Kursk Regional Perinatal Center: review, specialists, contacts and reviews

The regional perinatal center (Kursk) received its first patients in 2011. It was opened thanks to the state program for the construction of specialized medical institutions in major cities of the Russian Federation. The work of the Center focuses on the protection of motherhood and childhood, reproductive health of women and men.

Perinatal Center (Kursk): location, contacts

The medical institution serves the residents of the Kursk region. The perinatal center (Kursk) on Klykova 100 is located within walking distance of the same-name bus stop of several city buses and a shuttle bus arriving from different areas. Direct transport lines connect all significant objects of the regional capital with the medical center.Kursk Perinatal Center

All information about the types and procedure for receiving medical care is provided by the Registry of the Perinatal Center (Kursk), its telephone is also intended for pre-registration of patients.

Given the large number of calls, a reference service works in parallel, which advises citizens on the work of the institution and the reception of specialists. Perinatal Center (Kursk) on Klykova telephone for information highlighted a separate line.

Structural units of a medical institution

For effective work, the provision of medical services at the modern qualitative level, a healthcare institution needs a multidisciplinary structure. To perform the tasks, the perinatal center (Kursk) has:

  • obstetric and pediatric hospitals;
  • gynecological department and hospital;
  • paraclinical service (diagnostic base, pharmaceutical department, psychological and social service);
  • family health and reproductive function centers;
  • departments for the treatment of family infertility based on advances in reproductive technology;
  • emergency medical teams - obstetric and resuscitation.

The institution's activity covers all types of medical care required for pregnant women and newborns. High-level specialists here provide advice and treatment in the direction of "Gynecology".perinatal center kursk on klykova

Employee qualifications

The perinatal center (Kursk) has sufficient staffing with the necessary personnel. The institution has vacancies for doctors - a neonatologist, a physiotherapist, a clinical pharmacologist, nursing staff - midwives, nurses. The high reputation of the Center as a worthy employer allows attracting highly qualified specialists to the staff.

Doctors working in the departments of the regional medical center, have considerable experience in the specialty and a wealth of theoretical knowledge, confirmed by qualification certificates.

The management of the institution creates all conditions for the constant improvement of the level of professional skill. Doctors are trained in traditional and modern methods of diagnosis, treatment of diseases in their profile. Most physicians have the first and highest qualification categories.

Young doctors, well-graduated universities, are gaining practical experience under the patronage of mentors with extensive experience in the field of perinatal health care.perinatal center kursk telephone

Treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system

Infertility problems arise from various causes.Perinatal Center (Kursk) conducts a multifaceted diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases in women and urological in men. The most effective result gives a parallel survey of couples.

The diagnostic base of the gynecological department is a modern medical equipment for functional diagnostics, equipment for ultrasound and X-ray. The organization of the clinical laboratory allows you to perform numerous studies to help identify the causes of infertility and diseases in the family.

According to medical indications in the perinatal center is the procedure of artificial insemination (IVF). Subject to the necessary conditions and availability of medical indications, this service is provided free of charge, as part of medical insurance.

Each woman or family, where there is a problem of infertility, can turn to the regional medical institution. The IVF procedure in this case is performed at full price.regional perinatal center kursk

Conducting pregnancy in the perinatal center of the city of Kursk

If you have concerns about the health of the expectant mother,suspected abnormalities in the development of the fetus, with the pathological course of pregnancy in women who have been registered in the antenatal clinics of the Kursk region, patients are sent for examination, further observation or hospitalization in the perinatal center.

At the request of the future mother in the clinic, the whole period of pregnancy and recovery after childbirth can be observed. Many patients, especially residents of remote areas of the region, choose periodic consultations and examinations from medical institutions, coordinating with them the dates of scheduled visits.

High-tech equipment and accurate laboratory tests allow doctors to identify dangerous states or abnormalities in the fetus, reduce the risk of spontaneous abortion, and make timely corrective treatment procedures.

Under the round-the-clock supervision of specialists in the hospital, women have the opportunity to save the pregnancy to the required period and have a child without fear for his or her life and health.perinatal center kursk reviews

Training future mothers in the perinatal center of Kursk

The female population of the city and the region receives in this center not only consultations and medical assistance, but also is trained in the correct behavior during pregnancy, during childbirth, and is practiced in caring for newborn children.

Such services are provided to patients by the School of Health. The main goal of the classes is to prepare a young woman for motherhood. Occupations at school are conducted by obstetricians, professional psychologists, nurses. Training takes place in such blocks as:

  • adaptation to pregnancy and future motherhood;
  • the use of respiratory techniques to facilitate labor;
  • training and workshops on contacting newborn children, their hygienic services, feeding in the first days and months of life.

In the perinatal center provide psychological assistance to women in difficult situations and set up for abortion.

Help for newborns

Qualified medical care for newborns, children with congenital pathologies and diseases is one of the priorities of the perinatal center.Registry Perinatal Center Kursk phone

Healthy babies after birth are placed with their mothers in a room for their joint stay, equipped with a bathroom and a shower.Neonatologists conduct daily examinations of children, the staff of the institution supports women in childbirth with tips on caring for and feeding newborns.

Children born with life-threatening diseases are placed in an intensive care unit. It has everything you need for successful treatment.

Incubators for nursing premature babies in conditions resembling intrauterine, allow them to grow to viable indicators and transfer healthy babies to their parents.

Perinatal Center, Kursk: patient reviews

Residents of the city and the Kursk region believe the high reputation of the perinatal clinic is fully justified. Patients are grateful to the local staff for their professionalism, the provision of qualified assistance. Many families thank the staff for their efforts to treat infertility, as a gift to give birth to a long-awaited child.

In fairness it should be noted that some complain about the unfriendly staff. But the overwhelming majority of reviews still have a positive character.Kursk Perinatal Center on Klykova Phone

Any resident can leave suggestions and suggestions for the work of the medical institution "Perinatal Center" (Kursk). A hotline telephone will record every call.

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