How to use Twitter? What is Twitter and why?

Modern users are offered many social networks. With their help, you can spread the news and just chat. How to use Twitter? What is this page about? Why is it needed? Every modern user should know the answers to all these questions. Especially the one who follows the fashion to use twitter


What is Twitter and how to use it? This is the name of a fashionable and modern social network. In short, it reminds of microblogging.

In Twitter user can write messages not exceeding 140 characters. Additionally, links, photos, videos and other interesting materials are attached here. Most often, Twitter is used as a news or advertising tape.

According to statistics, news using this social network is distributed in 5 minutes, while information is transmitted to the news feeds for about 1 hour.Therefore, Twitter can be used as a means of transmitting interesting information.


What is Twitter and how to use it? Everything starts with registration. But about her later. First, a few words about the terms used by users in the social network under study.what is twitter and how to use it

A tweet is a tweet message. It, as already mentioned, can not be more than 140 characters.

Retweet - repost. That is, when the user transfers (copies) one or another post to the page. This is done with a special button.

Twitter users or twilles are Twitter users.

Follower is a subscriber. A person who follows a particular profile and subscribes to his news.

Perhaps that's all. Such terms are enough to answer how to use Twitter. But what exactly to do? And how to work with a social network?

check in

Let's start with registration. This is the very first step that will allow you to work with the service. Twittering is free. It takes only a few minutes.twitter my page

The guide in this case will look like this:

  1. Open in browser.
  2. In the upper right corner click on the "Registration" button.
  3. Fill in the registration form - last name and username, e-mail, password.
  4. Click on "Register".
  5. Confirm profile.

Done! Sign up for Twitter is complete. Now you can use all the features of the social network.

Filling in the form

What's next? You must fill out your profile. In Twitter, “My Page” is a kind of microblogging. Profile has a nickname as well as an avatar.

To fill in the form you will need:

  1. Login to your social network profile.
  2. Click on the arrow in the upper right corner. It is located near the icon of the little man.
  3. Select the "Settings" option.
  4. Using the menu that appears, configure the display of the questionnaire.
  5. Click on "Save".

Now “My Page” on Twitter is ready to use. You can usually subscribe to profiles and post messages immediately after registration. But usually users postpone this venture.twitter registration

We write messages

How to tweet? This is the main and simplest task. The thing is that you can realize the idea in different ways.

First, after logging in to their page, each user will see a field called "What's new?" If you write a message here and click on "Publish", you will get a tweet.

Secondly, in the upper right corner of the social network (near the settings) is the "Tweet" button. By clicking on it, everyone will be able to write a message and place it in their microblog.

Thirdly, in the left part of the window (under the avatar) there is a field "Tweet". It serves as the “What's new?” Function.

Now I understand how to write on Twitter. This is not the most difficult task. And every registered user in the social network should handle it.


What is Twitter and how to use it? It is worth paying attention to the social network interface. In contrast to Facebook and VK, the microblog under study raises many questions.

With writing messages, we figured out. What's next?

On the left side of the social network window (under the avatar) you can see the following sections:

  • Tweets is how many posts a person has posted.
  • "Reads" - the number of communities and users to which the user is subscribed.
  • "Readers" - followers.

how to tweet

At the top of the page there is a small navigation menu. It displays the following sections:

  • “Home” - go to “My Page” on Twitter.
  • "In touch" - the display of all posts in which the user is mentioned.
  • "In the Course" - news feed, which displays interesting posts to a person.

Everything is very simple. We almost fully understood how to use Twitter. This social network is quite simple and understandable.

About subscription

The bulk of the actions on the studied site occurs by writing short posts, as well as subscriptions to users / pages. Everything is very easy. Usually these operations do not cause any difficulties.

How to subscribe to Twitter? You will need to write the name of the group or user in the upper right corner. There is a “Search” line (a translucent area with a magnifying glass). By clicking on "Enter", the user will process the request.

To subscribe to a page or group, just click on the "Read" button. Or click on Follow.

To unsubscribe from the profile, it is enough to do the same actions. Only the "Read" button will change to "Unsubscribe". This is quite normal. All operations can be performed at any convenient time. Subscribing and unsubscribing from profiles and groups is completely free.

Network benefits

We figured out how to use Twitter. Why do it? What is the use of a social network, in which there are not even so-called private messages?

The answer is simple - "Twitter" is used for its own promotion.First, it’s convenient to write tweets. Posts are short and capacious. Secondly, Twitter is a trendy social network. Thirdly, the information through the site spreads extremely quickly.

That is to chat with friends, "Twitter" is not suitable. But if you want to become popular or promote your own business, the social network will be very helpful in this. It is very convenient to write short messages, for example, with photos. Such tweets are in special to subscribe on twitter


How to use Twitter? Simply register on this site - all other actions will be clear without any instructions or prompts. Even a novice user will cope with the task.

Twitter is fashionable and convenient. Should I use this social network? Yes, if you want to share your opinion on an issue, report an event, or simply promote your own business. For normal communication, this social network is almost never used. The "Private Messages" feature is here, but it is rarely used.

Master "Twitter" everyone can. Registration takes only a few minutes.Immediately after authorization on the site, the user opens all the possibilities of the service!

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