How to see the future?

Psychics claim that to answer a question: "How to see the future" can be any person. This is the same ability as, for example, speed reading. Develop your own intuition to certain limits, you can by performing daily specific exercises.

A glimpse into the future

  • For classes, select the same time. For example, take action daily at 10 pm. In the training process, no one should interfere.
  • Focusing, we begin to analyze mentallythe last day. Let us remember what information could help yesterday, if it were known in advance. For example, yesterday it rained and, if you knew about this, we would have armed ourselves with an umbrella in advance.
  • Now imagine that you are in yesterday'sday and already have all the necessary useful information about it. All this must try to feel the heart, scroll in the head images, tastes, smells, sensations.
  • Feel how it is to know a few steps forward, live with confidence in this information and understand that it has come from the future.
  • Repeat the exercise for several days in accordance with all conditions. This will form the channel for receiving information.
  • When it opens (usually this feeling comesintuitively), try to work with information not for yesterday, but for today: ask mentally the answer to the question of what will happen tomorrow, if today you take concrete actions. For example, how will your tomorrow change if you read today a particular book or throw a particular object. It is quite obvious that the information from the future will at first seem false or incomplete. But with each exercise the result will be better and better until the communication channel is formed completely. In the end, you will be able to do nothing else than to see your future.

Prophetic dreams

There are several exercises that help to understand how to see the future in a dream, and give an answer to an exciting question.

  • Preparation for a prophetic sleep is carried out far before sunsetthe sun. To tune in to the communication channel during the day, focus on the upcoming future or on the problem that needs to be solved with sleep several times. Ask yourself questions about the upcoming future, for example, "what will I do in 10 days?" Or "what will change in my environment in 10 days" and so on. Thanks to such questions, our unconscious is tuned to reasoning about the future.
  • In parallel with the preparation of the unconscious, try to consciously guess the very near future. For example, what movie or broadcast is on a particular channel. Or who should phone.
  • Before going to sleep, write a letter addressed to yourselfin the future. In it you can ask for advice, ask what waits in a specific period of time (for example, the same 10 days), help solve a long-standing problem. You can, on the contrary, write a letter as if from the future to yourself yesterday. Imagine yourself in the past, imagine that it is real, and you are a man from the future, who already knows what awaits you. Give yourself in the letter only useful advice - you also know exactly how to do it 10 days ago.
  • When the letter is written, put it in an envelope,write your address and place it under the pillow. You can make a message in electronic form and send it to yourself in the evening before going to bed. You can replace the letter by introducing that you are talking to your guardian angel: you will need to concentrate and accurately state the problem with words, ask the question of interest. If a person believes in the power of prayer, then before a conversation with an angel one can read one of them. This acts as an element of meditation and helps to concentrate on communicating with the spiritual beginning.
  • Keep a dream diary in which there will bethe questions asked before sleep, and subsequent dreams. Ideally - to write down dreams at any time of the night, if suddenly woke up and remembered a dream.
  • As a rule, dreams do not give a perfectly perfectpictures of the future. In them there are allegorical images. For example, if there is a repair in the dream or you are moving, in real life, most likely, serious changes are expected.

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