Jens Stoltenberg - Head of the North Atlantic Alliance

NATO today is the largest military bloc uniting the armed forces of almost all countries of the Western world. Not long ago, for the first time in the history of the organization, it was headed by a Norwegian. Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, in his youth professed other views and actively advocated for the withdrawal of his country from the military bloc. However, with age, he changed his outlook and today is one of the most active supporters of the policy of armed dominance.

Young marxist

The future hawk was born in Oslo in 1959 in the family of an authoritative political figure in Norway. His father, Turvald Stoltenberg, served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, worked as ambassador to different countries. Early childhood, Jens Stoltenberg, whose biography began far away from his homeland, spent in Yugoslavia, where his father was then the ambassador of Norway in this Balkan country.

Jens Stoltenberg

Like many young people of that romantic generation, Jens professed radical leftist views.They were largely shaped by the influence of his sister Camilla, who was a member of the Marxist Workers Communist Party. Together with his sister, a young idealist spoke at anti-war demonstrations against the war in Vietnam and the imperialist policy of the United States. Who knew that in thirty years he would stand at the head of a military monster? Education Jens Stoltenberg received a Waldorf school in Oslo, he later continued his studies at the cathedral school.

Coming into politics

Thinking about a political career, he chose left-wing movements as an elevator to power. Start Jens Stoltenberg decided to journalistic activities. The official mouthpiece of the Norwegian socialists in those years was the newspaper Arbeyderbladet. It was in this edition that the future Secretary General of NATO first announced himself.

Gradually, a young and eloquent journalist became noticeable among the leadership of the Norwegian Workers' Party. In 1985, he was entrusted to lead the youth branch of the NPF. Jens Stoltenberg led the Norwegian “Komsomol members” for about four years, after which he was promoted to more responsible and adult positions. So, climbing the stairs of power up, in 1993 he matured to the ministerial chair.Jens Stoltenberg biography

Despite the relative youth, he was entrusted with a very important and responsible post for the oil country minister of oil industry, trade and energy. This happened when Gru Harlem Brundtland, the Prime Minister of Norway. After the change of head of the country to Turburn Jagland, Jens Stoltenberg lost his previous position, but was soon appointed Minister of Finance.

At the head of the country

A young and ambitious politician rushed to power and in 2000 achieved his goal by leading the government. However, the first premiere term did not last long, as early as 2001 the Norwegian Labor Party failed in the elections, gaining only 24 percent of the vote. Jens Stoltenberg took advantage of the crisis within the party and ousted Thorbjørn Jagland as chairman. The leadership of the former Marxist turned out to be more efficient, and in 2005 he was able to lead the RPP to victory in the elections. In alliance with the centrists and the Socialist Party, a government was formed, which was headed by Jens Stoltenberg. Four years later, the Norwegian Workers' Party repeated its success, and the politician went on his second term.

jens stoltenberg general secretary nato

In calm and prosperous Norway there was no place for political and economic upheavals,however, Jens Stoltenberg still noted his some actions as prime minister. In particular, a long-standing dispute with Russia over the delimitation of the sphere of economic interests in the Barents Sea was resolved. In 2010, an agreement was signed with Dmitry Medvedev, which put an end to the dispute, stretching since the 70s of the last century.

Not escaped, however, Jens Stoltenberg and serious shocks during his work. It was during his reign that Andres Breivik committed an act of terrorism on the island, where a meeting of the youth movement of the RPP took place. Jens Stoltenberg took full responsibility for what had happened, admitting flaws in security.

At the head of the North Atlantic Alliance

In 2014, Anders Rasmussen left the post of NATO Secretary General. On the advice of Angela Merkel, it was decided to appoint a stern Norwegian for this post. The former antiglobalist, who once spoke out against aggressive military blocs, has drastically changed his views over time.

Even before taking office, Jens Stoltenberg repeatedly stated the potential danger of the armed forces of Russia and its aggressive, in his opinion, policy.The mood of the former Leninist coincided with the position of Western leaders, and he was unanimously elected to the post of NATO Secretary General.

jens stoltenberg personal life

Jens Stoltenberg, whose personal life is limited to mentioning his spouse, continues to advocate a further arms race and nuclear build-up, scaring all European housewives with scary pictures of Russian tanks on the streets of quiet towns of the continent. At the same time, well remembering the fundamentals of the dialectic of the Marxist doctrine, he unexpectedly states that the strengthening of NATO is not an obstacle to dialogue with Russia, but, on the contrary, is considered its main condition.

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