How to run a beginner. Correct long and short distances. Breathing while running

Running at the present stage firmly entered the life of almost every single person. With it, you can not only tighten your body, but also get rid of extra pounds. However, in order to achieve the objectives, runs must be performed correctly. And that is what the review will be about.

It was found that the runs that occur in the evenings, bring the greatest benefit to the body. And if you set a goal to lose weight, relax your muscles or just get rid of stress, then you should familiarize yourself with some rules that will help answer the question of how to run correctly.

Why are evening runs especially useful?

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The main advantage is time.Even if there is a great desire to run in the morning, it is not always possible to force yourself to wake up and get up. Especially if you need to get ready for work. Yes, and the strength for daily classes is simply not enough - neither moral nor physical.

Among the main advantages it is possible to single out what exactly the evening time will help to get rid of the stress that has been accumulated for the whole day. In the morning the man is quite alert. And after running, he may experience fatigue. And this, in turn, will affect the performance. This aspect can not be attributed to the positive aspects.

And another advantage is the ability to get rid of unnecessary kilograms that have accumulated during the day. Trained muscle fibers will fully recover in a dream, while taking away energy.

Place for jogging

Want to know how to run in the evenings? You need to figure out where to do it. No need to run on busy highways, highways and freeways. Yes, and dark alleys should be avoided. This can be dangerous for you. In addition, a large accumulation of cars simply will not allow to obtain the necessary benefits. The optimum place will be a park or a simple football field, located next to the house.

How much time to spend on jogging?

How to run in the evenings? It should be remembered that before going to bed you do not have to burden your body too much. Otherwise, it will all affect your sleep and well-being. At the initial stage, it is best to spend no more than 15 minutes running. The maximum time spent on the run is no more than 30 minutes. In addition, you should think about short breaks. However, there should be no sudden stops if you have a need for rest. It is necessary to gradually reduce the speed, gradually moving to a quick step.

The best time to run

Many novice athletes face the same mistake. Coming home from work, they first have dinner, then sit in front of the TV to get some rest. And only after that the run begins. However, this approach can not be called true. So how to run? In this situation, the biorhythms of the body pass into a passive state. Restarting them will lead to stress.

The optimal time for running is the period between 7 and 10 pm. It is at this moment that the body is already in a fairly calm state.

Is it worth eating?

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Compared with morning runs in the evening, it is undesirable to perform any physical exertion on an empty stomach. However, it is too dense to eat.It is worth a little snack salad, light lunch or soup. In the diet should also be proteins and carbohydrates, due to which the recovery of muscle fibers will occur in a shorter time.

If you want to understand how to run correctly, then you need to know that before jogging it is best to eat a light omelette that will be steamed with chicken or beef. In the event that there is no desire to have dinner, then you can have a snack with fruit. You can also cook yogurt, with which it is quite possible not only to get rid of the feeling of hunger, but also to support your strength.

Is there a need to warm up?

If you want to understand how to start running correctly, then you definitely need to take care of the warm-up. It should be done as before any other training complex. Only in such a situation will it be possible to achieve maximum results. In addition, it will avoid any damage.

Basically you need to knead the legs. For this fit exercises with sports equipment such as jump rope or ball. It is necessary to grind the muscles with your hands. In this way it will be possible to increase blood circulation. Before you proceed directly to the run, you need a short distance to walk at a brisk pace. The speed should increase gradually.

What should be the evening run?

How to start running? There is no need to overwork the body before bedtime. Therefore, it is worth trying to find a flat place for jogging. There should not be any jumps. No need to run on the path, which has slopes and sharp climbs. Running should occur only on level ground. Finding them now is not so difficult. Not the best choice will be small stadiums. In such a situation, the athlete will need to run in a small circle. As a result, for many it can cause dizziness. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, then you should pay attention to the long, smooth and straight treadmill.

Breathing while running is very important

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How to run and breathe? This question is most relevant. During physical exertion, the body needs a large amount of oxygen. And one of the main mistakes of a beginner athlete is that at the time of lack of oxygen, breathing begins to be done by mouth. However, this is not the right solution. Breathing should always be a nose. Only in such a situation will the body acquire the maximum amount of oxygen.And the pulse with the frequency of breathing will not stray.

If you run in the evenings, then do not forget to breathe through your nose. Especially if you need to lose weight. The more oxygen there is, the better the metabolism in muscle fibers and tissues.

How to learn how to run? If, during a run, you involuntarily began to breathe through the mouth, this means that the technique is performed incorrectly by you. Accordingly, the body does not receive the required amount of air. In such a situation, one should begin to gradually reduce speed. However, it is impossible to stop sharply in any case.

How to understand that running is right?

If you didn’t do jogging before or took a break in such an activity, then after the first workout your muscles will hurt. If the pain is not felt, it means that they either didn’t load them too well, or something was done wrong. However, worry about it is not necessary.

How to run correctly? You must follow the basic recommendations and listen to your own body. Do not go on about the pain. Remember that the muscles will stop hurting only if the muscle tissue will receive the necessary load. Know that in a few days the sensations of pain will pass.Only pleasant fatigue will remain, with which you can fall asleep quickly and deeply.

how to run correctly

Need to devote time to yourself. After a few weeks, it will be possible to notice how much life has changed. Not only weight is normalized, but also the work of the nervous system. Strengthen and heart. Half an hour spent on running, will help get rid of not only fat, but also from a bad mood.

Can I lose weight with jogging?

The question of how to run for weight loss can be heard from almost every girl. And often the fair sex is faced with problems such as lack of breathing, pain in the sides, etc. All this occurs due to the fact that the run is wrong. Let at the very beginning it lasts no more than 20 minutes. And at the same time you should just jog. The pace and time should be increased gradually. And in a few days you will be able to run in two or even three times longer.

The first technique that can be effective

However, runs can always happen in different ways. And we must consider how to run for weight loss. In this case, there are two different techniques.In the first case, jogging is implied. It should last at least 50 minutes. This factor can be explained by the fact that in the beginning the body will spend on the run easily digestible sugar. It takes about 20-40 minutes. And only after that the fat will start melting directly. But there is another way that does not make you run too long.

how to run for weight loss

The second technique that you can use

How to run correctly? The second method implies that it is necessary to begin training with a walking sport. Then you have to switch to jogging. And only then need to run at the highest possible speed. Absolutely all intervals should not exceed 200 meters. Such a run can be called more effective. And it is worth noting that the burning of fat will occur for some time after the end of the run. Running time should not be less than 30 minutes. You need to independently choose the method that will be optimal. But it is worth remembering that in none of the ways there is no respite. If you constantly stop or stand, it will very badly affect the work of the heart. Accordingly, all efforts will be minimized.

How to learn to run for a long time?

How to run long distances? The severity of your body should be distributed evenly over the entire foot. At the time of landing, there should be a roll on the toe of the heel. Rely on the outer part of the foot. Long-distance running should be performed with slightly bent knees. And if you want to answer how to run on your toes, then you should remember that for long distances this can not be done. Otherwise, flat feet, pain in the calf muscle fibers may appear.

how to run long distances

The hull must be kept in a direct condition. Hands should be locked at an angle of 120 degrees. Fists in a compressed state should not cross the chest area. Shoulders, tongue, jaws, fingers, neck should be completely relaxed during jogging. The optimal step length should be equal to the length of two feet.

It is necessary to understand some of the recommendations, guided by which you can understand the question of how to run 1 km and even more. It is necessary to inhale with the nose, and exhale with the mouth. Using this technique, the lungs receive oxygen evenly. If the athlete will only breathe through the mouth, then the body will begin to saturate in greater quantities. Accordingly, the lungs and pectoral muscles will stop developing.In the event that fatigue appears during nasal breathing, you can briefly take a pause and breathe only with your mouth. It is necessary to carry out inhalation and exhalation to the maximum. At the same time, the rhythm must be maintained even and calm. In the event that there is a feeling of suffocation, it is necessary to measure the time spent on jogging, stop and walk a little. In a few days, the time for running should be increased. Accordingly, the physical condition will be improved. At the very beginning to overstrain the body should not be.

How to run 3 km and more? To begin to run for long distances, it is necessary to strengthen the work of the lungs. To do this, while running, read a poem or sing a song. Words should be pronounced clearly, without hesitation. With this simple method, the load on the lungs will increase, and training will be more effective.

A few tips to consider

There are several recommendations you need to know for beginners.

  1. You can not drink and eat before jogging. After the run you should take a shower and only after that it will be possible to start eating food.
  2. Do not run through the force.If you have headaches or pain in the legs, then run should stop.
  3. In order to complete the run, you need to smoothly reduce the pace and in a few minutes start walking.
  4. You can divide the treadmill into several parts and run from one to another with stops. In such a situation, you also need to take a deep breath.
  5. The length of the distance can be increased in several sessions. The same can be said about the duration of runs.
  6. Training should be regular.

Meet the shuttle run

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How to run? Shuttle run is familiar to almost every student. He is in the school curriculum. With the help of this kind of running you can develop agility. And at first glance, the technique does not have any difficulties. Shuttle run involves forward / backward jogging. The distance and number of repetitions may vary.

What you need to remember when doing the exercise? It is necessary to keep a balance between braking and acceleration. At the very beginning you will need to gain the maximum possible speed. However, a few meters before the finish line, you must begin braking. And this should be done in such a way that after a full stop, you can immediately gain maximum speed. In this regard, it is necessary to learn to slide slightly.During braking, you need to turn to the finish sideways, slightly putting his foot. With this method, you can brake as quickly as possible. In addition, from this position, you can immediately start in the other direction.

What recommendations should be considered?

How to jog? It is necessary to start mastering the technique with hands, since it is about them that is often forgotten. Quite often beginner athletes strain their limbs and keep them in the chest area. In this state, they practically do not move. Some novice runners, on the contrary, talk with their hands at random. All this prevents the correct and easy to run.

During jogging you need to relax the muscle fibers of the shoulder girdle. No need to clamp. Hands should be located as close as possible to the body, do not swing them in different directions or throw like a rope. Brushes need to be assembled into a fist, without straining too much. Making a swing back, the brush should be located on the side, at the lower edges. Making a move forward, the brush must be raised up to the area of ​​the midline of the chest. Limb work is needed vigorously.

If you want to learn how to run, then do not slouch and lift your shoulders up. It is also impossible to lean forward. We must look forward. The body should not strain too much.Only those muscles that are involved in running should work. The remaining fibers must be relaxed. No need to jump. If the body makes big movements up and down, then the energy for running is simply not enough.

A serious mistake is landing on the heel. Running in this situation will be tough. The shock wave will go all over the body, which can lead to injury. It is necessary to land on the front of the leg, putting the leg under him, slightly bending at the knee.

No need to bash with your feet. This is the main sign that the run is wrong. All energy will be spent on strikes on the surface of the earth. You need to quickly and gently try to put the front of the foot on the surface of the treadmill. Do not take too long steps. It is best to move your legs often. The optimal frequency should be equal to 3-5 steps per second. The higher the speed, the greater the frequency of the step.


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In this review, we tried to consider the main nuances that should be remembered, if there is a desire to learn how to run correctly. Otherwise, the athlete will not get the effect of jogging.In addition, the likelihood of injury will increase. Therefore, go to the runs thoroughly and responsibly, since it is from them that your health and general physical condition will depend. Good luck in your endeavors and success in running both short and long distances.

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