How to write a summary of the Russian language?

Under the statement refers to the performance of written work associated with conscious perception, understanding the text and the transfer of its content. At the same time, all the features of the original source should be preserved - artistic and stylistic.

What they are

Presentations are of different types, depending on the nature of the text.

1. Narrative presentation. This is the one in which there is a plot (plot).

2. Descriptive presentation (or containing elements of the description of something).

3. Presentation in the form of reasoning (or containing elements of it).

Most often texts for presentations contain elements of all types. It is very important to be able to divide the text into segments of certain types, since it is necessary to work with each of them differently.

how to write a summary

How to write a narrative story type

The simplest is the narrative type of presentation. Speech in this, as a rule, is about the life of people or entire countries, cities, facts and events.Most often this narrative is artistic, but it can be quite scientific. The main thing in it - information about events occurring in a certain sequence. It is usually required to write a statement from 3 persons.

The most frequent error of this type of work is a search of the same type of information and an unjustified repetition of synonyms. If you want to get rid of this drawback, get into the work of professional authors. Well-structured text avoids unnecessary repetition and implies certain patterns when using forms of verbs.

What to look for

In the narrative text, specify first of all the main idea. Sometimes it is enough to read the title thoughtfully. At the next stage, the material is divided into micro-themes, in each of which the most important is highlighted. It will be easier to work if the student “walks” through each of the fragments and clarifies for himself:

1. Does this passage contain information that cannot be dispensed with in the following narrative?

2. Which parts are needed, which ones are minor? Is it possible to do without them and why?

how to write a summary in Russian

3. How can one concisely formulate the main idea of ​​each fragment?

4. In what phrases and words is the relationship to the characters of the author revealed?

5.Who in this case is the main actor of the passage and how to attach the actions of the hero to the main content of the text?

Go to the description

How to write a description in the form of a description? This is considered the most difficult of all. In carrying out such work, it is required to draw a static picture that carries the image in all the details of a certain phenomenon, a portrait of a person or an inanimate object with the identification of all its characteristic features.

When writing the work of this type is very important not to miss a single detail. The reader should have a transfer effect in a specific era and environment to which the topic of work relates. The ability to create a vivid impression of one’s own “opus” does not apply to simple skills, it takes a long and hard work on it.

how to write a summary of the Russian language

What you need to do

How to write a statement of this type? In order to perform the task well, the following questions should be solved:

1. What details are given by the author to characterize the subject and why he chose these, and not others?

2. What are the signs based on the description?

3. How are the elements grouped together and compared?

4.What language means the author achieves the goal?

By answering this question, the student may assume that the preparatory stage has been passed. When it comes to museum exhibits, collections of books and paintings or attractions, elementary erudition can help out if the text on the reading is not fully deposited in the head.

Let's reason

How to write a presentation of the third type? Reasoning also gives a lot of difficulties to students. For the success of such work, it is important to have analytical thinking and the ability to understand and convey not only what is happening, but also why, and what can be expected in the future.

how to write a presentation

While working on this type, one should clarify the main idea of ​​the whole statement, single out its individual components, build a plan of one’s own reasoning, equipping them with complex and well-thought-out argumentation. The text should be reproduced from a third party, carefully watching the selection of language tools.

About the amount written

How detailed should the text be? How to write a statement on the Russian language, if it is not too strong?

Students who have a good memory and ability for logical analysis, as well as developed written speech, can afford a detailed transfer of the read.

If the student is confused in the differences between the main and secondary, can not comprehend the essence of the story or has an unimportant memory, he has to write shorter. In the case of an exam, the text must be presented on at least 2 or 3 standard notebook pages.

"How to write a statement in Russian?" - headache not one generation of schoolchildren. What specifically can I advise?

Remember that the presentation in essence is a kind of "arithmetic average" between the composition and the dictation. There is no need to invent anything from the head, but the proposed finished text, nevertheless, should be understood, creatively comprehended and correctly reproduced.

write a summary of 3 persons

Useful tips schoolboy

The teacher always gives detailed instructions on the technique of retelling, so in our article we will not repeat the obvious things. Let's try to "run" on the most problematic items.

Before the beginning of the dictation, try to concentrate, be sure to pick up a pencil or a proven, well-written fountain pen. It is very important to make marks during the listening process, and it will be extremely offensive if the process is disrupted due to a rod suddenly ending in a pen or the like.

Do not forget about the tasks. Your goal is to determine from the very first lines to which of the listed types of statements this work applies. Without understanding this important issue for himself, the student cannot count on success.

Author's designs (for example, in the form of direct speech) must be preserved in its original form. For this short quotes is best to quickly write on a draft pencil.

Remember that it is much more important to convey the idea and fully disclose the topic than to get stuck in small and sometimes irrelevant details.

And more nuances ...

In no case should the instruction read by the teacher be ignored, otherwise there will be no high marks. Try to keep the meaning of the text in your head as a sequence of images. If the plan of the dictated text is discussed collectively, it is better to participate in it on a par with everyone.

Do not rush to write immediately all at the time of the initial reading. The same applies to the transfer of text from draft to sharp copy - you should not rush with this, it is better to wait for the permission of the teacher.

Draft should be filled freely, leaving empty spaces.In these "windows" later it will be possible to add the missing information. It is most convenient to take the pen capillary or gel with a thin rod.

how to write an essay

Saving time

To save time, use abbreviations to save time. But try not to get confused later on in your own abbreviations.

The time allotted for the presentation should be used as efficiently as possible. You should never be distracted by anything else.

The essence of the whole work is disclosed sequentially in paragraphs, each of which contains a specific microtheme. Start by designating the main idea of ​​each of them, writing down the main thesis as the first sentence. Then you can slowly reveal its contents.

Little tricks

Carefully monitor literacy to avoid mistakes. Words that you doubt in writing are better underlined and thought over them further. The same applies to punctuation marks.

If the problem is not solved in any way, here is a small hint how to write a statement (essay). Use the fact that this is not a dictation, the construction of the sentence can always be changed, and the dubious word can be replaced by a synonym without losing meaning.For the same reasons, you should not resort to long sentences with lots of commas and complex structures - they are easy to get confused and make a mistake.

Finished work should be carefully checked. Before you write a summary on a pure copy, a draft must be carefully read at least two times. When checking should pay special attention to the logical relationship of all parts of the work. Particular attention should be paid to paragraphs - their number should correspond to the points of the plan or be slightly larger, but not smaller.

We wish you all success in such creative work as writing a presentation!

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