How to switch to Windows 10 without losing data. Windows 10: reviews

With the release of the tenth version of the Windows operating system, the user world was divided into two camps. Some immediately rushed to install a new OS, others were skeptical, finding that it, as is usually the case, contains too many bugs. But today, most of the problems have been resolved, so we will focus on the question of how to switch to Windows 10 using several basic methods. Along the way we will consider the problem of saving data and installed user applications.

Should I switch to Windows 10?

Initially, when the system only appeared, both optimists and skeptics were right in their judgments. Indeed, a lot of innovations and even some unusual functions have appeared in the system. However, against the background of all this there were obvious shortcomings related to the fact that after the transition the “Start” button could not work, the system kept an eye on the user, etc.

how to switch to windows 10

Today, most of the problems have been eliminated, thanks to the constant release of various updates. In particular, this applies to the Anniversary Update.And user feedback suggests that for many reasons unknown to many, the tenth modification is faster than even the seventh, although Windows 7 is considered less demanding on system resources.

Minimum system requirements

Before you solve the problem of how to switch to Windows 10, you need to familiarize yourself with at least the minimum requirements for system configuration. And here Microsoft specialists had an obvious puncture.

how to switch to windows 10 with windows 7

The very first is the hard disk space. Officially, a normal installation of a new system on a hard drive requires a minimum of 16 or 20 GB. Unfortunately, reviews from both users and specialists suggest that Windows 10 does not want to be installed under any circumstances if the hard disk has less than 30 GB of free space. Rather, the system is installed until a certain point, but almost at the final stage of installing updates, it reports that a return to the previous OS is initiated.

With the "iron" the situation is much easier. How to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7? As a minimum configuration, you can use dual-core processors with a clock frequency of 1 GHz,1 or 2 GB of RAM, depending on the bitness of the new OS, and video chips that support the DirectX platform of the ninth version.

However, it is worth considering the fact that the upgrade to Windows 10 can only be made from versions 7 and 8.1. For some reason, the previous modifications and the eighth version do not have such support (for them you need to download the distribution kit separately and make the so-called “clean” installation). In addition, in the operating systems from which the transition is made, all the latest updates should be installed.

Transition Queue

Now, actually, how to switch to Windows 10 with Windows 7 or 8.1. There were several ways. In the simplest version, as it was before, it was possible to switch to Windows 10 for free by registering on the official Microsoft resource and queuing for an update.

But starting from the end of July last year, the free version of Windows 10, updated directly from the site of the corporation developer, became inaccessible. But, according to many users, even despite this, in any case, sooner or later the update will take place. That's just in the settings of the "Update Center" should set the option to automatically download and install updates.

Navigate with Microsoft Utility

Many did not want to wait for their turn, so even Microsoft experts themselves recommended using a special utility called Media Creation Tool (MCT), which can be downloaded from the site. By the way, its use is relevant now (but only for supported systems).

whether to switch to windows 10

How to switch to Windows 10 using this software? There are two options. When launched, the initial window prompts you to either upgrade your computer right now or create an installation disk for installation at another time or on another device. The installer itself is launched directly in the existing OS environment, and not from the boot device.

When you select the first item, the download of the distribution file files begins, after which the installation process only needs to follow the instructions of the “Wizard”. Moreover, if a licensed operating system was previously installed, it is not necessary to activate a new one. However, even with the installation of Windows 10 without an account to create it, too, is not necessary, but more on that later.

How not to lose important data and installed programs

The utility itself allows you to switch to Windows 10 without losing data.This means not only saving user files, but also settings, and even all installed programs.

 upgrade to windows 10 for free

To do this, at a certain stage of installation, simply select the appropriate item. And, according to the absolute majority of all those who switched to Windows 10 in this way, all applications that worked in the previous system function without problems in the new modification, moreover, with the same user settings and set parameters.

How to go from 8 to 10? Windows: “clean” installation

The transition to unsupported systems will have to be accomplished using a separately downloaded or created with the help of MCT installation distribution.

go to windows 10 without losing data

Here, however, there is one snag. If there are no problems with optical media, then with USB drives, not everything is so simple. The fact is that sometimes the installer, when choosing a partition to install a new system, reports that only sections of the GPT format can be used, and installation in the section containing the MBR boot records is not possible. How to switch to Windows 10 in this case?

To fix the problem, initially you need to enter the BIOS settings.To his surprise, many users will see there is not one, but two flash drives. Reviews say that this seems to be the same device, but one of them, which is in the priority of loading, has the EFI format. In order for the installation to start in normal mode, you just need to select a standard device and boot from it. The problem disappears.

Account Creation and Activation Issues

In the question of how to switch to Windows 10 in any way, you can not ignore some additional questions. Although it is argued that a Microsoft account is required for the installation of the system, this is not so.

how to go from 8 to 10 windows

When installing from scratch, creation of registration and activation can be postponed by selecting the necessary items in the windows that appear with suggestions. But after all, the system still sooner or later will require activation. What to do in this situation? As practice shows, the majority of users use a special utility KMSAuto Net, which is an activator for Windows and MS Office, although this is, frankly, not entirely legal.

how to switch to windows 10

The program itself is a portable application that does not need to be installed. After launching it, you just need to select Windows activation,wait until the end of the procedure and confirm the introduction of the task of permanent “re-activation” every ten days in the “Scheduler”. As is already clear, the utility can not be deleted. But all repeated processes will be executed in the background, and the user will not even know about it.

What if the user did not like Windows 10?

Finally, let's see how to switch from Windows 10 to Windows 7, if it was the seventh version that was updated (for 8.1 this option is also suitable). During the transition, the developers made sure that the user had the opportunity to roll back to the previous system.

how to switch to windows 10

To do this, in the parameters section of the new system, select the recovery menu, where the rollback point of the computer to the previous version will be located. But there are some pitfalls here too. You can perform a reverse transition only within 30 days from the time Windows 10 was installed, and only on condition that the files of the old system were not deleted. Otherwise, rollback will become impossible.

But what if the deadline has expired? Unfortunately, there are no options, except for installing the seventh version with full formatting of the system partition. But the problem is not even that.The formatting process will have to change the file system structure for cases where Windows 10 has a 64-bit architecture, and Windows 7 being installed is a 32-bit version.

A few words in the end

It remains to add that when installing the tenth modification, an Internet connection is required, since updates will be downloaded during the installation process. From this you can not get anywhere. And the installation process itself may take a long time. According to users who performed such manipulations, at minimum configurations and internet connection speeds of 100 Mbit / s, it will take about five hours to complete the installation, so you have to suffer.

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