How to use Paypal. Paypal account and wallet

PayPal is one of the payment services known throughout the world, thanks to which you can easily and quickly make online purchases, as well as send and receive money through the global Internet. This wallet has a good level of protection against hacking scams.

Register with PayPal

how to use paypal

The registration process takes a small amount of time and is free. In order to create a PayPal account, you need to go to the official website and find the inscription "Sing Up" ("Registration"). Now the user will be asked to choose the type of his account, namely:
1. Personal (personal).
2. Premier (premium).
3. Business (business).

After the necessary parameter has been selected, you need to start filling out a questionnaire in which you are consistently entering the first name, last name, address, preferred currency for use, work and home telephones, e-mail and a password that is intended to protect your account. Then the user will be required to enter a secret question with the answer, this is done to confirm the identity in case of need to recover the password.Before the end of registration, you will be asked to read the license agreement and accept its terms. Now it remains just a few steps, namely to enter the control number from the image and fill in the information fields about the credit card. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discovery are perfect for calculations. At the end, PayPal will offer to confirm the validity of the card by making a payment of a couple of dollars from it.

Purse replenishment

paypal wallet

After registering, the user will receive a PayPal wallet, in which you must make the required amount before making a purchase. There are several ways to do this:

  • put money on a credit card that is tied to the system;
  • receive funds from counterparties or partners;
  • purchase a prepaid credit card and temporarily link it to an account;
  • replenish with other electronic payment systems (Qiwi, WebMoney).

The last two ways are unofficial, so be prepared that they may entail sanctions from the administration.

Features of use

Before you begin, you need to understand how to use PayPal, and find out the features of this system.As a rule, all payments are made within a few minutes. So, what you need to know to conduct a payment transaction:
1. Your personal and individual account ID of the person to whom you need to send a payment. Do not forget that the seller’s mailbox can act as a recipient.
2. Commission. Most often, the buyer does not pay a commission fee, since this percentage is charged from the recipient's account.
3. Guaranteed security. All cash transactions and transfers are made after re-confirmation of payment.

Linking the card to the account

how to use paypal in russia

After registration, the system creates a PayPal wallet, to which it is necessary to bind your own bank card to debit it when paying for the goods. This is quite simple. You will need a credit card, which are online payments. It must be at least a few dollars. In the corresponding window filled with all the necessary data. Then the amounts of $ 1 and $ 2 will be blocked on the account, be aware that the second operation will occur with the addition of a unique code. This is done to ensure that the system is your card.At the end of the first amount will be unlocked, and the second will go to the user account.

After the verification of the PayPal account is completed, it becomes confirmed and allows you to use all the financial capabilities of the system provided for in each country.

How to deposit money

how to use paypal

In order to deposit money into an online wallet, you can use a virtual or bank card. To do this, you first need to log in and enter the email and password, then select the "Add funds" function, which is located at the top of the page. Next, click on the tab "Add funds from a bank account" and specify the desired amount. At the end of this operation, you must confirm your actions.

How to recharge without a card

In order to understand how to use PayPal, it is necessary, in particular, to figure out how to replenish accounts for making purchases without using a bank card. You can do this as follows:
1. Request a translation from friends or relatives. This will only work when they live in the country in which PayPal operates. To do this, you must use the function "Request funds"The user needs to know the email address of the person who is to send the funds, and you will need to specify it in the appropriate box. Then the sender will receive a request in the mail, and he, following the instructions in the letter, will transfer the necessary amount of money in one of the possible ways.
2. You can replenish the wallet with the help of online trading. To do this, register, for example, at one of the well-known online auctions. Then, the PayPal account information is listed in the payments section. In the event of a sale, the buyer will transfer the money to the seller’s personal account, and then the latter will be able to use the amount at his discretion.
3. If a customer has an account in one of the countries in which the system allows direct transfers without a credit card, then you can use this method of replenishment PayPal. How to use your financial account without a card is known to many users, especially those who are constantly calculated using this system.

Advantages of the payment service

how to use paypal in belarus

We can highlight the main advantages of PayPal, which make it indispensable:
1. The presence of a personal identifier for each of the system participants.This parameter is necessary for conducting transactions and paying for services. All that is needed is to know the email address of the person who needs to transfer money.
2. Instant payment. All transfers are carried out as soon as possible. It must be remembered that the seller will be charged with the commission, which will be 4%.
3. The presence of specialized mechanisms and systems whose purpose is to protect customer purchases. These include insurance for the purchase.

Those who know firsthand how to use PayPal can confirm that this system is secure and very easy to use.

How to pay for the purchase

To make a payment, you need to fill out a form that is on the page of the purchased goods, and in the "Method of payment" indicate the option "PayPal", then click "Next." The customer’s order will be sent to the personal account of the service, after which it will be necessary to log into the system to recheck the order data and click the Pay Now button. In case everything was done correctly, a pop-up window will confirm this.

How to transfer money

paypal how to use without a card

To transfer money to another user’s account, you need to know how to use PayPal.To send the required amount, you need to log into your personal account and select "Send payment". In this window, you will need to specify the e-mail of the person to whom the funds will be transferred, as well as the currency and amount of the transfer. Next, select the items "Personal payments" and "Other", in which all data are necessarily checked, and only after that you need to click "Continue", thereby confirming the operation.

Dispute on PayPal

how to use paypal in Ukraine

In the case of a non-standard situation that goes beyond the contract between the seller and the buyer, the latter may open a dispute for which you need to provide information about the current problem and attach relevant photos and links. After the dispute is opened, the amount paid by the buyer will be blocked on the seller’s wallet and will remain inaccessible to him until the entire process is closed. If desired, the owner of the goods can also provide counter-arguments that explain the situation. Thus, the two parties can lead the discussion until they reach a mutual agreement, after which the negotiations are closed with the wording on the removal of all problems.

In the event that the parties did not reach a positive decision, the buyer transfers the dispute to the claim, and then the PayPal administration will act as the judge. The responsible person studies all the information provided and makes a decision in favor of one of the parties. If the seller is right, then his blocked funds become available again, and if the buyer, the money spent is returned to him.

Features of the payment system in Ukraine

Beginning in 2007, PayPal became available for Ukraine, but not in full. Residents of the country can send payments as well as connect a state bank debit card to their account. For this, it is best to choose Visa / Master, but not the lowest level.

Most residents of the country know how to use PayPal in Ukraine, and they understand that they only have to pay for their purchases. Therefore, their account will be ironed as zero points and zero tenths - "0.00". Quite often, the question may arise about how to pay for orders if there are no funds on the account. This is very simple, since the user's card is tied to the system, and if it is not a positive balance, then the payment process will be successful.When you connect a card to PayPal, it is often not accepted. You do not need to make common mistakes, it is necessary to take into account that the credit card must be authorized by the bank to make purchases over the Internet. Also known problem is to connect to a blank card system, so before starting work it is important to learn from experienced people or read instructions on how to use PayPal. Today, this service is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to conduct a variety of financial transactions.

PayPal in Belarus

paypal system

Previously, such a payment system in Belarus was outlawed, namely, it was impossible to obtain registration before June 17, 2014. But since this period, everything has become very simple, since this electronic payment method has come to this country.

Now you need to disassemble all the details and understand how to use PayPal in Belarus. As in Ukraine, the capabilities of the system remain quite limited and are provided only for making purchases and linking maps of the respective country. A distinctive feature of the company is the security of payments in this republic.

Currently, all citizens can officially use an electronic wallet to pay for their online purchases. However, as it is known from verified sources, the arrival of PayPal on the Belarusian market was absolutely not accepted and agreed with the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

How to use PayPal in Russia?

After this payment system appeared on the Russian market, it had exactly the same opportunities as in Ukraine and Belarus. Since one of the main functions did not work is the withdrawal of rubles, its popularity was not very high in the market of electronic services. But in October 2013, the Russians finally got the opportunity to use it. At the moment, using PayPal, you can sell and purchase goods, as well as manage funds at your discretion. The input of money is carried out, just as before, on the card, but now the output can be sent to it as well. A large number of services offered their own options for withdrawing money from PayPal, but after the introduction of such an innovation, users got this opportunity at the official level.

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