Juventus Stadium: photo, name, capacity

Turin football club Juventus is one of the greatest teams in Italy and Europe. Juventus is a multiple champion of Italy. The team has repeatedly won the Cup and the Super Cup of the country. The club has achieved great achievements by playing at the wonderful stadium in Turin called “Delle Alpi”. And in 2011 a new arena was built - Juventus Stadium.

Juventus Stadium

The first stadiums of Juventus

The first arena where Juventus began its journey to fame was Valentino Park. In this arena, the team played only one season. In addition, in his first year, “Juve” spent his home games at another stadium - “The Citadel”. Then, for ten years, the Turin club performed at Piaza D’Armi.

Starting in 1909 and ending in 1922, the Corso Sebastopoli was Juventus' home stadium in Turin. After the end of the 1921/22 season, the Turints moved to Corso Marcilla, where they played until 1933. At this stadium Juventus achieved four victories in the Italian championship in a row.

"Stadio Comunale"

In 1934, the World Cup was held in Italy. To the world championship, the Italian authorities decided to build a new stadium in Turin. Then it was decided that at the end of the Mundial, the arena would become the home stadium for the bianconeri.

Juventus Stadium

The first name of the Juventus Stadium was Benito Mussolini, but after the Second World War, the arena received a different name, Stadio Comunale, and then Vittorio Pozzo. At this stadium Juventus spent nearly nine hundred matches. In the 1963/64 season, “Vittorio Pozzo” became the home stadium for another Turin club in Turin.

The arena was able to accommodate 65 thousand fans. Juventus held home meetings at this stadium for 57 years. In 1990, the team moved to the north-west of Turin, where the next stadium was built for Zebra.

"Delle Alpi"

“Delle Alpi” was another stadium built for the World Cup matches. This time the world football championship was held in 1990. And again it was decided that after the tournament the stadium will become the home arena for Juventus.

Juventus Barcelona Stadium

Construction work began in 1988, and the stadium was finally put into operation two years later. Funds for construction were allocated from the city budget.In May 1990, players from two Turin clubs, Juventus and Torino, took part in the opening match, for which the arena was intended. The game was unusual in that the players played in the same united team, and their opponents were the Porto football club from Portugal.

Conflict over pricing and criticism of Delle Alpi

In the mid-nineties, a conflict arose between the Turin clubs and the city authorities. The essence of the dispute was a significant increase in ticket prices.

Juventus Stadium title

The conflict was not resolved quickly, and this led to the fact that in the 1994/95 season, the UEFA Cup matches, which were supposed to be played on Delle Alpi, were transferred to the San Siro arena in Milan. After the end of the 2002/04 season, Juventus was able to buy the stadium from the city authorities of Turin, paying them about thirty million dollars.

Capacity "Delle Alpi" was about 70 thousand spectators. The stadium was distinguished by excellent acoustics. However, the arena has been criticized many times.

“Delle Alpi” is not only a football but also an athletics stadium. But not a single track and field athletics competition was held. And the treadmills built for athletes interfered with good field visibility.

Juventus Stadium in Turin

The end of an era on "Delle Alpi"

Italy has applied for the Euro 2012 European Championship.But she could not win the competition, and Poland and Ukraine got the right to hold the tournament. In connection with the loss, the city authorities have decided to cancel the financing of the reconstruction of Delle Alpi.

In 2008, it was decided to build a new Juventus stadium on the site of “Delle Alpi”. In May 2009, the old was destroyed. But their matches at the old Bianconeri arena have stopped playing since 2006.

Juventus Stadium capacity

In 2002, the city authorities of Turin donated to Stadium Olimpico for Juventus. This arena has become a black and white home since 2006. The new home stadium team was able to accommodate 27 thousand spectators.

Victory at the "Delle Alpi"

During that time, while Juventus held their home games at Delle Alpi, the team managed to become the champion of Italy seven times (two victories were canceled due to match-fixing), to win two Italian Cups and four Super Bowls.

Also on the “Delle Alpi” “Juventus” brought two UEFA Cups, one UEFA Super Cup and one Champions League trophy. In the middle of the 2000s, the club was implicated in a scandal involving the holding of matches with a fixed outcome. As a result, Juve lost the Serie A trophies for the 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons.And already the 2006/07 season the team started in Serie B. But this “Delle Alpi” has not seen.

Juventus Stadium photo

"Juventus Stadium"

In 2011, a new Juventus stadium was opened, with a capacity of 41,000 seats. The name of the arena is Juventus Stadium, and the cost is more than one hundred million euros.

In 2008, the board of directors of the Turin club signed a contract with the SportFive company, according to which, the company assumed obligations to build the stadium.

As soon as a decision was made to build a new arena, photos of the Juventus stadium immediately began to flow into the network. The grand opening of the stadium was held in September 2011. The Turin team did not know the bitterness of defeat in the new arena in Serie A in the 2016/17 season. And since the 2011/12 season, “Old Signora” won the entire Italian championship, ending the fight for the championship ahead of schedule and with a huge margin from its closest pursuers.

Juventus Stadium

In the 2016/17 season in the semi-finals of the Champions League arrived at the Juventus Stadium Barcelona, ​​which was considered one of the main contenders for victory in the most prestigious tournament. But Juventus was able to win a landslide victory. And the advantage gained in the home stadium allowed the Turints to enter the final of the tournament.

Season 2013/14 at Juventus Stadium

In its third season at the new stadium Juventus was able to once again win in Serie A. However, in 2014, the club was waiting for one big disappointment.

In the spring, the Juventus Stadium was to host the Europa League final. This was the first final of the European football tournament in the new bianconeri arena. And the unfortunate performance of “Old Lady” in the Champions League made it “Juventus” the main favorite of the competition. The Turin club took the third place in the Champions League group and was unable to qualify for the playoff round. The team was forced to go to the second largest European tournament.

Juventus Stadium

After the departure from the Champions League, the fans of Juve were not very upset. All in Italy were confident that the club would be able to reach the home final for them. And already at the first stage of the competition, the Turintsy got a worthy opponent, who was easily defeated. Twice a 2–0 Turkish Trabzonspor was beaten. In the 1/8 finals in the draw, Juventus played with Fiorentina, which was one of the contenders for the title. Again, “Old Lady” was able to beat opponents - 1-0 and 1-1.

In the quarterfinal, Juventus got Olympic from Lyon.The Italians were able to prevail in both games. The first match ended with a score of 2-1, and in the second meeting, “Juve” won a minimal victory. In the shock of the fans, “Old Signora” plunged the semifinal duel with the Portuguese “Benfica”. The Eagles won the first match 2-1, and the headless draw in the second match left Juventus behind the competition a step away from the final. The home stadium of Juventus could not wait for its hosts for the decisive match of the Europa League. In the final, the Spanish “Seville” defeated the offenders of “Juventus” in the penalty shootout 4-2 after 0-0 on the scoreboard after 120 minutes of playing time.

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