Improvement of the summer cottage with their own hands (photo)

Magazines illustrating the picturesque landscape design, always evoke a desire to equip a country site. However, how to embody their creative ideas and ideas, if financial opportunities do not allow to hire a designer? Improvement of the dacha is not such a difficult task. Any owner can easily cope with it, even without the help of a specialist. It is only necessary to properly plan the site and take advantage of some simple tips.

Recommendations for improvement

Initially make a list, which include all the wishes of the household. Indeed, for some, the improvement of the dacha is a wonderful flower bed, front garden. Others plan to grow record-breaking yields. And someone wants to equip a pool. In addition, it is necessary to equip a playground with a sandbox for children. And, of course, to organize a recreation area, preferably with a gazebo.

improvement of the dacha

When planning the improvement of the dacha plot (the photo in the article allows you to familiarize yourself with excellent solutions), be sure to listen to the following universal recommendations:

  1. Arranging the area, properly connect the lighting and all communications, tracks and compositions. Be sure to keep them in the same style.
  2. Consider the general landscape of the area and those green spaces that already exist on the site. Planted by you plants should blend harmoniously into the design.
  3. Perfect look good combination of elements of the landscape. For example, plants and stones will create a harmonious ensemble on an alpine slide, in rockeries.
  4. Decor elements of the same material are recommended to be placed in one zone. This will give a complete look to the composition.

Plot style

Improvement of the dacha plot should not begin with radical actions. Even if you have acquired the territory in which the house has already been built and the landscape has been arranged. Be sure to look around. Of course, you want to redo everything and change. But be sure to consider the features of the territory.

improvement of the summer cottage photo

An important aspect is the choice of landscape style. It must fully comply with the constructed house. Agree, the site in the style of high-tech is completely unsuitable for a rustic hut.But such a house can be perfectly improved by placing a beautiful front garden in front of it. Such an element has always been an attribute of a rural manor.

It is very important to consider the size of the territory. If you have to landscaping the dacha of 6 acres, then the question must be approached more carefully. In this case, a small front garden is recommended in which you can harmoniously place small landscape compositions.

Design stage

It is very important, planning to accomplish the improvement of the suburban area with your own hands, to embody all the ideas on paper. This is especially true if you are the owner of a small territory.

When distributing functional areas on a plot, be sure to consider:

  • lighting area;
  • ground water level;
  • orientation to the cardinal points;
  • Direction of the wind.

gardening and landscaping of the dacha

Put on your scheme all the future fragments: a small waterfall, a pond, an alpine slide and other landscape elements. Be sure to mark the paths.

Even if your budget is very limited, but you plan to put the original fountain, be sure to include it in the plan. The opinion that the improvement of the dacha is expensive, just a stereotype.Using the tools at hand, unnecessary things, you can create an amazing and unique landscape design.

Landscaping plot

Now you can implement ideas in life. Great pleasure will bring you gardening and landscaping suburban area. But to make your landscape in the future become a pride, use the small hints of designers:

  1. Bright accents must be created in the courtyard. This is a kind of focal points. Designers recommend creating such accents with plants. For example, in early spring a flower bed with tulips can become a bright point. And in the fall, it will move to another place - to blooming chrysanthemums. This is especially important for a small space. Such accents attract the eye, and the person does not focus on the size of the home improvement
  2. If you want to plant a tree, it is better to stay on one. This will avoid unnecessary shade in the yard. At the same time choose the one that has the original form and bright foliage. An excellent option could be maple, thuja, linden. The ideal solution is considered laurel cherry, conifer, holly.
  3. The decoration of your yard will be a small flower garden or a lawn, located in front of the house. The basis of the front garden should be perennial plants. Between them, plant annuals.Thus, you will achieve continuous flowering.

Arrangement of the yard

There are many excellent techniques that allow you to create a unique landscape at no extra cost. Be sure to read them. Perhaps some of them you implement in your courtyard. So, consider carefully if you are planning the improvement of the suburban area, photos of beautiful landscape designs.

A few ideas will help realize some of them:

  1. You should not abandon the decor, mistakenly assuming that it is not placed in a small area. But avoid large items and many small items. Choosing a decor, remember the unity of style and proportion it with the site. A small artificial pond decorated with a “weeping” stone will look great. Suitable original outdoor flowerpots with flowers. A great element of the decor can be a small rock arias or rock garden.improvement of the summer area 6 acres
  2. Be sure to plan the backlight. In the courtyard you can place several lamps on the supports. For the terraces are perfect wall lamps. In addition, do not forget about the flower garden. Small lamps will give it a special atmosphere of comfort in the evening.
  3. A great decoration can be unique masterpieces created from old automobile tires.
  4. A cozy gazebo is the "highlight" of your yard. A unique rose will give it a unique charm.
  5. Fans of the water element will get real pleasure from a small pond or waterfall, murmuring between the stones.


Landscaping the site is a creative, extraordinarily exciting process that will bring a lot of pleasure. Do not be afraid to experiment and fantasize. Indeed, sometimes the most incredible ideas allow you to create individual and inimitable landscape design.

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