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Bright and fragrant hyacinth flowers bloom in early spring. Its modern varieties and forms amaze with a variety - all shades of pink, white, violet, black and claret. Cultivation of this culture is possible both at home and in the garden. Hyacinth flowers are suitable for early cutting and forcing. Early in spring, the first shoots are shown in the ground in the form of thick pointed tubes, from which dense, still green inflorescences appear. The leaves have a belt-like shape, bright green and brilliant color. They open gradually, and the inflorescence-brush accumulates color. And eventually, over the opened hyacinth leaves, a thick, straight, leafless peduncle appears, which reaches 20–30 cm in height and is densely literally trimmed with new blossoming flowers. The inflorescence contains up to 30 bell-shaped, tubular or funnel-shaped buds that have a distinct aroma.

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History of origin

The natural habitat of hyacinth are Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean.Ornamental varieties come from oriental hyacinth. For a long time, the genus of this plant was assigned to the family Lileinye, and only recently it was identified in the Hyacinth family, which also includes one "close relative" - ​​the Spanish Scylla. These flowers have been cultivated since ancient times in the east. In the sixteenth century, merchants brought to Europe a modest plant with an exquisite aroma and bright blue bells that instantly took root in the wet and mild climate in the Netherlands. It invariably aroused the admiration of the high-class public - after all, at first the hyacinth bloomed only in the gardens of wealthy collectors. The 17th century was distinguished by its industrial breeding, and in the 18th, 2 thousand varieties of this wonderful plant with fragrant, simple and double flowers were invented. Among the innovations were hyacinths, having several flower stalks at once. Today, the UK and the Netherlands are considered to be the main suppliers of hyacinth bulbs.

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Hyacinth flowers got their name after one beautiful legend. Hyacinth is a hero of Greek myths, a beautiful young man who was honored with the love of the sun god Apollo.The god of the West wind also experienced a passion for a beautiful young man, and once out of jealousy he mortally wounded him during a disc throwing workout. Where the blood of a handsome man was shed, a magnificent flower grew, named Apollo in honor of his beloved.

House Flowers Hyacinth

For the cultivation of hyacinth at home it is necessary to create conditions that are closest to natural ones. This means - to keep him in a cool place in the ground in winter, and in the summer to provide him with warmth and peace.

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Potted Hyacinth Flowers: Planting and Care

It is better to plant the bulbs in early autumn to a depth of 15 cm. In order for the flower to be healthy and bloom well, it is sometimes necessary to add fertilizer. Hyacinths love open, sunny or slightly shaded areas and structural light soils, which consist of a mixture of humus and sand.

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