How to use the level? Laser level

Level - a tool that determines the difference in height on the ground. To date, there are 2 types of these devices: optical and laser. Consider how to use the level of each type.

how to use the level

Optical level

Used in construction and geodesy since the days of the Soviet Union. The tool is a visual tube mounted on a special stand (treger), capable of changing the position of the level in 2 mutually perpendicular planes (required when you need to set the device horizontally). In this case, the installer focuses on the readings of the bubble level mounted in the stand.

Before using the optical level, you need to get a tripod and a special measuring ruler, on each side of which the markings are applied in centimeters and millimeters.

How to work with an optical level?

  1. First you need to mark the area, that is, to determine the points at which measurements will be made.
  2. Then set the tripod, adjusting its height retractable legs.They most reliably fix its position on the ground.
  3. Install the level on the stand and fix it with a screw.
  4. Align the device with respect to the horizon: first turn it so that the bubble level is between two screws on the tribrach, then the screws are rotated until the bubble is in the center. Finally, the third knob is twisted until it is at the zero point.
  5. The last step is to adjust the focus using the eyepiece ring and the focusing screw. It is tuned by directing the telescope to the measuring ruler, rotating to achieve a clear image, first of all the grid threads, and then the values ​​on the rail.

rake for levelNext, transferring the rail from one marking point to another, determine the difference in height at the site.

Laser level

It is considered a more modern and accurate instrument. The level can be used both indoors and outdoors. But before using the level in bright sunlight, you must select a device with a powerful laser beam. This will be noticeable in any light. At its core, a laser level is a normal level in which instead of an air bubble a float floats with a laser pointer.He always takes a horizontal position relative to ground level, no matter how he turned.

Where does it apply?

Before using a level, it is necessary to learn, in the decision of what tasks it can help.

  1. It is used in the installation of suspended ceilings, interior partitions, niches and other plasterboard structures.
  2. Do not do without a laser level in the design of wardrobes, built-in furniture, determining the location of the modules of the kitchen set and various shelves.
  3. The level is useful when building parallel and perpendicular lines required for wiring and cables. And with it you can mark the location of lighting on the ceiling and walls.

how to use a laser level

Outside the walls of the house, too, you can find the use of this device. With the help of the level you can mark the boundaries of the garden plot, build perfectly straight beds. It is useful at construction of an arbor or laying of the base of the greenhouse. It can be used when leveling the site, when laying tracks and filling the parking space.

How to use a laser level?

Despite the fears of people far from construction, learning to work with this tool is quite simple. In many ways, get an answer to the question: "How to use the level?" - You can, looking at the instructions of a particular model. However, for all devices there are a number of general principles.

Before using a laser level, you should know that this device can be manually adjustable or with a self-leveling beam. In the first case, as with the use of optical models, the tool must be placed parallel to the horizon, focusing on the built-in bubble level.

Therefore, first you need to place the device on a flat surface. To do this, you can use a table or window sill, but ideally, it is desirable to fix it on a tripod. The tool with manual adjustment needs to be leveled, and with the automatic one it will take the correct position, which is much more convenient even if the tripod is at an angle.

laser levelModes of operation

Depending on the model, the device can project a laser beam on a horizontal plane, on a vertical plane, around the entire perimeter, or form intersecting lines.

The horizontal line is most in demand: it is used in the construction of kitchen sets, for stretching ceilings, leveling the floor. To get it installed on a tripod level include in the appropriate mode. If the level of the projection does not coincide with the required one, then the line is transferred manually, setting aside equal segments to the required height.

The vertical line is required when sticking wallpaper, installation of partitions and cabinets. Its projection and transport are carried out similarly to the horizontal.

how to use optical lensIntersecting rays are required when gluing tiles, marking pictures and decorative panels. In this mode, the projecting takes place immediately on the horizontal and vertical plane. Of all three modes, this is the most energy-intensive, so manufacturers do not recommend using it unless absolutely necessary.

Models equipped with a rotation fixation mechanism can project lines onto a wall at a given angle. This option may be useful when installing staircases, for decorative finishing of facades of buildings.

Work in open space

As in the case of an optical device, the unchanged satellite of a laser device is a measuring rod for the level.The tool projects a horizontal beam onto a ruler, thus determining the height. Before starting the laser level must be mounted on a tripod, and mark the grid in the area. By recording the readings of the instrument in each of the squares, it is possible to determine the height difference between the sections.

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