How to wash a wedding dress at home?

How to wash a wedding dress is a question that often arises at the end of celebrations, the analysis of gifts and the transition to everyday affairs and problems.

An indelible mark on white can interfere with the possible sale of an outfit or be annoying when storing a dress as a family heirloom.

The end of the holiday and restoring order

Thoughts on the washing machine naturally appear at the end of an active pastime, dances, a long and merry feast, drinking alcohol and multi-colored soft drinks.

Decor attire may need a washing machine because of the awkward movement of even the most accurate and calm bride.

However, before you decide to wash your wedding attire, you should ask a number of questions, the answers to which will help to avoid new problems.

The original decor is easier to tidy up if only the hem of the dress is stained.

But if other types of contamination are found on the clothes, in particular, traces of food, festive fatty and juicy dishes, other, more serious measures have to be taken.

The end of the holiday and restoring order

The specifics of the approach and materials tailoring

It is possible to protect the decor from damage when washing the entire product, absolutely all decorations can be repulsed. This approach will ensure their complete safety and uniform washing of the fabric under them.

With this technology, the process of ironing can be greatly facilitated.

The decor, or rather, its specificity and the fabric from which the dress was sewn, do not play a significant role in the choice of the method of washing.

Traditional materials for making wedding dress are satin and silk, polyester and chiffon.

For dresses made from any of the listed fabrics, using the same technology, you can wash out the stains from the wine.

Getting to the question of how to clean a wedding dress at home, you need to remember that these materials can give a precipitate or shed - with the slightest violation of temperature or the choice of inappropriate means.

Turning to dry cleaning, you can be calm for the decor of the dress.

Basic principles of safe washing

To work with delicate fabrics, you need to buy detergent and laundry soap.

It is not recommended to get to bleach: its use can cause yellowness of the fabric, including such a component of the dress, as decor.

Basic principles of safe washingOld stains on the dress in black and white and color tones can be safely removed by adding a small amount of vinegar to the water to enhance color.

Stains of wine can be washed at a water temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Neglect of this recommendation can cause hopeless deformation of the fabric, which can both stretch and sit.

An additional minus of improper removal of stains: molt color.

A reliable means to get rid of stains is a soap solution prepared in a large container or bath. It is also necessary to prepare a soft sponge and brush.

Description of washing technology

The dress, on the surface of which wine stains are found, can be washed by hanging it over the bathroom. If it is not necessary to dry the underarms, the stale hem is soaked and left in that position forone hour.

This approach allows you to otmochit dry out the pollution and then quickly and easily wash them. Next, you need to walk along the hem with a soft sponge and wash the lining.

If you need to remove contamination from different parts of the dress, that is, you need to wash the entire outfit, then you need to resort to wetting it with warm water from the shower.

Description of washing technology

You can also pour contamination with a mug, this approach to the same extent allows you to wash away stains from wine.

When deciding how to wash a wedding dress as efficiently as possible, you need to know that very dirty areas are well washed when washed with a soft sponge. A dress that is heavy with decorations can be dipped under water.

When suspended, there is a risk that the fabric will stretch.

Additional measures and tips

Having finished washing, you can quite easily and accurately assess whether it was possible to wash out the stains from the wine. If, as a result of the assessment, it was found that ordinary soapy water did not allow to cope with all the stains, then you need to resort to other means.

In addition to technologies that can be used to wipe stains from wine, there are ways to remove sweat under the arms.

To do this, prepare a saline solution: 1 tablespoon of salt per cup of water.

Additional measures and tips

Tips for removing stains.

  • To remove the stain left by red wine, it is necessary to rinse the polluted area with hot water, and then soak it with paper towels until all the dirt has disappeared.
  • If the stains were left by any cosmetic products, it is recommended to resort to the effects of turpentine. For ink stains over the years traditionally coped with the help of ... milk.
  • Many of the stains left on the surface of the wedding dress can be removed without problems during ironing. To do this, the dirty place is moistened and laid on both sides with a paper napkin.

Final stage

Already washed wedding dress should be thoroughly rinsed. Rinse should be carried out until the flowing water gets rid of the soap impurity.

The dress in no case can not be squeezed and twisted, the water from it, placed on a hanger in the bathroom, should just drain.

Then the dress is hung in a well-ventilated area. Strong recommendation: the final drying should be carried out as far as possible from direct sunlight and heating devices - to prevent the appearance of a yellowish tint.

Heavy dresses are dried in a horizontal position and when unfolding all the folds: this way you can avoid stretching the fabric.

Detailed adherence to the recommendations - the key to success and the absence of side effects

You can wash your wedding dress at home by yourself, without resorting to the services of special services.

Careful treatment of the wedding attire will preserve the memory of one of the most important days in the life of a woman and family.

Numerous online resources allow you to choose the method that best suits your specific situation.

No professional master, for all his responsibility, will approach the issue of caring for a wedding dress in such a way that the owner of the dress can do it herself.

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