How to remove swelling under the eyes? Funds for swelling under the eyes

The question of how to remove the swelling under the eyes is primarily interested in the beautiful half of humanity. Men to this issue are much indifferent. Be that as it may, almost all the tips that will be presented in this article can be equally useful for both women and men. But before we talk about how to get rid of ugly bags and bruises near the eyes, let's find out first, for what reason both can appear on our faces.

Swelling under the eyes - causes

Actually the reasons are just the sea! If the trouble in the form of edema regularly pursues you, it is very important to find out exactly what causes it. After all, in the end, the choice of actions and means that are able to eliminate all this will depend on this. The reasons are most often:

1. Water retention in the body. If you often notice puffiness under your eyes, then thinkDo not eat too much salt, especially in the evening? If a large amount of liquid drunk after 8 p.m. joins the excessive use of salt, then you should not be surprised at regular morning swelling. Keep in mind that drinks containing alcohol also retain water.

2. Chronic insomnia, extreme tiredness, stress. All of the above can contribute to the appearance of not only edema under the eyes, but even dark circles around them.

3. Women often love to weep. On the one hand, with tears, all internal discontent and pain comes out, and on the other hand, the result, as they say, is obvious.

4. Strict diets, improper or poor nutrition, causing an acute shortage of both vitamins and microelements.

5. Allergy to cosmetics.

6. Constant lack of oxygen. Need more and more to be in the fresh air.

7. Chronic constipation.

8. Alcohol and cigarettes.

9. Eye strain. This can be caused, for example, by working at a computer. Eyes need to give rest.

10. Diseases:

  • of cardio-vascular system;
  • gastrointestinal tract;
  • kidney and liver;
  • urogenital area;
  • nervous system.

In these cases, it will be difficult to fundamentally solve the problem without examination by a doctor and proper treatment.

how to remove swelling under the eyes

If the eyes are swollen after tears

Let's talk about how to remove the swelling under the eyes, if they appeared after you cried. To do this, you can resort to using ordinary ice from the refrigerator. It needs to be split, wrap thin cellophane and put on the area under the eyes for 5 minutes. The effect of the procedure will be most effective if you prepare special ice from non-carbonated mineral water or green tea.

Contrast procedures can also help. Take a cotton swab and, alternately wetting it in hot or in cold water, apply to the eyes. Water can be replaced with a decoction of sage. A good helper is a fresh cucumber. From it it is necessary to prepare gruel, which as a mask is superimposed on closed eyes. And you also need to do exercises and take a douche - these are very effective means for edema.

swelling under the eyes of the cause

Massage also helps

A special lymphatic drainage massage for the area around the eyes will help to remove bruises and swelling under the eyes. You can contact the beauty salon for this, or you can try to master this science on your own. Here are some of the techniques of this massage:

1.First you need to carefully clean the skin around the eyes with a gel or foam. Next, the skin is rubbed with a tonic, cosmetic oil is applied to it.

2. With the index and middle fingers we make 10 light circular movements clockwise at the outer corners of the eyes.

3. The same fingers do light pressure on the eyelids in the direction from the temple to the nose. Attention: the skin should not move! 3 repetitions are made for the lower, and then for the upper eyelid.

4. Press the lower eyelid with the pads of four fingers. Then do the same for the upper eyelid. This technique is completed by the “finger shower” - light tapping movements of the fingers over the eyelids from the temple to the nose and vice versa.

5. We finish everything with a special wash. To do this, drop the face in cold water for 10 seconds, and then warm for the same time. Do this alternately for three minutes.

swelling under the eyes how to get rid

Magic Cosmetic Mask

But this recipe is a real gift for our readers. This mask perfectly helps to remove the swelling under the eyes and makes the delicate skin of the eyelids elastic, young, radiant health.

remove swelling under the eyes

To prepare the mask, we need one teaspoon of such ingredients:

We mix all of the above and add 3-5 drops of chamomile and mint essential oils. Homemade cream shift in a glass disinfected jar, which must be stored in the refrigerator.

The mask is applied around the eyes for about twenty minutes (thickly) and then gently washed off with water. Especially good to do it after a night of sleep.

Folk recipes

How to remove swelling under the eyes with the help of folk remedies? Now we will give you some good proven recipes:

1. The mask of potatoes will help not only to remove the swelling, but also to deal with bruises under the eyes. It is done very simply: raw, peeled potato is rubbed on a fine grater, a few drops of sunflower or olive oil are added to the mixture. The mask is applied to the area around the eyes for 20 minutes, then washed off with a little warm tea leaves.

2. To get rid of puffiness help lotions from decoctions of herbs such as parsley and sage. Biologically active substances contained in them, perfectly improve lymphatic drainage of the eyelids.

3. If the bags under the eyes were caused by an allergic reaction to something, then a mask made from oats (suitable for Hercules soaked in water) and grape picker will help.


If you have already taken some of the recommended methods, but the result still does not satisfy you, then here's a hint how to remove the swelling under the eyes with camouflage makeup. To do this, you can and should use the foundation.

bruises and swelling under the eyes

And also special cosmetic correctors help to hide the defects around the eyes. One of which should match the tone of the skin, and the other let it be 2 or even 3 tones lighter. The first corrector is applied to the entire surface of the lower eyelid, and the second, light, you just need to draw the outline of the edema.

How to prevent the appearance of edema

Many women, and men, however, are also worried about such a problem as swelling under the eyes. How to get rid of them forever? The question that is asked almost everyone who is faced with this trouble. There is one effective remedy. Prevention!

remedies for swelling under the eyes

To prevent swelling, please try:

1. Do not apply, especially at bedtime, highly moisturizing creams that are able to retain fluid in the skin, thereby causing swelling of the eyelids.

2. Never leave a night cream that has not been absorbed into the skin on your face. All its excess need to thoroughly blot with a soft cloth.

3Do not drink tea or water or other liquids before bedtime.

4. Take it a rule to air the bedroom before going to bed. Fresh air accelerates metabolism very well.

5. Do not use a high pillow, replace it with a flat one.


In some advanced cases, even the best and most effective remedies for edema under the eyes do not help. Then blepharoplasty can help. This is a cosmetic surgery, with the help of which you can tighten and correct the upper and lower eyelids. After this procedure, the person looks much younger and more attractive. The main thing - do not make a mistake with the choice of the clinic and doctor.

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