How to conduct a competent tuning Toyota Ractis?

The Japanese auto industry became popular before our birth, because a firm position on the world stage was won by sweat and blood. Today in Russia at every crossroads you can meet the proud “Japanese” Ractis Toyota, whose tuning will be discussed today.

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general information

Many have heard of the sports and at the same time family car Toyota Ractis. Specifications of the model make you look with respect to the stocky lover of sakura. The name, according to the manufacturer, consists of parts of the words "Runner" and "Active Space", this explains the presence of a huge luggage compartment and a 7-speed sports gearbox.

Appearance has acquired more aggressiveness thanks to a new grille, the silhouette of the car has become more squat and low. Excellent aerodynamics (0.3) indicates a high-quality assembly.

In comparison with the previous generation, the new Ractis Toyota has a redesigned dashboard, pockets for all sorts of things have been added, the colors and upholstery have been changed.

If the reader has managed to make up a blurry, but a portrait of the “guinea-pig”, we turn to dramatic transformations.

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Exterior tuning

The appearance of a family car is a mixture of aggression and calm dimension. The task is to improve the existing advantages and create new ones:

  • The new grille - the factory version looks good, but it is not suitable for creating a new design. You can try chrome instances.
  • A full body kit - for those who are too lazy to change individual components. This option will relieve headaches in the form of the identity of different parts, unifies the appearance.
  • Spoiler - aerodynamic performance Ractis Toyota is pretty good, but installing a spoiler can improve this figure. In addition, it will emphasize the sports inclinations of the car.
  • Replacing optics - there are hundreds of options on the market for the proud “Japanese”, it remains only to choose the one you like.
  • Disks can be changed to more impressive. Of course, this will require additional costs for the purchase and operation, but the appearance will only benefit from this.
  • Toning - the perfect tool for the owner.On the one hand, the dark film protects from sunlight and fragments, on the other hand, it gives the car greater independence, distinguishes it from others.
  • Repainting the body - an easy way to change the routine of his four-wheeled friend, because the factory palette, alas, does not shine with variety.
  • Chrome side mirrors will glisten in the sun, + 100% to the luxury of "Japanese."

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Transfiguration of the interior decoration

As if the Ractis Toyota was not good in appearance, it is equally important for the driver and comfort in the cabin. For these purposes, tuning studio and amateurs have come up with several effective ways:

  • Replacing upholstery - for its time, the quality of the upholstery was undeniable. Today, you can purchase more profitable options (leather, plastic).
  • Changing the steering wheel is important for a comfortable driving process. The driver should feel the steering wheel as a continuation of his own hand.
  • Chairs - an essential component of comfortable pastime passengers and car owner. Sports variations with a comfortable fit will be just right.
  • Backlight - you can add a couple of light elements to the salon. At night it will be an invaluable advantage.
  • Changing the front panel leads to a lot of inconvenience, but the final result will certainly please.
  • A powerful audio system will make anyone forget about time and plunge into the world of music.
  • Improving noise insulation - will not be distracted by the noise of a mechanical nature. The effect is achieved due to the installation of additional noise insulating material throughout the body of the machine.

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Technical innovations

The time-tested options are presented below:

  • Flashing the computer will improve the power characteristics of the engine Toyota Ractis. Reviews of car owners confirm this.
  • Installing rear view cameras will increase driving safety, increase driving comfort.
  • Replacing fluids with better ones seems insignificant, but grateful parts of the car will say the opposite.

Tuning any car is a painstaking business, and Toyota Ractis is no exception. The owners have received the description of popular innovations, now it’s easy to make the ideas you like into reality. The main thing is to keep the existing functionality.

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