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Ivan Gordienko - an actor originally from the town of Belgorod-Dniester (Ukraine). Russian citizen. He played in dozens of films of various genres. The best of his work can be called the film "Time of the First", the best series with his participation - "Diamond Hunters". The first time acted as a film actor in 2000.

Ivan Gordienko


Ivan Gordienko was born in the city of Belgorod-Dniester on December 20, in 1943. During his school years, he dreamed of becoming a sailor, but he got an education at the Odessa Technical School, after graduating from which he got a job at a factory. Here he ended up in a theater group, where he played his first roles in his productions. A graduate of the Kiev Theater Institute in 1966.

After studying, he began to serve in the Simferopol Russian Theater, where he stayed for eight years. Later he went to the GDR to continue his career in the theater of the city of Potsdam. The next place of work for the actor was the Yerevan Russian Theater, then Ivan Gordienko moved to Tallinn, where he became an actor in the local theater.It is worth noting that on the creative path of the stage worker there were a lot of theatrical stops. The actor served in 14 theaters. Now he resides in the capital of Russia. He has worked here at the Armen Jigarkhanyan Theater since 1999. Married From wife Galina have a daughter, Maria.

Ivan Gordienko actor

Theatrical Roles

In the record of Ivan Gordienko many theatrical roles. On the stage of the Theater, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan plays in the play “Jeanne d'Arc - The White Crow”, in which he was given the role of a city dweller. Before that there were roles in the performances:

  • "Theater since Nero and Seneca."
  • "Homecoming".
  • "Auditor".
  • "Three cylinder".
  • "Don Juan".
  • "Crazy Day, or the Marriage of Figaro."
  • "The heart is not a stone."

The cinematic career of the actor of the Theater Armen Jigarkhanyan was also quite successful. Among the films with Ivan Gordienko are the most famous Russian-made films, for example, one of the last widely reported in the media - “Time of the First”.

The first movie roles

His first work in the cinema was the film "Moscow", released on screens in 2000. Then there was the role in the serial action movie Tigran Keosayan "Men's Work". This is a picture of three friends for whom to fight is their professional duty.All of them used to serve in Afghanistan at one time, and now they are hired military men who move from one hot spot to another. It happens that the trinity in Chechnya disintegrates, and friends end up in two opposing camps. In this film, Ivan Gordienko played Lord Jaad.

In 2004, the fantastic comedy series “Miracles in Reshetove” was released, in which the actor played the Tsar Ivan the Terrible himself. A solid team of actors gathered on the set of this film: Alexey Makarov, Tatyana Arntgolts, Alexey Panin, Maria Glazkova.

In the serial thriller "Closed School" Ivan Gordienko played Ivan Savelich - a teacher of history. In the film, events unfold in the school, which is located in the gloomy forest. Rumor has it that strange creatures dwell in it and terrible things happen. Subsequently, it turns out that the rumors did not arise from scratch.

Ivan Gordienko movies

Further roles

In 2011, he starred in the detective action film “Diamond Hunters”, in which the leading roles were played by Alexei Serebryakov and Peter Fedorov. This story begins with the investigation of the robbery of the widow A. Tolstoy.To solve the crime attracted the best specialists. In the series, Ivan Gordienko played Yuri Andropov. The same character actor portrayed in the series "Hockey Games."

It is worth saying that influential people, including the top leaders of various countries, play often as an actor. For example, in the comedy short film Hi.Story project he was lucky to play US President Roosevelt. And in the film “The Truth of Samantha Smith,” he reappeared in the role of Yuri Andropov, a Soviet political figure.

Ivan Gordienko closed school

New roles and filmography

In 2017, the first Russian feature film, Time of the First, was released. In this motion picture based on real events about the legendary feat in the airless space of the Soviet cosmonaut Ivan Gordienko played the role of a doctor. Undoubtedly, it was the most expensive project in his career. The budget of the aforementioned film is 400,000 million rubles.

Filmography actor:

  • "Moscow".
  • "March of the Turkish."
  • "Nina".
  • "Goat in milk".
  • "Moscow. Central District.
  • "Soldiers".
  • "The escape".
  • "Love is like love."
  • "Hour Volkov-2."
  • "Silent Witness."
  • "Isaev."
  • "The truth hides a lie."
  • "Alibi for two."
  • "Closed school".
  • "Diamond Hunters".
  • "Moscow Hound".
  • "Time is the best."
  • "Truckers."
  • "Men's work."
  • "Poor Nastya."
  • "Special Purpose Resort".
  • "Hope leaves last."
  • "Miracles in Reshetov."
  • "Thunder."
  • "Web".
  • "Father's daughters".
  • "Wild".
  • "Web-3".
  • "Hour Volkov."
  • "Taste of Granite".
  • "Object 11".
  • "Dusty work."
  • "Method".

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