Infobusiness - what is it and how to start from scratch?

With the spread of computer technology, some professionals have moved to the Internet. Journalists and philologists are engaged in editing and writing articles, businessmen are looking for potential customers and partners on the Web, marketers and sociologists are doing research. Even consulting has moved to the World Wide Web and is now denoted by the buzzword “coaching.” And infobusiness? What it is? So now they call the earnings received from the sale of information.

What is infobusiness?

What is this word infobusiness? Often, the concept is on a par with the words "high income", "financial independence", "success." Of course, such headlines intrigue every inexperienced user. So, what is this business - infobusiness? How to make the first money, can you really achieve financial independence in this way?

info business what is it

Info business - what is it? This term is called earnings on the creation and sale of copyright courses.If you can provide the interested audience with useful information in a simple and understandable manner, you earn. The essence of the creation of infobusiness is the development of any information product in any convenient form and its profitable sale.

The info-businessman should not only have specific knowledge that will be of interest to the audience, but also be able to structure it, present it in the best possible way, organize an advertising campaign, and set up sales. The infoproduct can be both in electronic form and in material (that is, a video course disc, printed book). The most convenient way to create electronic products and sell online.

How to become infobusinessman?

How to start infobusiness? In order to make a high-quality information product (and a low-quality one just will not be sold), it is necessary to have some specific knowledge. For example, knowledge of how to create a profitable website, how to attract the attention of a beautiful girl or a wealthy man, how to lose weight and save the result, how to raise a child leader and so on. You can make a course of Photoshop lessons, tell your readers how to start selling handmade goods.A separate niche is made up of information courses (cases) developed by the author based on his own experience, be it business or another thing.

infobusiness from scratch

What is this - infobusiness? This is the same business as your own store or cafeteria, which means that you need not only to develop a useful course, but also to be able to promote it, set up advertising, accept payments, communicate with readers and answer questions. In order to start engaging in infobusiness on the Internet, it is desirable to have some experience in creating and filling websites (after all, to start sales, you need at least a landing page - landing page), in using electronic money (payment will come to your e-wallet), to attract the attention of the audience and other

Advantages of infobusiness

This type of business attracts by the fact that a high-quality information product can bring in its creator really fabulous money. Another positive point is to develop a useful course once, and you can sell it countless times. Thus, infobusiness can be a good source of passive income.

This is a great opportunity to earn on their skills, knowledge and skills.In addition, the author of the course opens a limitless information retrieval platform - the Internet. Infobusiness - what else is it? This is an opportunity to constantly evolve, the absence of any restrictions on earnings, the ability to work at any convenient time.

info business reviews

Disadvantages of work

Newbies of infobusiness, as a rule, pay attention only to the positive moments, but everyone forgets about the minuses. So, the competition in infobusiness is very high, you need not only to create high-quality products, but also to competently promote them. In addition, the organization of an advertising campaign may require financial investments, but there is no guarantee that the investment will pay off.

There is a problem with the audience. Russians are suspicious of infoproduktami, rarely buy what may be a collection of completely poor-quality and unnecessary information, which is so full on the Internet. Also, some unscrupulous customer may post your course on the Web, so that the infoprodukt will lose its value.

Another danger is that you can invest a lot of work, time and money in the development of the information product, but in the end you don’t get a penny or earn very little.

info business how to start

Classic formula

It is impossible to create an info-business from scratch, for successful sales you definitely need some kind of base, brand, authority, experience of interaction with the subscriber. It is worth getting acquainted with the classical formula by which many entrepreneurs successfully sell their knowledge for good money.

  1. Select a niche.For example, personal growth, psychology, health and weight loss, raising children, making money on the Internet, handicrafts, and so on.
  2. Creating a thematic website or blog.This is the main stage, which will attract a loyal audience, keep readers, and later make them subscribers and buyers. For example, for the thematic niche "Health" you can make a website about the treatment of various diseases at home. You can also choose narrower topics (you definitely need to provide for the possibility of creating an info-product in this topic), for example, “All about poisonings”, “Treatment with folk remedies”.
  3. Filling the website with articles, videos, audio recordings and other useful content.Content should be as interesting, unique and readable. Do not forget about keywords.Otherwise, readers will not find your site.
  4. Attracting an audience.For this web resource is optimized, methods of promotion on the Internet, advertising are involved.
  5. Create a mailing list.Subscribe later to help more effectively sell infoprodukt. It is important that you need to attract the reader to become a subscriber. Experts advise not only to announce new publications, but also to distribute interesting and useful materials to their readers.
  6. Creating infoprodukt.You can make infoprodukt in parallel with the launch of the mailing. Infoproduktom can be a book, video course, program. As a rule, the first product is distributed free of charge among subscribers. The second will be paid. It is necessary to bring readers to the release of the paid one slowly, with an interest in every letter or publication.
  7. ReleaseWhen everything is ready, it remains only to inform your audience about the exit of the information product and earn money from the sale.

Choosing a course topic

Choosing an infoproduct theme is an important step. This should be something that you are familiar and interesting. Of course, a person with medical education, but who is absolutely not interested in this topic and working in another field, can take some narrow direction in medicine, but such an infographic is unlikely to be of high quality.So, the first rule is to create information products on a topic that you really like, and you understand it a little.

create infobusiness

The second rule - you need to analyze the relevance of the subject. Find out how many people are interested in your future product. It is easy to analyze demand with the help of Yandex.Wordstat. If the topic is not interesting to anyone, the infoproduct will not be sold.

Next, set the level of competition - this is the third rule. The fewer competitors (especially in demand), the better.

You also need to think about how much information products you can create in the chosen topic. It is advisable to plan the development of several at once - this will allow you to position yourself as an expert in a particular topic. For example, if you decide to create an information product on the topic of woodcarving. The first can be “Basic course of woodcarving”, the second - “Secrets of craftsmanship”, the third - “How to become a famous master of woodcarving?” And so on. The fourth infoprodukt can already be a whole book on the topic.


The beginning of the info business is the choice of a niche and the creation of the information product itself.There are many types of information submission, you need to select the appropriate for a particular topic. First make the most detailed plan for the product, structure the information.

infobusiness newbies

It is important to remember that in each lesson there must be an introductory part, a major and a conclusion. If you plan a video or audio course, information is recorded separately for each lesson. Speech should be calm, without hesitation, competent.

High-quality and low-quality course

In order for a specific business - infobusiness - to be successful, you need to sell quality products. A good course gives answers to the questions posed, parses the question so that everything is clear, contains a practical, not a theoretical solution to the problem, unique information. The material presented in the course should reflect the actual practical experience of the author.

Substandard products describe the solution of a problem without a practical component, are not confirmed by the author’s personal experience, contain only processed information, and not the author’s one, describe what is already evidently promoted only through partner programs.

Copyright protection

When the infoproduct is ready, you need to think about copyright protection in order to protect yourself from being distributed by someone else. At least you need to set a password on the archive that will link the course to a specific computer so that no one else can activate the created product on another device even when using the correct password.

how to start infobusiness

Brand creation

Feedback on the infobusiness confirms that not only a high-quality product is necessary for successful promotion, but also branding. It is necessary to think over all to trifles: company colors, a logo, a slogan. Large sites sometimes even have a branded book, which contains all the codes of corporate colors, design templates and more. Brand design can also be used in an advertising campaign and for your own website.


You can promote your own information product using several methods. It is possible that it will take considerable efforts to make the desired result, to make financial investments in an advertising campaign. You can distribute the course through your website or blog, through social networks, video hosting, forums, online newsletters or affiliate programs.Methods of distribution of the product can be combined. The more advertising opportunities will be used, the better the course will be to find its buyer. Successes!

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