Independent Laboratory "Invitro" - feedback from staff and services

Laboratory "Invitro" is the largest private medical company in Russia, which was founded by the doctor-resuscitator Ostrovsky. Back in 1995, this specialist, together with his partners, created a company called OMB. One of the divisions of this company specialized in research analyzes of metropolitan hospitals. In 1998, they decided to open a retail medical office, whose services began to be called INVITRO. Today it is a brand of this medical company. In this article, we learn what this laboratory is today, and also consider the feedback from employees.invitro employee reviews

Invitro today

The laboratory has nine modern complexes, and, in addition, the largest network of nearly a thousand medical offices in Eastern Europe. The countries where this brand is present today are: Russia, Kazakhstan, as well as Belarus and Ukraine.This company offers over 1,700 varieties of laboratory research along with the services of instrumental and computer diagnostics. Invitro effectively helps patients and doctors take care of their health throughout their lives. The results of studies performed daily are recognized by all medical institutions in our country.

“Invitro” twice won the national trust award, which is called “Brand No. 1 in Russia”. In addition, the company is one of the perennial leaders in the framework of the national ratings of franchises such as BiBoss and Golden Brand.

High-tech equipment as the basis for quality results

Any laboratory tests are carried out using high-tech technological equipment, which is located on the territory of the Moscow laboratory. The area of ​​this laboratory is 3,500 square meters. Laboratory studies are performed on automated analyzers that help ensure high quality results. The presence of an analytical sorting station makes it possible to optimize the work flow and minimize the time it takes from the moment biomaterials arrive at the laboratory until the final results are obtained.

Staff reviews about Invitro are mostly positive.Invitro reviews of doctors and employees

Ongoing research

Thanks to this laboratory complex, more than one and a half thousand types of studies are performed that are intended for diagnostic purposes. The spectrum of research includes the analysis of hematological, biochemical, hormonal, immunological, microbiological, cytological, histological and cytogenetic tests. In addition, markers of inflammatory processes and autoimmune diseases are determined along with PCR diagnostics and drug monitoring. Specifically for the purpose of clinical research in Invitro there is the possibility of introducing new methods for performing non-routine tests. In addition, it is possible to connect external performers, which makes it possible to significantly expand the panel of tests provided.

Where is the material being taken?

As part of conducting clinical trials, biomaterial sampling is carried out on the basis of an extensive network of offices, which makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of errors and reduces the cost of courier services.Employee feedback on Invitro in Moscow confirms this.

Currently, the company is conducting the last phase of testing the functions of providing a personal account to customers. Already, patients can use such a useful tool. The personal account allows you to follow the results of the tests performed almost in real time. In addition, the personal account will be equipped with many other useful functions.invitro staff reviews Moscow

Staff reviews about the laboratory "Invitro" abound.


Competently built logistics serves as one of the basic parameters for the timely delivery of biomaterials to the walls of the laboratory for competent research. Invitro provides logistics services, attracting its own courier service, and, moreover, third-party services, thus offering the best options for various combinations in the price segment. Thanks to the use of modern containers, it is possible to make transportation in compliance with the proper temperature conditions in a wide range from -60 ° C to + 36 ° C.Delivery times in "Invitro" directly depend on the remoteness of cities. So, the delivery of biomaterials to Moscow from cities that are two thousand kilometers away is carried out in just one day. In the event that a city is more than two thousand kilometers away from the laboratory, then in two days. According to feedback from employees, working at Invitro is desirable for many.

What other services are available in the lab?

As part of its activities, the laboratory provides the following services:

  • Creation of personal laboratory instructions for researchers.
  • Training potential specialists in proper biomaterial sampling rules.
  • Printing various guide forms along with laboratory instructions.
  • Organization of the process of completing all kinds of laboratory kits.
  • Logistics services, thanks to which the biomaterial is delivered along with laboratory kits and related documentation.
  • Uploading the database in the required format for the client.
  • Presentations at research meetings with presentations of the laboratory part of clinical studies.
  • Preparation of biomaterials for departure.
  • Storage of biomaterials with strict observance of proper temperature conditions.
  • Disposal of in invitro staff reviews

In addition, in each project the following services are provided:

  • Free preparatory work aimed at the study of laboratory procedures for the study and the provision of commercial proposals.
  • Providing a personal qualified project manager.
  • Working with research centers to clarify information on guide forms, along with timely resolution of unresolved issues.
  • Maintenance of audits, and, in addition, monitoring visits to the main laboratory.
  • Providing final results of medical tests in a convenient format for customers.
  • Strict tracking of critical indicators of test results along with timely notification of research centers.

Work in "Invitro"

The total number of staff of this laboratory complex is two hundred and fifty people. Along with this, one hundred and fifty qualified specialists work simultaneously.The laboratory performs its tasks seven days a week, and the reception itself, along with the registration of the biomaterial, is conducted around the clock. Reviews of employees "Invitro" in SPB confirm this.

Caring for the team, which implies the qualification of the staff, along with motivation, professional and career growth, is a priority for the company.laboratory invitro staff reviews

Employees - the main value

The main value of the company are employees who are able to develop the laboratory and at the same time improve along with it. Only through a relationship based on mutual respect and partnership can a team of like-minded people be created. In the ranks of "Invitro" daily work exclusively highly qualified specialists. In turn, this company takes care that the level of knowledge along with the professional skills of the staff is constantly growing and improving. Inside the company, programs are implemented aimed at individual and corporate training, personal growth of employees, as well as the development of management skills.

We now find out what the employees themselves say about working at the Invitro medical company.

Employee Reviews for Invitro

It is worth noting immediately that the employees working in this company are very pleased with it. In particular, there are good conditions for workers. There are also many commendable reviews about the atmosphere, in which people write that it is easy to work together with colleagues, and any negative aspects can be smoothed out and solved amicably.
invitro reviews spb employees

In the opinion of employees, in the Invitro company, nurses receive a decent salary and regular bonuses. In addition, this employer employs its employees according to the Labor Code, providing fully official salary.

All employees of the company when performing any analyzes are given a discount. Moreover, this discount is granted not only to employees, but also to members of their families. What other staff reviews about Invitro exist?

Many report that working for a company is not an easy activity, but, as has already been noted, many people are nevertheless satisfied with it and receive a decent wage for their work. An additional advantage of people called the availability of flexible graphics. Employees also say that corporate events are often arranged for them.Reviews of doctors and employees of "Invitro" do not end there.

It is noted that the situation is very strict with discipline, any lateness of workers is punished with fines and so on, but the staff consider this to be the right measure and write that they agree with it. Also, people say that they have the opportunity to visit corporate fitness and use dentistry services under a voluntary insurance policy. Employees reviews about the independent laboratory "Invitro" we invitro employee reviews


Thus, today it is a high-level laboratory. As an employer, this company is also commendable, as in most reviews on the Internet, people report that they like to work in it and be part of it.

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