Julia Akhonkova: biography and creativity

Our today's heroine is Yulia Akhonkova. The personal life of this performer and features of the creative path will be given below. This is a Russian singer with excellent appearance.


Julia AkhonkovaJulia Akhonkova was born in 1985, on February 5, in the Moscow region, in the village of Tuchkovo. Her parents have nothing to do with the scene. In school, the future performer studied well. The girl attended circles of dancing and drawing. She was also a member of the choir at school. At 15, Yulia Akhonkova dropped out of school. She went to Moscow. The girl settled in a room in a communal apartment. She began working as a waitress in a metropolitan restaurant. In 2003, our heroine became a member of the beauty contest "Miss Russia". The professional jury highly appreciated the intellect and external data of the girl. As a result, our heroine became the winner. She also took part in the contest "Miss Europe". However, there she was less fortunate, she was not included in the TOP-5.

Creative way

Julia Akhonkova personal lifeIn Moscow, Yulia Akhonkova met producer Vladimir Dubovitsky - Tatiana Ovsienko’s ex-husband. They had an affair. Influential man engaged in the promotion of his chosen one. Soon the songs “Candy Boy”, Crush, “Illegal Angel” were recorded. Initially, the girl took her stage name Juliet. After a while she decided to take up the conquest of America. Vladimir Dubovitsky beloved supported. They went to the USA together. The girl changed her pseudonym to a more sonorous one - Julia Kova. The creation of the English-language album of our heroine worked Ru de Paras, who previously collaborated with Christina Aguilera. The singer released the song Crash. So began her creative career Julia Akhonkova. Her clips began to appear in the same period. The first one was shot for the song Crash. The English album was never released. However, the Russian version of this disc called “This is me” appeared on sale in 2007. Scott Storch, an American producer, was involved in the promotion of the first disc. In 2012, Vladimir Dubovitsky and our heroine became parents. They have a son.

Present tense

Julia Akhonkova clipsIn 2009, Yulia Akhonkova returned to Russia with her son and husband.At first, she only did household chores. Soon she continued her singing career. The singer cooperates with such producers as Igor Matvienko and Viktor Drobysh.

Interesting Facts

Julia Akhonkova photoDirected by Marron Pena said that our heroine is clockwork, cool, gorgeous and makes real shows in front of the camera. Our heroine had an affair with Hollywood’s most desirable bachelor, Colin Farrell. It would seem that with such data and the support of eminent producers in Russia, the girl should have won the title of superstar. However, promotion of our heroine for Prigogine and Drobysh for some reason did not work out. At first, her songs were broadcast on various TV channels. At that time, the pseudonym Juliet was used. The video for the song “In the rain” was widely spread. Soon, the pseudonym was unexpectedly abandoned, and the singer was positioned under a real estate.

You should also mention the video for the song "Remember me". For the shooting was organized a trip to Amsterdam. Directed by Anthony Heisskamp. Prior to that, he worked with many famous performers, among them: Five, Christina Orbakaite, Valeria and Aqua.However, the finished video did not reach a wide audience. According to Express Gazette, this clip appeared on Muz-TV, after which it completely disappeared from the screens. Joseph Prigogine said that his cooperation with our heroine came to an end. According to him, an agreement was reached on recording the album by a certain date. The work was completed on time. Also, according to Joseph Prigogine, two videos were shot for the performer. The producer was not interested in the further fate of the performer. Iosif Prigogine noted that after this incident, he agreed with Drobysh that he would no longer be involved in various incomprehensible projects. According to the producer, he does not see the point in wasting energy on novice performers. The songs of Drobysh should be performed only by stars who deserve this right. The producer did not specify information about his ward after her departure to America.

Now you know who Julia Akhonkova is. Photos of the performer are attached to this material.

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