How does the broken glass dream book? Glass broken why dream?

A dream in which a person sees broken glass is usually treated as unfavorable. But, depending on the nuances, interpretations may be different. Therefore, do not rush to solve their night visions. Look in the dream book. Glass broken in a dream has many meanings. Let's try to understand their diversity.

dream window broken glass in the window

Interpretation of the dream book Fedorov

In this interpreter, almost all dreams in which broken glass appears have a negative meaning:

  • The piece of glass seen means that the dreamer's unreasonable jealousy can lead him to a quarrel with his half.
  • Many glass fragments have dreamed of - in reality, you really quarrel with your husband (wife) due to completely vain suspicions.
  • If you dreamed that you yourself broke the glass - you are in for a scandal because of some trifle.
  • Someone else breaks a glass in a dream and interprets a dream book as the probability of a large family scandal due to the factthat by force you tried to come up with a solution to an important problem.
  • If in night dreams you had to insert a new glass in place of broken glass, a family scandal with your relatives could break out due to your fault.

Interpretation of different dream books

Various dream books provide explanations for a variety of situations that are associated with broken glass.

In the ABC of the interpretation of dreams, the broken glass seen is interpreted as a possible quarrel. And such a dream can be considered a call for a more realistic outlook on life.

Small Veles dream book breaks the glass in a dream explains so that in reality you can not succumb to someone's deception or avoid danger.

According to the Family Dream Book, a broken window may portend a dreamer to failure in a business in which he invested a lot of strength and energy. But if you happen to cut yourself with glass - you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your talents, than you will win sincere admiration from others.

Slavic dream book glass, broken by you in a dream, also considers a symbol of deliverance from dangers.

A modern dream book considers broken glassware to be a sign of the unsuccessful completion of a dreamer's undertaking.

The twenty-first century dream interpretation explains that the brilliant glass fragments in your night vision are a symbol of happiness and luck.

In the Dream Book for Lovers it is said that to cut oneself in a dream with glass is a sign that you will be admired by a person to whom you are not indifferent.

In the Esoteric Dream Book it is written that the broken glass that has dreamed can lead you to a meeting with very old acquaintances. Perhaps in real life you do not really want this. Therefore, to avoid this, consider your dream a warning.

dream book interpretation broken glass

Dream interpretation. Broken glass in the window

Such a dream is given at least by one explanation practically by each of the well-known interpreters.

According to Miller’s dream book, such a dream can be explained in such a way that the initiative in which you have invested all your experience and knowledge will end in failure.

The dream book of the modern woman also believes that a broken window in a dream portends failure in business.

The Dream Trainee examines the situation in which the dreamer broke a pane of glass and got out. This image means that your current desire will be fulfilled.

In the dream books of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, such a vision is explained as the occurrence in your life of major complications due to some extraneous events from which you wanted to stay away.The dream warns that in reality you will not be able to distance yourself from solving the problems that have arisen.

What else is important to know? As they say in the dream book, you can break the glass in the window completely or partially. If it is completely broken - you can not cope with the troubles. And if the window glass is only cracked, you will safely overcome all the obstacles that have arisen. True, sometimes a broken glass pane in a dream can be a call for you to test your vision with a specialist.

dream interpretation dream interpretation broken glass

What dreams of broken glass in the car

Different dream books glass, broken in the car, treats rather contradictory. Sometimes sleep can be a precursor to the fact that you buy a new car, and can warn about possible dangers that may occur on the road.

If you accidentally smashed the windshield in your sleep - in life you need to strive to expand your horizons or to meet new people.

If the glass was broken by you intentionally - the time has come to correct the once-made mistake.

A dream in which you replace the glass broken in the car and insert a new one speaks of your desire to insulate everyone.

And some dream books replace the broken windshield with the fact that soon you will buy a new car.

broken glasses in a dream

What dreams break the glass on the clock

Such a dream, depending on the details, can be interpreted in different ways:

  • If the dreamer inadvertently broke the glass in the clock - in reality waking him in danger, but he can avoid it. In this case it would be nice if you remember the time indicated by the arrows. This can prompt the moment when you need to be as attentive as possible.
  • If you deliberately hit the glass of your wall clock and smashed it - this dream foreshadows that you can consciously break your relationship with someone.
  • It is explained in the dream book, what dreams of broken glass on wrist watches. This is also considered not a very good sign. Because of your frivolous behavior, you risk the reality of being tricky.
  • Even a similar image in a dream can mean a lost chance.

Why dream of breaking glassware

In dreams, each of the dishes has its own meaning. For example, plates dream of fun and celebration, cups - for family matters. And the glasses in a dream have a romantic purpose. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the dishes broken in a dream obviously do not promise the fulfillment of the plans.So what can this or that broken vessel seen by you in night dreams mean?

Crystal vase is a symbol of positive changes.

Smashed a glass - you may have to move. And still such dream can mean that you will have a new partner.

If a bottle has scattered on the fragments - such a night vision can be a quarrel or illness.

A glass broken in a dream says that you are afraid of something.

If the saucer turns out to be broken, then your romantic relationship may end.

The center of such a dream was a plate - wait for home fights, because of which you are upset.

A big meal has broken in a dream - this may mean that you are directing your energy in the wrong direction.

dream window break window glass

The interpretation of dreams, depending on the size of the fragments and the color of glass

In a dream-book, broken glass may have a different meaning depending on the size of the fragments:

  • If the glass object has broken into large pieces, a quarrel may arise between the dreamer and the beloved, as a result of which their relationship will become cool.
  • If the thing is scattered into small pieces - you will be lucky in all minor matters.
  • If you are trying to look at something through a shard - in real life you are waiting for something or someone.

In the dream books, the interpretation of broken glass also depends on what color it was:

  • If it is dark, it is the renaissance of old connections.
  • Colored glass promises that your life will become more diverse.
  • If transparent - you can fully control the situation important for you.
  • And if the glass was opaque - just in the case that is important for you, you are in suspense.
dream book what is dreaming of broken glass

Dream Interpretation: interpretation of dreams about broken glass depending on the behavior of the sleeper

The characteristic of the dreamer's actions is important for correct decoding of night vision:

  • If you deliberately hit the glass - your business will develop successfully.
  • If it was broken accidentally - you can be deceived.
  • If you were ruled by anger - be more careful in actions, control your behavior.
  • A glass object banged in a happy rush - joyful events await you, in the implementation of your projects all the circumstances will develop successfully.
  • If you smashed glass in a dream and hid it from others - in reality you keep some secret.
dream book break glass in a dream

Explanation of dreams about broken glass from the point of view of psychologists

Experts in the field of psychology explain what they saw in a dream broken glass either by trying the dreamer to remove any obstacles from his path, or by his desire to break the vicious circle of domestic problems.

If a person in night visions tries to break free from a broken window, glass door or wall, he needs to quickly deal with the accumulated problems and unresolved issues.

If he managed to get out without getting hurt - in reality he will overcome all the difficulties.

But if the dreamer, trying to get out through the broken glass, has cut or scratched, it will take him some time to solve his problems in order to gather his thoughts and decide on an action plan. It is also important to understand what prevents him from achieving his goals. If he can eliminate all obstacles, things will go smoothly.

Due to the fact that the glass is fragile, it can become a characteristic of a fragile situation in a dream. And broken glass symbolizes your readiness for one or another action. To find out what kind of behavior you choose, refer to the dream book.Comparing all the details of the dream, you will receive a decoding that will help you to understand this or that situation.

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