How to write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor

Often, citizens are forced to face numerous violations by trade organizations, producers of goods or companies providing services to the public. They often require compensation for damage. Often, the organizations themselves refuse to cover losses, which is why citizens file a complaint with the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection. It can be formed on banks, shops, management companies or other enterprises. It is the Federal Service for the Protection of Buyers' Rights Employees of this institution may bring violators to justice.

sample complaint to Rospotrebnadzor consumer rights

Functions of the institution

Rospotrebnadzor is a government body whose main purpose is to control how consumer rights are respected. It protects the rights of every citizen of a country. Therefore, it is precisely this institution that requires contacting people if different companies selling goods, providing services or performing work, operate in violation of the rights of clients.You can write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor on any organization, and this document is drawn up in a free form.

The main functions of this public institution include:

  • verification of entrepreneurs or companies related to the provision of catering services, and the main purpose of such inspections is the identification of violations;
  • study of the activities of trade enterprises selling food, clothing or other goods for final consumers;
  • inspections of medical facilities, which may be public or commercial;
  • studies the activities of other organizations providing services to the public;
  • employees of the institution respond to all complaints made by citizens, and this includes the purchase of low-quality goods, the incorrect provision of services or other violations on the part of entrepreneurs and companies;
  • implementation of epidemic control, as well as the identification of various harmful bacteria or viruses in products;
  • inspection of imported goods, which allows to identify hazardous ingredients in food or harmful components in clothing, toys or other goods;
  • introduction of quarantine for detection of infections, which allows you to monitor the epidemiological situation in any region;
  • using different methods to improve the well-being and health of citizens, so if in a particular city there is a large amount of harmful emissions on Wednesday due to the work of numerous industrial enterprises, then you can send complaints to the institution.

Thus, Rospotrebnadzor is considered a significant public institution for all citizens. A complaint with the Consumer Protection Authority of Consumer Rights Protection often allows people to defend their rights and receive compensation from violators.

Complaint to the Federal Service for Consumer Protection

Grounds for filing a claim

A citizen must have certain grounds for filing a complaint with this state institution. The law does not contain any restrictions on topics, so a complaint to the Federal Service for the Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Rights can be formed for various reasons. But at the same time, the appeal should be connected with the violation of human rights, that is, as a consumer of goods or services.

Consumer complaint to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Services should be submitted taking into account certain features

  1. Anonymous is usually not considered by the employees of the institution, so the verification does not start on the basis of this document This fact is indicated in the Federal Law No. 277. If there is no possibility to identify the person who wrote the complaint, such an appeal cannot be the basis for an unscheduled inspection. Citizens can file such complaints via the Internet or in handwritten form.
  2. In the preparation of the appeal, it is important to specify only reliable facts. If you write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor, which contains false information, then the verification process for any company will be terminated. Additionally, the organization will file a lawsuit in court to recover from the applicant the money spent on the inspection. Therefore, you should not contact the institution to simply teach a certain entrepreneur.
  3. Since the beginning of 2017, changes were introduced into the legislation, therefore, before submitting a complaint to the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Rights, the consumer should try to solve the problem in a peaceful way by contacting the offending company directly. If the company on the basis of this complaint does not fulfill the requirements of the consumer, then after that you can contact the state organization.

Regularly in the Federal Law № 277 changes. This law is created to protect the rights of companies. Therefore, each consumer must first apply to the offending enterprises themselves, and only after a negative response to the appeal is allowed to write complaints to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection.

Complaint to the Federal Service for the Protection of Rights

How to make a statement?

There are many ways to apply to Rospotrebnadzor:

  • personal visits to the department of the institution in order to transfer a written document to the employee of the organization, and it is important to arrive only at reception hours;
  • use of the official website of the organization for the preparation of electronic circulation;
  • sending the application by registered letter, but additionally you should order a receipt;
  • using the portal of state services, which requires registering in advance on it, as well as finding a special form for contacting Rospotrebnadzor, when using this method of addressing, are considered really quickly;
  • sending an e-mail to the address of the institution, but it is important to correctly select the address that you can find out directly in the branch of the organization;
  • The use of facsimile calls with a fax is considered a good option, but it is recommended to call the reception office in advance,to make sure the fax is working.

Documentation is sent to the department of the institution at the place of residence of the citizen. Most often, citizens file a complaint with the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Rights Control in electronic form, since this method is considered the most convenient and expeditious. To do this, just fill out correctly the special form on the website of the institution. Compiled appeal is registered, after which the applicant receives a notification of its acceptance.

To learn about all the possibilities and features of the submission of the document, please call the hotline of Rospotrebnadzor.

how to file a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor

What to include in the complaint?

When writing a statement, it is taken into account exactly which rights of the consumer were violated. A sample of the complaint to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Rights can be viewed below. The document indicates who exactly is filed a complaint, as well as what damage was caused to the buyer.

At the same time there are certain requirements that should be taken into account by each applicant in the preparation of the appeal. How to file a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor? To do this, the application must necessarily indicate the information:

  • in the beginning of the document they write that it is a complaintwhere possible, it is recommended to register the direct official to whom she is appointed, for which the data available on the official website of the organization are used;
  • personal information about the applicant, submitted by his full name and date of birth;
  • specify the address to which the appeal will be sent;
  • the date is put when the application is made, and also the signature and initials of the applicant should be below.

For the document to be adopted immediately, it is recommended to use the sample complaint to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Rights Control. There are many such samples that differ in the reason for drawing up the circulation. Since in this statement the citizen claims that his rights were violated by any entrepreneur, it is advisable to attach evidence of this fact to him. To do this, make copies of various documents submitted by checks or other bills. They must prove the claimant’s case.

If an electronic complaint is sent, scanned documents are attached to it. Only with proper preparation will a complaint to the Federal Service for the Protection of Rights be accepted.A sample of this document is located below.

When composing the main text, you need to express your thoughts briefly and without any emotions. Be sure to respect the chronology of events.

how to write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor sample

How quickly is the appeal addressed?

For all types of applications, a single review period is set, submitted by 30 days. It is allowed to extend this term, therefore it is recommended to file a complaint with the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection as soon as possible, namely immediately after the rights of a citizen are violated by different entrepreneurs.

If the term is extended, the employees of Rospotrebnadzor are obliged to notify the applicant.

When is it advisable to make an appeal?

There are certain situations when it is important for citizens to make a complaint. These include the following:

  • low-quality medical or educational services are provided to the citizen;
  • unsatisfactory quality of services of a cafe or a canteen;
  • rules for the export of household waste are violated;
  • neighbors or other people smoke regularly in the wrong place;
  • violations in the housing and utilities sector, implying charging for additional services that are not actually provided to the population;
  • companies violate the rules of trade.

Most often, end users prefer to make appeals to retail stores that sell damaged goods or deceive customers with the help of invalid price tags.

Complaints rules for substandard products

Many people are faced with the fact that they buy goods in stores that are of unsatisfactory quality. They may be expired or damaged by improper storage. In this case, the citizens have a question, how to write a complaint to the Federal Service. A sample of this document necessarily contains the reason for the formation of the application.

When drafting a document, it is advisable to take into account some recommendations:

  • reference is made to art. 18 of the “Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights”, containing rules for the protection of the rights of buyers of various goods;
  • contact the organization immediately after the purchase of defective goods;
  • according to the results of the inspection, employees of Rospotrebnadzor will require the seller to replace the defective product or eliminate the existing defect.

For minor issues it is advisable to send electronic messages.If poor-quality household appliances are purchased that have a high price, then a written complaint is usually made.

write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor

Complaints about substandard services

Services are provided by different organizations, and it is often necessary to draw up appeals to these firms due to the poor quality of their work. It is important to study samples of complaints to Rospotrebnadzor in advance. Consumer rights are protected by this particular institution, but for this it is important to correctly draw up a statement. The following nuances are taken into account:

  • housing companies are often lodged by citizens, but it is important to make sure that the corresponding violations are not allowed by the contract;
  • if the document is submitted for the absence of heating, it is required to make sure that the heating season is not over yet;
  • most problems with gas, water or other resources can be solved by direct contact with resource companies;
  • Often, applications are even made up for banks, and employees of Rospotrebnadzor can help refuse insurance or remove additional illegal commissions from the contract;
  • if a citizen is a borrower of an MFI, then through Rospotrebnadzor he can force an organization to charge a penalty based on legal requirements;
  • in the preparation of complaints against neighbors should refer to the provisions of the LCD, as on the basis of art. 30 of this code, every person living in an apartment building can count on a peaceful existence;
  • there are frequent complaints about mail, whose employees lose letters or do not cope well with their duties, although usually Rospotrebnadzor employees do not deal with these matters that are in the competence of the supervision service in the field of communication;
  • Young parents often make claims on children's educational institutions, and they usually contain information about poor sanitary conditions, violation of safety rules, or poor quality nutrition.

Each appeal must contain unique information about the violations and the specific requirements of the applicant.

complaint to Rospotrebnadzor

When can I be refused a complaint?

The complaint will not be considered for the following reasons:

  • there are no important details to assess the degree of violation of the rights of the citizen;
  • consideration of a specific issue is within the competence of other state institutions;
  • the applicant can not provide evidence of his innocence;
  • there is no essence of the claim;
  • the applicant did not attempt to resolve the issue peacefully, for which he was required to contact the offender directly with a complaint.

If the application is accepted by employees of Rospotrebnadzor, then you can be sure that the violators will be brought to justice.

consumer complaint to Rospotrebnadzor


Complaints to Rospotrebnadzor are made for various reasons. Samples of these documents may differ significantly depending on the fact of violation of the rights of citizens by any companies.

When writing such a document takes into account numerous rules. There are some reasons for which a refusal to accept an application can be received, so it is important to take into account all the requirements of a state organization.

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