ITS car: what is the features of the document

By law, the operation of the vehicle is possible only if you have specific documents. Otherwise, the traffic police officer has the right to bring the driver to administrative responsibility. Therefore, it is important to know what a vehicle STS is and to have it with you. Namely PTS and ITS are specified documents. Here, the JTS is a certificate of registration. It should be noted that many people do not even know what a vehicle STS is, but they often encounter it, because the abbreviation itself is rarely used. Most often, this document is called simply a certificate of registration.

What is a vehicle?

When checking a vehicle STS by a traffic police officer, you should always answer “yes” to the question of whether you have this document. Otherwise problems may occur. After all, according to the rules of traffic on the roads of Russia, this document must be with you.

What is a vehicle STS?

The certificate of registration of the vehicle is issued in the traffic police office. The preparation of this document is carried out after the owner of the car put it on the account. The PTS and the JTS should not be confused, since these are slightly different documents. ITS should always carry with me, the TCP in this case may be at home. Also PTS and STS have different content. Title does not contain information about the registration of the car (or motorcycle) in Russia.

Of course, information about the car is displayed in the PTS, but the JTS confirms the right to use it.

Where is this document issued?

Any citizen can get this certificate. To do this, go to the traffic police department, where there is a car registration department. This is usually done after buying the car.

Note that registering a used car is different from the process of registering a new one. When you go through this procedure, you also need to collect the necessary documents. When purchasing a new vehicle at a car dealership, it is necessary to register within 10 days.

car cts number what is it

The list of documents for obtaining the JTS

When registering with him, the owner must have the following documents:

  1. Contract of sale. He confirms the right to own a car. If the registration of this document is not, then there may be problems associated with the establishment of tenure rights.
  2. PTS. This document must be. If the car was delivered from abroad, the preparation of this document is carried out at the border. If the car is made in Russia, the manufacturer is engaged in the compilation of TCP.
  3. Help confirming the real value of the purchased vehicle. It is important to indicate the full amount that was spent on the purchase of a car.
  4. OSAGO. Registration of CTP is carried out in an insurance company, and not in the traffic police department. Nevertheless, the insurance policy should be, because without it you can not drive a car in the country. If it is detected, it will lead to administrative punishment.

We note that earlier when buying a car, special numbers were issued, with which it was possible to travel by car for 10 days. Now there are no such numbers, and if the traffic police officer stops for lack of numbers, he can present a certificate-invoice about the purchase of a car.From the date of the transaction, you can ride a car without numbers, too, for 10 days. This certificate contains the date of purchase of the car, so cheat will not work. After 10 days of driving without license plates, an administrative penalty can be applied.

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Register a used car

Here the process is slightly different:

  1. A package of documents is submitted to the traffic police department: the PTS and the JTS of the old owner, the passport of the new owner, a receipt for payment of fees and an application for registration.
  2. After filing these documents, the employee checks the past of the car. The check is a visual inspection of the car for dents (the presence of accidents), verification of documents, as well as verification of the body and engine numbers.
  3. After verification, a new JTS is created, which takes one hour to complete.
  4. After this procedure is carried out registration insurance.
  5. If you wish, you can leave the previous license plate of the car, which implies a savings of around 2000 rubles.

Note that upon receipt of the CTS TCP remains old.

What is indicated in the JTS?

This document contains the following data:

  1. The state license plate that allows the traffic police officer to check the car on the ITS.
  2. VIN code.This code does not change, because it must match the body number.
  3. Type and model of the vehicle. With this information, you can understand what category of rights a driver should have.
  4. Year of car manufacture. Also indicated is the engine license plate and, if there is one, the chassis number.
  5. Engine power in horsepower and kilowatts. The volume of the power plant.
  6. Permitted mass index.
  7. Passport details of the owner. This information is not only in the JTS. It is also entered into the database of law enforcement agencies.

Now you know where to see the car number. In the CTC, he is necessarily present. All information is entered by the traffic police. From this information, the license plate number, the number and series of the passport holder, as well as the series and number of the JTS can be changed.

where is the number of STS car

For example, when changing the engine, it is necessary to make changes in the JTS. But we note that they can be made only after obtaining permission. They are difficult to obtain and sometimes very expensive.

Recovery of a CTC upon loss

What is a vehicle STS, you already know. Now it's time to talk about what to do in case of his loss. If you lose this document, you will have to provide your vehicle for inspection again.According to the rules, this document can be issued even without inspection of the car, but traffic police officers have the right to request reconciliation of VIN-number. However, there is one difficulty. You cannot drive a car without a CTS, therefore the owner does not have the right to drive the car to the traffic police department. Therefore, if on the way an officer of the traffic police stops you and wants to check the vehicle's STS number, then there may be problems here too.

Therefore, in order not to evacuate the transport, you can request a document where the fact of loss of the JTS will be indicated. This certificate gives the right to drive a car without a JTS, but only for work on the reconciliation of the VIN number.

The issuance of the document a second time is also held in the traffic police office. Most recently, there was a service where you can pre-record. Due to this, drivers spend much less time on the procedure of STS recovery, and she herself is spent in the offices quite often. Therefore, now it’s not so scary to lose CTC.

Important points in restoring a document:

  1. When applying for restoration, it is necessary to indicate that the old CTC has been lost.
  2. In no case do not specify the fact of theft, if it was not. In such a case, a criminal case may be brought before the disclosure of which the new document is not issued.
  3. The application for restoration must be completed according to a special sample. To speed up the recovery process, you need to complete the form in advance.

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In addition to the application, you need to submit another set of documents:

  1. Passport. Identity document is required, without it nothing happens. The fact is that the database contains information including about the owner of the car.
  2. PTS. Recovering a document without a TCP will complicate the procedure. So do not lose it.
  3. A check confirming the payment of state duty.
  4. Insurance.

One day or two are allotted for consideration of this application. Usually it depends on the quickness of the employee who deals with your question, because all the information is available immediately - it is in the general traffic police database.

Failure to recover

Despite the fact that the process itself is not complicated, often the owners of vehicles are denied recovery of this document. Order No. 1001 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs specifies the moments where the CTC number of a vehicle cannot be restored. In particular, it may be refused in the following points:

  1. With the missing documents.
  2. In case of non-payment of taxes (no corresponding mark).
  3. If the car does not meet safety requirements.
  4. In the case of filing non-genuine documents in the traffic police.

If you receive a refusal, it is worth asking for an explanation of its reason in writing.

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Driving without STS

In case of loss of the registration certificate, it is impossible to drive a car, because the driver must always have this document. In practice, many people drive a vehicle without a JTS, hoping that the traffic police will not stop them and not ask for this document. But even at a stop, the drivers refer to the fact that the STS was lost and that they were going to restore it. In rare cases, it passes, and traffic police officers release drivers without an administrative penalty. Most often, if the driver does not show evidence, then this is accompanied by an administrative penalty. Therefore, it is extremely important to know that this is the vehicle ITS number and always carry the document with you.

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The process of registering a car varies from year to year. Today there is a simplified procedure, but even there there are pitfalls when making a car bought from hands.Therefore, when obtaining a certificate, be sure to specify in more detail the registration process. By the way, now you know how to find out the STS of the car, how to get it in the traffic police.

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