I wonder how many people are in the company?

In order for the army to be operational, itshould be clearly organized. One of the elements of its organization is the company. It can have several platoons in its composition. Also, there may be several offices that are not part of any platoon. The number of people in the company depends on the army of which country we are talking about. In different states there may be a different number of soldiers in this division. Also, in different kinds of troops, how many people in a company can differ. In certain situations, if we consider all possible options, the number of personnel can vary widely. So, speaking about how many people in the company, we can specify the number of twelve to two hundred people.
how many people in the companyThe company may be part of the battalion, butbe separate. Also in its composition can be separate platoons. The battalion is the smallest unit, which has its own separate headquarters.

The rank of commander of the company is the captain. A separate company, as a rule, is commanded by a major. If we talk about the Russian armed forces, the answer to the question "how many people in the company in the tank troops" will be: from thirty-one to forty-one people. This is its minimum size. In motorized rifle troops, this number is already from sixty to one hundred. In airborne troops - eighty people.
how many people are in the company

In various branches of the company, the company can be calleddifferently. For example, in artillery, the battery corresponds roughly to what is called a company in motorized rifle forces. In the cavalry, it corresponds to the squadron. In the border troops this unit corresponds to the outpost. In the latter case, as a rule, the company consists not of platoons, but of branches. The commander of the outpost is usually a major.

You can learn something interesting by turning tostories. Thus, in France, at the time of D "Artagnan, as we know, there was a company of musketeers.How many in the company were at that time, no less than 330 royal musketeers.This unit not only had its commander, but also his own treasurer, doctor and priest.
how many people in one company

In the modern Russian army scientificCompanies that are engaged in relevant tasks. They are formed mainly from students of technical universities. Service in such companies will be counted as an urgent service in the army. In order to get into them, you need to pass a competition. It is interesting that the service takes only a few months. After the end of this period, the next shift arrives. Students return to study, and the new shift continues to work for the army.

There are also support companies. They consist of a management, a platoon of traffic regulation, a communications platoon, combat support, a communications workshop, a repair and commandant's platoon. This company provides service. Here, important organizational and technical tasks are being solved. How many people in one company in this case it is difficult to say. Its composition is determined primarily by the tasks facing it.

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