russians. Therefore, problems with power does not arise at grace resort reviews

Tourists who prefer the hotel restaurant are satisfied with the quality of food and the range of dishes.

The overall impression of the hotel ...

La Grace Resort (Goa) - a good new hotel, designed in a modern style. It was built quite recently and is maintained in good condition, so lovers of rest on the coast of India, who managed to visit it, recommend the institution with the best of it. Modern, spacious rooms with good equipment provide an opportunity to relax comfortably in a relaxed atmosphere.

The hotel is in a fairly quiet place, so there is no loud music at night and other inconveniences.A lot of rave reviews are the beautiful grounds of the hotel. She is buried in greenery and flowers. It can be seen that the workers look after her, water the plants and clean the territory every day. The complex is surrounded by a fence and guarded, strangers cannot get into the hotel, therefore, from a security point of view, the hotel deserves attention.

On the territory there are two pools. One is located near the building, where the reception and restaurant are located, and the second one was built quite recently, next to the new building. Guests can use both bodies of water, regardless of which building they live in. According to tourists, the pools are clean, so you can safely swim in them, although, as a rule, vacationers prefer to relax on the sea coast and swim in the sea, for which they come grace resort 4 benaulim

On the territory surrounded by greenery there is a playground. True, it is not very big, and there are always a lot of kids in the hotel. The complex is generally focused on family holidays, but because the bulk of tourists are parents with children and pensioners. Here there are no noisy loud companies, which makes it possible to comfortably spend a vacation.

Beach Vacation Reviews

The hotel complex is quite far from the coast. According to the tourists, the distance to the beach by unhurried pace can be overcome in ten to fifteen minutes. If you do not want to go on foot, then you can use a free shuttle service to the coast, which is organized by the hotel. The shuttle takes you to the beach in just five minutes. In addition, you can rent a tuk-tuk, if for some reason you could not use the transfer.

If you want to see the whole coast and visit more than one beach, it makes sense to rent a moped. Renting such a vehicle will allow you to move freely and see the nearest surroundings. Experienced tourists generally prefer to go to remote beaches, where very few people and no merchants to indulge in a relaxing holiday. Of course, in such places there are practically no necks, but this is not a problem. You can always find a place for dinner, when there is transport at hand.

The coast itself in the area of ​​Benaulim is very wide and sandy. Endless white beaches have to rest and relax. During low tides, the coast becomes even wider. On local beaches, rangers remove garbage that was not carried away by water overnight, although even this does not make the coast perfectly clean.Numerous necks allow you to relax on the sun loungers in the shade of canopies, subject to the order of drinks or food. Most tourists prefer to use their services, as it is very convenient. At lunch, as a rule, no one returns to the hotel, but prefers to eat in one of the beach grace resort benaulim

The sea has a gentle sunset with a sandy day, so it’s very comfortable to swim with children. In the morning there is no wind and the water is clean and calm, but in the afternoon there are waves.

Quality of service

Hotel guests speak warmly about the staff. A sufficiently high-quality service to the institution attracts a considerable number of tourists every year. Attentive staff tries to help their guests in everything. Unfortunately, there are no Russian-speaking workers at the hotel reception, but minimal knowledge of English will help to cope with the language barrier. In general, you can always explain what you want.

The restaurant also serves the waiters quickly and efficiently. Sometimes the administration arranges entertaining evenings, and on holidays evening entertainment programs end with fireworks.

What is worth seeing to tourists?

India is an amazing country whose culture is worthy of attention.Resting here, you should pay attention to inspection of local attractions. The reception staff will help you with this, they will tell you the most interesting places worth visiting. Here you can purchase excursions.

Of course, Old Goa deserves attention. In those days, when India was a colony of Portugal, this city was the capital of the country. It has preserved the historical center, on the territory of which you can see stunning architectural monuments: churches, cathedrals, basilicas.

Experienced tourists recommend visiting the Dudhsagar waterfall, which is 310 meters high. You can reach it only on special jeeps. As a rule, guides during such a trip also offer travelers to see the spice plantation.

No less interesting is Kotigao reserve. Visiting it, lovers of wildlife will be able to see exotic birds and animals living in natural conditions.

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