Icon of the Three Joys: value and photo

Since ancient times, Russia has bowed and beggedprotection and help before holy images. They heal, save, help, and revive those who pray for them earnestly, for the aspirants always receive. There are many such icons, but those who are famous for their miracles are especially honored. These include the Miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Three Joys. We will talk about this miraculous image today.

Icon of the Three Joys

icon of three joys

Interesting story of the appearance of a particularly reveredshrines in Russia. For a long time, at the beginning of the 18th century, during the reign of Tsar Peter I, young people had a fashion to study abroad. A young Russian painter was sent to Italy for training, who, after graduation, brought with him to his homeland the exact image of the Catholic icon of the Mother of God "Holy Family". Scientists believe that the original of this icon was written by Rafael himself, the great creator and the embodiment of artistic style and taste. A young artist, educated in the best Western traditions, presented a holy image to the priest of the Trinity Life-Giving Church on the Muds. He was his relative, and in turn, gave the icons to the temple. For a while nothing was heard of her, but 40 years later the first miracle happened.

Three joys in joy

icon of three joys valueThe legend says that one distinguished, respectable ladyfrom an aristocratic society fell into a difficult life situation, suffered great losses. She had three troubles at the same time. So, her beloved husband was slandered and put in prison. The family's family estate was taken away, and her only son was taken prisoner on the battlefields. The unhappy woman everywhere was looking for help in overcoming the evil fate. She warmly and sincerely prayed to the Most Holy Theotokos, begging her with pleas and tears for her protection and help. Every night she turned to her for advice, until one day, in a dream, she heard a voice that told her to find the icon "Holy Family" and pray before the holy way. A long unhappy woman wandered around the churches of Moscow and looked for this icon until she came to the Trinity Church on the Muds. There, on the porch of the Trinity Church, on the Pokrovka, and there was an icon "Holy Family". Having fallen to her knees, the venerable lady prayed fervently beside the holy image.

After some time she got three joyfulto lead: the husband was acquitted, and he finally returned home from exile, his son was released from captivity, and the family estate was returned. It was from that time that this icon became known as the icon of the "Three Joys". The parishioners praying to this image also noticed that the joy from this icon comes in threefold.

The Holy Face

the icon of the Holy Mother of the Three Joys

The icon depicts a God-of-God on her kneesThe Blessed Virgin with a white flower in her hands. To the right of the center is Joseph the Betrothed, and to the left - John the Baptist at a young age. Both look lovingly at the Divine Baby. The icon of the "Three Joys" is celebrated on December 26 according to the old style (or on January 8, according to the new style). Only once a year the parishioners of the Trinity Church on the Muds have the opportunity to pay special tribute to memory and ask the saints for protection and forgiveness. However, it "works" always: crowds of believers daily seek to worship the holy image.

What should we pray for before the shrine?

the prayer of the icon of the three joysMany people come to worship the image of the Theotokospeople with all kinds of requests and entreaties, because it is believed that it helps in many cases. Turn to the icon of those who fell into a difficult situation in a foreign land or is on the army service in hot spots. Diligent prayer to the icon of the "Three Joys" helps to restore the lost, to be freed from captivity, to escape from the enemy. Before this image, they ask for healing from ailment, about the successful resolution of an important matter. Very often pray undeservedly maligned sufferers or those who lost the good, acquired by honest work. The image has become famous for its miracles, there are many cases when the lost was returned to its rightful owner.

The Grace of the Sovereign

Historians know for certain that the icon of "Threejoys "was respected and honored in the royal house of the Romanov family. One of the lists of this icon was presented to Maria Alexandrovna, the wife of Emperor Alexander II. The present was made by Anna Fedorovna Aksakova, the maid of honor of the Empress, who, after the death of Maria Alexandrovna, took the icon back to herself for a while. But then she returned the icon to the house of the Romanovs, having handed her to the wife of Tsarevich Sergey Aleksandrovich Elizabeth Feodorovna. It was said: "I want your bride to take the image, as a blessing from your mother ..."

icon of three joys in MoscowBut not only in the rich chambers of the royal house, the icon"Three Joys" enjoyed an honor. The common people also prayed fervently in front of the image and received miracles according to their faith. The inhabitants of the Kuban were very fond of the shrine. The icon of the Mother of God "Three Joys" helped the mothers and wives of the Kuban Cossacks. Thanks to sincere prayers before the shrine, their brothers, sons and husbands returned safely from military campaigns.

Icons Lists

Currently, the icon of the "Three Joys" in Moscowis located on the territory of the Trinity Zhivonachnaya temple on the Muds at the Pokrovsky Gate. This is the oldest icon list, which was written in the middle of the 19th century. It was here that the holy image of the Mother of God "Three Joys" was brought to this monastery from Italy, which disappeared during difficult revolutionary times and the church was closed. The fate of the original image is hitherto unknown.

There are two more honored list icons of the "Three Joys". One is in Moscow, in the church of the Deposition in Leonov, and the second - in the house church of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, with Sofrinskaya brigade of operational assignment.

When in 1992 the Trinity Church on the Muds was openedagain, the parishioners were presented with several icons. These icons were seized at customs, when they were wanted to be illegally exported abroad. Among them was the icon of the Mother of God "Three Joys". This is a list of Italian icons, but written in the Russian icon painting tradition of the 19th century. Before this icon miraculously the lamp was lit, after which it was especially honored. Always on Wednesdays, around the image, worship takes place and Akathist is read.

The meaning of the

the icon of the Blessed Virgin of the Three JoysThe icon of the "Three Joys" is cherished and loved by the people. Its significance is great for the Orthodox people. A warmly appealing parishioner always receives what he asks with an open heart and pure thoughts. The image gives healing to people asking for help, including oncology. They pray before him about the gift of children, a successful marriage or marriage. The shrine returns the mind to those who have lost their reason, helps to find a way out of the difficult situation, gives the person strength. That is why the icon of the "Three Joys" is so venerated - the meaning attached to it by the Russian people is of no small importance for every believing person.

Pilgrim's help

The icon of the "Three Joys" is the second mainthe shrine of the temple of the Life-Giving Trinity on the Muds, located at the Pokrovsky Gate. You can get to the service on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Also every Monday a moleben is performed to the Monk David Garedjiysky, and every Thursday to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. These are two more particularly revered shrines of the temple, but they will be discussed next time.

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