Joint Stock Company "Resorts of the North Caucasus". Special economic zones

JSC "Resorts of the North Caucasus" is a legal entity established and functioning in the Russian Federation. It creates tourism facilities in the Southern and North Caucasus Federal Districts.

From the history

resorts of the North Caucasus

“Resorts of the North Caucasus” as an economic entity was established on December 2, 2010 by order of the Government of the Russian Federation with the aim of implementing management in the spaces of the Khunzakhsky district of Dagestan, Alagirsky and Irafsky districts of North Ossetia (Alania), Absheronsky district of Krasnodar region, Maykopsky -on Adygea; Chegem, Cherek, Elbrus districts of Kabardino-Balkaria; Zelenchuksky district of Karachay-Cherkessia. All listed territories represent special economic zones.

In 2011, they were expanded by joining the Karabudakhkentsky, Derbentsky, Magaramkentsky, Kayakentsky districts of Dagestan; Urup district of Karachay-Cherkessia; Zolsky district of Kabardino-Balkaria.A special economic zone was introduced in the spaces of the Dzheirakhsky and Sunzhensky districts of Ingushetia.

In 2012, all the zones listed above were combined, on the basis of which the tourist cluster was created.

In 2013, in the spaces of the Itum-Kalinsky district of Chechnya, a special economic zone like the one listed above was created, which was attached to this tourist cluster.

In September 2016, by the Government of the Russian Federation, zones from the tourism cluster were excluded from the zones related to those listed above in the Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories, the Republic of Adygea and North Ossetia-Alania. In addition, the territory in Kabardino-Balkaria was reduced due to the fact that Cherek and Chegem districts were excluded from the composition of these zones.

Tasks of KSK JSC

The tourism cluster is built on a public-private partnership. The first of the structures under consideration, through the described company, provides financing for the creation of transport and internal engineering infrastructure. Private investors invest in objects of tourist and entertainment and hotel infrastructure, as well as commercial real estate.

The main objectives of the company:

  • the creation of a tourism cluster with the necessary infrastructure and its appropriate operation;
  • the use of international experience in creating ski slopes and tourist areas using advanced technologies;
  • an increase in the volume of attracted funds and promoting self-sufficiency of resorts;
  • promotion of the project through all possible information channels and promoting the formation of a positive environment in the subjects in which it is implemented.

In addition, the planning projects of the tourism cluster should be submitted by this company for approval to the Ministry of Economic Development.

Resorts of Karachay-Cherkessia

special economic zones

The resorts created by this joint-stock company are supposed to be used as all-season tourist and recreational complexes. On the territory of Karachay-Cherkessia, these include the resort Arkhyz. It was put into test operation at the end of 2013.

Two hotels have been built on the territory, so named after the tourist village - Romantic with serial numbers 1 and 2. They can accommodate up to 168 people simultaneously.

The resort of JSC "KSK" has ski slopes, the total length of which exceeds 7 km. There are four such tracks in total.Two of them must be operated by beginners, one for advanced skiers and the rest for intermediate athletes.

To the tops of the routes, the ascent is carried out using chairlifts and gondola lifts, the potential of which is at the level of 4,200 people per hour, although the capacity of the ski slopes is about 1,000 people per day.

The first cable track carries a rise to a height greater than 1700, the second - 2200 meters. In June 2014, an entertainment program began to be implemented in the territory of this resort in the summer season.

It has a paintball club, a playground, a campground, and an equestrian club. In rental you can take children's electric cars, bicycles, Segways. On jeeps and horses you can ride, with guides - to make a bus or walking tours.

Chechnya resorts


These include the Veduchi complex. OJSC "Resorts of the North Caucasus" have the authority to implement management and disposal of land in the area within the special economic zone of the same name with the resort in 2014. It was planned to start its test launch for 2015-2016, but there was a shift for 2017-2018.

Currently, construction work continues on the creation of tourist facilities. It is planned to open a ski school "Peak Veduchi" with a rental service of ski equipment. The total length of the cableways should be more than 15 km. The planned area is 1500 hectares. In the plans of builders 15 ski slopes with a total length of more than 15 km, 8 lifts. A hotel, rental and service points, a ski school, cafes and restaurants will be built for guests.

By 2025, the tourist flow for the year should be about 180 thousand people.

Resorts of Kabardino-Balkaria

tourist and recreation complex

These include Elbrus. It is operating with a developed infrastructure. JSC "Resorts of the North Caucasus" plans to carry out its further development. The area of ​​this resort is close to 50 thousand hectares. The number of cableways will be about 30, the total area of ​​the ski slopes is more than 200 km. To launch it is planned to build about 30 lifts. According to the creators, the ski slopes will meet international standards and have different levels of difficulty.

It is planned that hotels, recreation and entertainment centers, restaurants will be built here.

Resorts of Dagestan

Caspian coastal cluster

Secondly, four districts, joined in 2011 to the tourist cluster, are planned to have a resort called “Caspian coastal cluster”. Its total area should be 28 thousand hectares. Here beaches with a total length of about 140 km will be located. By the beginning of 2013, environmental, geotechnical and geodesic surveys, cadastral and land surveying, and archaeological research were carried out. But the subsequent resignations in the management of JSC "Resorts of the North Caucasus" suspended the construction of this resort.

The second resort is located on the territory of the Khunzakh district "Matlas". It is intended to become a central place of ethnic tourism for amateur archaeologists and local historians. In the mountains there are several mineral springs that can treat renal and gastrointestinal diseases. This resort will be located in a small distance from the international airport of Makhachkala (180 km) and 10 km from the local airport.

Resorts of Ingushetia

This includes Zori, located in two areas included in the tourist cluster, as well as Armhi in the Dzheyrakh district.The company "Resorts of the North Caucasus" has planned a number of projects related to the development of its infrastructure and giving the resort the status of international. The slopes located in this area are gentle. This will allow to develop here almost all types of winter sports and tourism. By 2019, for people with disabilities, it is planned to build an elevator and a special ski track.

Jsc resorts of the North Caucasus

There is a red track 1.2 km long at the resort “Armkhi”, a training course is 200 meters long. Here work professional guides who will help to carry out extreme descents off-piste. The slopes are illuminated, which allows you to make descents during any time of day. On the territory there is a swimming pool, SPA-salon, cycle paths, rope and children’s fairy-tale towns, a cycle route, outdoor pools.

Company management

Since the establishment of the Resorts of the North Caucasus, JSC, was headed by Ahmed Bilalov, who was also the vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee. However, for disrupting the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi, he was criticized by the President of the Russian Federation, after which he was dismissed from these posts.

In May 2013, the company was headed by Sergey Vereshchagin, who stayed in this post until December 2014.

Since that time Oleg Gorchev managed the “Resorts of the North Caucasus”. Prior to taking up this position, he was deputy general director for economics and finance.Oleg Gorchev resorts of the North Caucasus

But our life is unpredictable. In early September 2017, he was found dead in a Moscow apartment. His death was recognized non-violent.

Currently, the chairman of the SovComir of JSC KSK is Odes Baysultanov. He held various positions in the government of Chechnya, including being its chairman. Today is the first deputy minister of the Russian Federation for the affairs of the North Caucasus.

At the end of December 2017, Hasan Timizhev, who was recently the Deputy Director General for Strategic Development, was appointed Director General.


Initially, more than 98% of the shares belonged to Special Economic Zones, but later this package was transferred to the Russian Federation represented by the aforementioned Ministry, whose representative is the chairman of the Council of the considered company. About 1.5% of the shares belong to VEB. A small part, not reaching a quarter of a percent - PJSC "Sberbank of Russia".


“Resorts of the North Caucasus” is a joint-stock company created by the state to attract additional funds from private investors to certain areas of the zone under consideration, with some state investment in the construction of ski and tourist infrastructure.

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