Igor Zhizhikin - the actor who managed to conquer Hollywood

The success and popularity of Igor Zizhikin can be envied not only by Russian actors, but also by actors who are engaged in the art of reincarnation in the United States. Who of them dreamed of going to the same film set with such luminaries of Hollywood as Quentin Tarantino, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, or filming with famous American directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas? Of course, this is the ultimate dream for many representatives of the acting environment.

Igor Zhizhikin was able to turn this dream into a reality. It should be noted that the rise of his career did not occur in Russia, but in the United States, where he once went on tour. But the actor Igor Zhizhikin - a native of Moscow. It would seem that success and glory to him should have come in our country. But fate decreed otherwise. Today he has a huge number of fans in Russia, the actor sometimes agrees to shoot in domestic films. But Igor Zizhikin took his first steps in the art of cinema overseas.

Igor Zhizhikin

However, no one expected him abroad, so Igor didn’t immediately become a sought-after Hollywood actor.

Childhood and youth

Igor Zhizhikin was born on October 8, 1965 in Moscow. His childhood was the same as that of millions of Soviet children. In his early youth, Igor Zhizhikin dreamed of flying into space. He even ate a tube of toothpaste, imagining that there was not a remedy for caries in it, but crushed cutlets or borsch. Having received a certificate of maturity, the young man went to study at the technical college of communication.


After his graduation, Zhizhikin Igor Vitalyevich received a summons from the recruiting office and joined the ranks of the Armed Forces. In the army, the young man met his peers who professionally engaged in circus art.

Igor Zhizhikin films

Igor was shaken by the artistic abilities of his colleagues, and he made a promise to himself that after the service his profession would necessarily be connected with the circus. Demobilized, Igor Zhizhikin became a student of the Moscow Regional Institute of Physical Culture, defining for himself the specialty "Director of sports events".

Trip to america

In the late 80s of the twentieth century, a young man already worked in the troupe of the Moscow Circus. However, in the last years of the USSR, people began to attend circus programs less frequently.Soon there came such a moment that the directorate was forced to look for work abroad. Moscow Circus went on tour in the United States. However, after the troupe had completed the performances, their organizer unexpectedly disappeared with money, as a result of which the circus performers did not have enough money even to buy tickets back home. Fortunately, the Goszirk staff and representatives of the American church helped solve this problem.

Zhizhikin Igor Vitalevich

Igor Zhizhikin, whose biography contains many interesting and remarkable details, decided not to leave the United States, but to try his luck in this mysterious country, which was considered the benchmark of democracy.

Through the thorns to the stars

However, the path to the American dream was very difficult. There was no roof over the circus artist, so he often had to share benches in the park with homeless people. Yes, and to bring his appearance in order, Igor did not have the opportunity: he often penetrated into foreign territory and, while the owners were absent, swam in the pools, risking to meet with an evil dog. Zizhikin was interrupted by odd jobs, not at all embarrassed to mow lawns and sweep the streets.

Finest hour

And one day, fortune smiled at a circus artist. The young man just watched as in the huge hall with a lot of scenery rehearsed the show “Enter at night”. A huge number of young girls showed their external data on the stage. Naturally, Igor could not tear his eyes away from such beauty. And even the guard, who repeatedly shouted at him to remove a stranger from the hall, could not divert his attention. And soon the incident came to the attention of producer Don Arden. He called Igor to himself and asked the young man to go on stage. Then the producer asked the circus actor to pick up one of the girls, which he did.

Igor Zhizhikin biography

After some time, Igor Zhizhikin had already signed a contract with the producer, in which the amount of remuneration was written - one thousand dollars a week. At that moment a graduate of the Moscow Regional Institute of Physical Culture could only dream of such money. Zhizhikin's business card was the main role in the popular musical "Samson and Dalila" (Jubelee). But Igor did not forget about his main profession, finding work in the famous Cirque du Soleil.

Film career

Thanks to the occasion Zhizhikin got on the set. Resting in a strip club, he meets a famous Hollywood producer Ted Fox. And the American asked the Russian circus performer whether he played in the musical Jubelee Samson. Igor gave an affirmative answer and, jokingly, asked his interlocutor if there was any role for him. Surprisingly, Ted Fox agreed to give Zhizhikin a role.

Igor's debut in American cinema has become a simple image of a security guard in the comedy “Monkey Business”. Filming took place in California. Work in the cinema madly liked the guy. Then he entered the acting school of the University of Nevada, and after a while he moved to Los Angeles, where he began to take an active part in castings and screen tests.

Igor Zhizhikin, films with the participation of which are quite popular in the United States, has succeeded in the profession of an actor. As already emphasized, he was lucky enough to play on the same platform with many Hollywood stars.

Films in which the actor played:

  • "Special Forces in Russian 2" - James Norton.
  • “Male season: Velvet revolution” - Rodionov (Pike).
  • “Love in the big city 2” - Oleg Truba.
  • “The fog dissipates” (TV series) - illegal.
  • "Made in USSR".
  • "Marines" - Bob Denver.
  • “8 first dates” - Kolya's dad.
  • "Brigade: Heir" - Igor Leonidovich Vvedensky.
  • Sherlock Holmes - Stratter.
  • "Love in the big city 3" - Oleg Truba.
  • “Viy” - Dorosh.
  • "Major" - Arkady Viktorovich Ignatiev, a businessman, State Duma deputy.

Igor Zhizhikin personal life

In 2001, Igor took part in filming in his homeland. He played a cameo role in the series “Deadly Power”. Soon, domestic directors began to invite the actor to the movies one by one. Currently Igor Zhizhikin, films with the participation of which are well known to the Russian audience, has already played in Russia more than thirty roles. The actor often gets negative characters, and he skillfully knows how to reincarnate.

Outside the profession

And, of course, many are interested in whether Igor Zhizhikin has a family. It should be noted that he repeatedly tied himself together by marriage. For the first time, Igor Zhizhikin, whose personal life was very peculiar, married, pursuing, exclusively personal interests. His chosen was an American who worked as a simple waitress in a cafe.Having legalized relations with her, the actor wanted to solve the problem with a visa. But the authorities soon realized that their marriage was fictitious.

Three years later, the actor tied himself in marriage to a soloist of the musical, who was also a US citizen. And only after that he was given a long-awaited visa. But a few years later the actor divorced. For the third time, Igor offered his hand and heart to the Russian woman, the marriage with which lasted eight years. Currently, the actor is not married, he has no children.

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