Kemerovo State Medical Academy: faculty and student feedback

For applicants living in Kemerovo, there is a massoptions for continuing education after graduation - colleges and universities of technical, economic, legal, agricultural, medical profiles. Out of a huge number of educational institutions, a rather large number of students choose the Kemerovo Medical Academy, which already has a university status for almost a year. Let's take a closer look at this university, its faculties and the feedback of students.

Faculties in the educational institution

Of the several large structural unitsKemerovo State Medical Academy. The faculties that are part of the university and are engaged in teaching students under the bachelor's and specialist programs are listed below:

  • therapeutic;
  • higher nursing education;
  • pediatric;
  • pharmaceutical;
  • dental;
  • mediko-preventive.

Kemerovo State Medical Academy

Medical Faculty

The history of this structural unit beganin 1956. In early September, 250 students were accepted for training, which in the future were to become doctors. From that moment, the gradual development of the structural unit began. The first stage was connected with the opening of the evening department for people with secondary professional medical education. The second stage was marked by the opening of new departments.

The modern faculty is a large structuralThe department, which has the Kemerovo State Medical Academy, which has recently become a university. Entrants arriving here, waiting for a difficult study. At junior courses students study disciplines, which can be divided into 2 groups:

  • humanitarian, social and economic;
  • mathematical and natural sciences.

At senior courses for students in an educational institutionbegin to teach professional disciplines related to medical treatment. These include internal diseases, pediatrics, obstetrics and genetics, skin diseases, exercise therapy, general surgery, resuscitation, etc. At the end of the faculty, graduates are given the qualification of a doctor.

kemgma Kemerovo State Medical Academy

Faculty of Higher Nursing Education

One of the youngest structural unitsin the educational institution is the faculty of higher nursing education. He started his work in 2001. From the very beginning, nurses were trained in the correspondence department. This form of training is being applied even now. The Kemerovo State Medical Academy (university) credits people with secondary vocational education to the nursing.

What is the difference between nurses who aregraduates of secondary vocational institutions, from nurses with higher education? The last specialists undergo in-depth training. Higher education not only makes it possible to obtain good knowledge, but also contributes to the establishment of equivalently-partner relations with doctors, which allows to achieve a better effect in the treatment of sick people.

Kemerovo State Medical Academy reviews

Pediatric Faculty

The pediatric faculty, which is currentlytime in the structure of the university, was opened in 1967. Over the period of his existence, he released many specialists. Some graduates now work at the departments of the faculty, are engaged in teaching students who have decided to devote their lives to pediatrics, the treatment of children.

Study at the pediatric faculty is interesting. KemGMA - Kemerovo State Medical Academy (university) - organizes teaching of subjects subject to the profile of the structural unit. Students study the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the child's organism, pathological processes. The faculty also has an active social life. Students take part in various charitable actions, help children who do not have parents.

Kemerovo State Medical Academy

Pharmaceutical Faculty

In the 1970s, existing and reopenedpharmacies in the Kemerovo region began to feel a shortage of highly skilled pharmaceutical professionals. To solve this problem, the Kemerovo State Medical Institute opened a special faculty. In the first set, there were 100 people.

The modern pharmaceutical faculty usesdemand among entrants. In this structural subdivision, the students are introduced to the medicinal products, the features of their manufacture. After graduation from the pharmaceutical faculty, graduates can continue their studies. Kemerovo State Medical Academy (KemGMA, Kemerovo) offers to enter the internship for one of three educational programs:

  1. "Economics of Pharmacy and Management". Thanks to this educational program you can become a pharmacist-organizer.
  2. "Pharmaceutical Chemistry". With the continuation of training in this direction, it is possible to become pharmacists-technologists.
  3. "Pharmaceutical pharmacognosy and chemistry". Choosing this educational program, interns gather in the future to be pharmaceutical pharmacists.

Kobe State Medical Academy

Faculty of Dentistry

Kemerovo State Medical Academyhas in its structure a dental faculty, which has been operating since 1958. In the first set, 100 people were accepted. Diplomas they were received in 1963 with the assignment of a doctor's qualification. Some of the young and talented specialists remained working at the faculty as teachers.

In the modern structural subdivision studiesabout 350 students. From the first year they begin to study the disciplines related to dentistry. First, students are taught the anatomy of the head and neck, the physiology of the maxillofacial region. At the senior courses, students learn the diseases of the oral cavity, the ways of their treatment and the elimination of existing defects. Practical skills are first practiced on phantoms and models, and later - in dental hospitals and clinics.

Kemerovo State Medical Academy passing grade 2015

Faculty of Medicine and Prevention

In 1963 in the structure of higher educationala sanitary and hygienic faculty was established. In 1990, it was renamed. As a result, there was a medical-prophylactic faculty. The formation of such a structural unit was caused by the need to train specialists capable of primary prevention of various diseases.

Currently, the medical preventivethe faculty trains several hundred students. His tasks in the Kemerovo State Medical Academy were defined in the training of students for the following activities:

  • organization and provision of sanitary and anti-epidemic and medical-preventive care;
  • organization and participation in anti-epidemic, hygienic and preventive measures;
  • addressing the issues of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of residents.

Checkpoints and reviews

To assess your chances of admission, you canto analyze passing scores for any year. Here, for example, statistics, which the Kemerovo State Medical Academy has preserved (a passing grade of 2015 on the budget):

  • medical business - 226;
  • pediatrics -216;
  • stomatology - 242;
  • medical and preventive care - 192;
  • pharmacy - 204.

Kemerovo State Medical Academy faculties

For admission on a paid basis,less than 138 points in the medical and preventive faculty, at least 140 points in the pharmaceutical and pediatric, at least 150 points in the medical and dental.

As for the opinions of students about the university, it is worthnote that the Kemerovo State Medical Academy reviews have always been positive. Highly qualified teaching staff interestingly tells the lecture material. At the same time, the demand from students is very high. The students have to learn a lot of new information for them, study additional books. Thus, the Kemerovo State Medical Academy (university) is a worthy educational institution. It produces well-trained specialists.

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