I wonder why dreams of tomatoes

Today in a dream you saw tomatoes? They were ripe and juicy. Know that in the near future you will have happy days. Tomato is an auspicious sign. This dream has a very interesting meaning. Now we will tell about everything in more detail.

Love symbol

Why do tomatoes dreamNo matter what dream you look, everywhere you will find why tomatoes dream of. This vegetable is a sign of love. It symbolizes feelings, new relationships, pleasant acquaintances and passionate meetings. Especially if you are holding a red tomato. So, soon your heart will win a pleasant stranger. Your relationship will develop rapidly and may lead to the crown. If you dreamed of an ugly, incomprehensible form of this vegetable, then such a sign symbolizes that you do not reciprocate a new boyfriend, and, having lost, you will bitterly regret your deed. It is unpleasant if you had a dream about rotten and missing tomato. In this case, you will find deception by your beloved, disappointment. Unripe vegetable is also bad. In the dream books it says that your chosen one will not be ready for a serious relationship, and the novel will end as suddenly as it began.Notice how the dream books explain what dreams of salted tomatoes are for. Marinated tomatoes are a precursor of deception. This is a warning that in the near future it is impossible to succumb to the temptation and go on deception. Any lie will always be revealed. And believe me, you will get the most if you don’t heed the warning.

Interpretation for married people

Why dream of salted tomatoesExplain why dreams of tomatoes, married is very simple. If a married woman saw a vegetable in a dream, then a secret lover will appear in her life. She would love to have a romance and surrender to the senses. It is possible that the new elect will be the reason for breaking the marriage bond. If she walks along a tomato plantation, then it promises her a journey. And it was on the trip that she was destined to meet a new love. A man is explained differently, what dreams of red tomatoes. For him, it is a symbol of success and climbing the career ladder. His efforts and efforts will finally be crowned with success and will be appreciated by the management. Having seen a ripe vegetable in a dream, the representative of the stronger sex can afford to relax. Everything that he started at work will bring profit. Especially if his work is related to finance and transactions at various levels.Why dream of red tomatoesDo not waste time looking for the answer to the question of what tomatoes dream of. Hurry and start your own business. Good luck now loves you. Your business will flourish, and the capital invested will soon return a hundredfold.

Other meanings

Besides the fact that this vegetable symbolizes success and new tumultuous novels, there is one more explanation of what tomatoes dream of. For example, the moon dream book claims that tomatoes dream of healing and good health. If in a dream you eat ripe vegetables and enjoy them, then know that all ailments are receding, you are healed. If in real life nothing bothered, then the red tomatoes seen in a dream are a confirmation that you have excellent health. It is even strange that a tomato from dreams is a symbol of health, new relationships, crazy love and good luck in business. Do not believe? Well, it's up to you. Only when you dream about a ripe and juicy tomato, remember what that might mean. Just check to see if the dream is true.

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